James Karranot

  • Nickname: James, Bedhead, His Grogginess, Carpetdragger (an exaggeration meaning dragging himself across the carpet, due to sleepiness).

    Full Name: James Karranot

    Species: Stoat (Good)

    Age: 28

    Appearance: Gray fur with a white stripe from his nose up to his eyebrows. Brown eyes. Often seen with a mug in his hand. Slightly taller than the average stoat. Has a famous lighthearted smile.

    Description: James is quite different from the Redwall residents' interpretation of a stoat. He is friendly, honest, and doesn't seem to fear many things. Defiant in the face of danger. Prefers battles of wit over any other battle. Not afraid to tell the truth, even when it scares others. Doesn't like violent combat too much, but will use his hammer for other purposes, like smashing boulders. However, he is not afraid to use force when necessary, preferring to use his hammer for self-defense. Well-respected by Redwall, especially when he was labeled the hero that ended a Slagar-like crisis. The rescued children look up to him because of his leadership and ideas. Has a habit of drinking non-alcoholic beverages. Avoids alcohol because he's frightened of drunkenness. Likes to slam his mug when he's arguing and makes a point.

    Possessions: A large steel sledgehammer. His favorite mug which he washes himself when finished with.

    Strengths: Physically strong and able-minded. Has good leadership skills. Extensive knowledge of dodging and counter-attacking. Friendly and gentle around children. Good sense of humor.

    Weaknesses: Acrophobic (afraid of heights). Hates being in wide open spaces. Doesn't like the beach or the thought of sailing. Afraid of drowning and suffocating. Has a nagging fear that he will float up into the air and never come down again, made worse by heights. Not a morning person at all.

    Background: Lived at Redwall for years, but before that, he was a blacksmith. His weapons of choice were swords and axes, partly due to the fact that he could dye the blades somehow. His work became very popular. His mother and father helped to maintain the business. Moved to Redwall when they heard that the residents were in need of some weapons and equipment. They still continue their unique style when it comes to forging and dying blades and axes.

  • Really good. Fancy a story or two with Fang's kids?

  • Actually, I'm about to start a thread with Avelrak. It's going to be named "Eccentric and the Madbeast".

  • Ah. Ok….

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