Eccentric and the Madbeast

  • Avelrak was living with his parents in a village quite far away from Redwall Abbey. They had heard of the place and its feats against tyrants and warlords and wanted to move somewhere more secure than their village.

    Avelrak sat down by a tree, wearing his favorite violet robe. The robe was green at the sleeves and was made of silk. He also carried a mahogany staff, with a spherical end. His father taught him how to defend himself  with his staff should that time ever come. Avelrak's sister, Aelon, was inside the house, helping her mother prepare dinner.

    Avelrak stood up and began to walk around in ellipses, looking at the ground with his hands behind his back. He was thinking about a dream he had last night.

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    Adam Corbeau was walking through Mossflower, one sword in its sheath, the other in his paw, which he was swinging around. He sheathed the sword in his belt and walked on. Bored, he jumped into a tree and lay there on his back, looking around at the dense foliage. Adam was clothed in his usual silver breastplate and leggings, with his leather outfit underneath. He also had a leather belt round his waist, with two sheaths for his swords. Slung around his shoulder was his quiver, with several arrows and an oak bow.

    "I wonder who else lives here in Mossflower?" he asked himself. "I bet I'm not alone here." He straightened up and jumped down to the ground. Then he caught movement, and stood still. "Hello?" he asked, one paw on his swords. "Who's there?"

  • Avelrak heard a voice, coming from one of the surrounding trees.

    "I can ask you the same question," replied Avelrak. "Who's that over there?"

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    Adam drew his swords. "My name is Adam Corbeau, and I mean you no harm, unless you are vermin, of course." He stepped out of the shadows within clear sight of Avelrak. "What is your name?"

  • Avelrak gave the squirrel a serious look and said,

    "Put those weapons away. I'm no vermin. My name's Avelrak. I come from the mountains."

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    Adam relaxed, and sheathed his swords. "Sorry. I didn't know. Avelrak, is it? I'm Adam, nice to meet you."
    He held out his paw for Avelrak to shake. "Do you live here alone? Or do you have family?"

  • Avelrak shook hands with Adam and replied with,

    "My family lives here as well, but not for much longer. We're thinking about moving to Redwall Abbey; somewhere secure. I hear there's something weird going on…and I'm not talking ordinary stuff."

    He gave Adam a somewhat grim look.

    "Apparently, there's a new guy around," he continued. "Someone who has brain problems. Someone who lives in a house that architecturally makes no sense. Someone who wants to expand his territory to new areas, including this village and Redwall Abbey. Only a few have heard of this one."

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    Adam nodded. "I live here in Mossflower with my mother. My father was a drunk, but he died long ago." Adam scowled. "But who is this creature in this Redwall Abbey that has brain problems? I've never heard of him; can you tell me more?" He took out one of his swords and began to sharpen it with a rock.

  • "I didn't mean IN Redwall Abbey," replied Avelrak. "I meant he wants to take Redwall. Apparently, he wants to spread his 'influence,' so to speak. Judging from the rumors I've heard, I don't think many people will like it. After all, who wants to live in a home where the ceiling is on the wall and the wall is on the floor?"

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    Adam stopped halfway down the blade of his sword. "He wants to take over Redwall, and spread his 'influence'? That's crazy! I wouldn't want to live in a home where the ceiling is on the wall and the wall is on the floor! We've got to go help them out…..right?" He stood up, giving Avelrak a meaningful look. "Right?"

  • "Right," answered Avelrak. "Here's the thing: no one in Redwall can know about this until it's all over. Otherwise, it will cause chaos, and that would be bad. People would start to dream about upside-down versions of Redwall Abbey.

    This guy is interesting because while he has a small army, he likes privacy. I hear the guards are tough, smart, organized, and know the inside of the place he lives in. If we were to deal with him now and by force…we'd be outnumbered thirty-five to one. There's no way we can take them all at once. Care to guess what I'm thinking of trying?"

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    Adam shrugged, and sat down again. "What, a surprise attack? Just my guess, it might not work. And don't worry, I won't tell anybeast at Redwall Abbey about this. Heck, I don't even know the location of the place."  Adam picked up his rock again and began to sharpen his other sword.

  • "Any surprise attack would put us in jeopardy," began Avelrak. "Save your swords and bow for emergencies. I have a better plan. The best way to avoid being hit is to not be seen in the first place. You see where I'm going? Stealth, trickery, and maybe even a little fun.

    That silver breastplate is going to cause a problem for us if we try that method, so we'll have to do something about that."

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    Adam sighed. "I'll get rid of this breastplate if you want me to, but where am I gonna put it? And what am I gonna wear in its place?"

    Adam suddenly went stiff. "Hey, do you hear something? Somebeast's coming toward us…" He took both swords out and stood up defensively.

  • "Hey, don't point those swords at me!" a voice complained.

    "Calm down, Adam," said Avelrak."It's only my sister, Aelon."

    "What's this guy doing here?" asked Aelon.

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    Adam was embarrassed. "Oh, sorry," he said, putting his swords away. "I didn't know you were there. My name is Adam. I was just walking around Mossflower when I encountered your brother; we were just talking when we heard you coming. Sorry if I've hurt you."

    He turned back to Avelrak. "Well, what shall we do? The sooner we take out this crazy beast, the better."

  • "As for your breastplate…you can leave it with us," replied Avelrak, thinking of an idea. "My mother is a clothes-maker, and she's very good at what she does. She's invented some rather interesting designs."

    He turned to Aelon.

    "Aelon, please go ask mother if she'll make some clothes for Adam," he continued. "Now, Adam...what colors do you like?"

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    Adam scratched his chin thoughtfully. "I've always found red and green interesting. So I'm thinking maybe a red shirt and green pants, unless you have a better idea?" Adam began to strip off his silver armor, revealing his leather shirt and pants.

    "But no purple or pink," he said. "I don't really like those at all."

  • Here's one of my mother's favorites: a dark blue shirt that blends into a green near the waist. Same with the sleeves. As for the pants, since you don't like pink or purple, why not try a green that blends back into a blue?

    My mother hasn't had many people try her designs, but she's proud to be different. Next comes the patterns…if that's all right with you. You do like blue, right?"

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    Adam nodded. "Yes, blue is fine. It reminds me of the sky." He took the clothes from Avelrak and put them on.

    "Well, what next?" he asked. "What are we gonna do with this crazy ceiling-floor-wall beast?"

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