Silenis Wildlough

  • Nickname: Silenis

    Full Name: Silenis Wildlough

    Species: North American River Otter

    Age: 24

    Description: Silenis has soft, deep brown fur with dirty white on her throat, lower face, and chest. She has a streamlined body that cuts through the water with graceful ease. Silenis has delicate, webbed paws with short claws. Her eyes seem to speak kindness and radiate joy with an air of mystery. She wears a thick green cloak with a hood. Underneath that is a simple brown vest over top of a white shirt. She wears a green and red kilt with the Wildlough tartin woven in. She has a sweet natured and sunny personality. She always seems alert, quick to laugh, and ready to join any argument. Quick-witted and a bit sarcastic sometimes. Silenis is more excited about life and a fairly excited talker. She has a clear sweet musical sounding voice. She loved social interaction. Growing up around other young otters it was one of her favorite pastimes. She had many friends, one of her best being Rogg Streambattle. She loved to swim she was constantly getting in the water and back out. She is very graceful swimming and cuts through the water with ease. Another one of her hobbies, including a skill of hers, is archery. She practiced this a lot in her spare time and became very good at it. Her father help train her because he knew how to use a bow but most of her talent came natural.

    Possessions: She is a skilled archer and carries a long bow with a quiver and arrows. As a secondary weapon and also an eating utensil Silenis carries with her an engraved stiletto that matches Rogg Streambattle's dagger. She has a gold tail ring with an emerald set in it that was given to her from her mother.

    Strengths: Agility, excellent archer, charisma, great swimmer, and stamina.

    Weaknesses:  Dislike of the cold, impulsive, not very skilled at wielding a sword, doesn't use very good military tactics.

    Background:  Born in the Green Isle near the beginning of summer, her favorite season. She was an only child and belonged to the Wildlough clan, being a relation to the Wildlough in High Rulain. Growing up she would spend much of her time playing with other children in and around the water. She swam races with friends and constantly held little competitions.

    When she was 11 years old she begin to train her archery. She practiced with 2 other otters that she had grown up with and was good friends to. They all learned from her father, a fairly good archer.

    When she was 13 she meet Rogg Streambattle and also his brother Tharin. She grew very close to Rogg and spent much of her time with him.

    Silenis' mother was killed in a surprise attack. Silenis left Green Isle to get rid of the painful memories and wipe out certain thoughts that she wanted badly to forget.

  • Wow! Good profile! She sounds really nice.

  • XD hehehe thanks Rogg!!!

  • Very nice Silenis! Good description!

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