Fiona Nebbleton

  • Nickname: Fiona, Broken One (negative), Maiden of Death (negative)

    Full Name: Fiona Nebbleton

    Species: Mouse

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Has gray fur and striking brown eyes. Has a threatening aura, but not an evil one. Intimidating in conversations because of her stare. Usually found with a faint smile on her face, relaxed eyes, and rarely anything else. Has a noticeable scar on the back of her head. Shows symptoms of frontotemporal dementia (dementia that affects emotions and behavior).

    Description: Is not deliberately rude to anyone but throws in subtle death threats in conversations. Death threats are never mentioned but she does end them with "hee…hee...hee hee." Suffered a near-fatal head injury three years ago.

    Possessions: Alchemy kit. Art supplies. Knowledge of medicines and poisons.

    Strengths: Very good at intimidation. Not afraid of those more powerful than her. Honest (if brutally), very talented artist. Lovable once people see past the exterior. Has beautiful voice, although she doesn't sing at all.

    Weaknesses: Is mentally ill. Her quiet death threats, although she doesn't mean them, may be taken too seriously. May say random things or things that are insensitive or inappropriate. Doesn't know that she's abnormal. Hiding a tragic secret.

    Background: Background remains a mystery, including how get got the scar. However, her parents were in the creative area of careers. Mother was an artist. Father was a writer. Has an older brother that looks after her and tries to stop her from getting into trouble. Brother feels that no one needs to know about Fiona's secret yet. Fiona and her brother are very close. Also friends with Avelrak.

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