Azalea Snowfall-Monitor Lizard Warrior/Assassin

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    Nickname: Azalea

    Full Name: Azalea Snowfall

    Occupation: Warrior/Assassin

    Species: Monitor Lizard

    Like most other lizards, Azalea's body is covered with dull green scales that are tinted slightly with gray. Her eyes are a bright, hypnotic yellow like the rays of the sun. She has long, vicious pointed teeth; a normality for her species, and a long, thick dark red tongue which usually darts out of her mouth at intervals like a snake. Her rather short, thick tail is capable of breaking bones if she swings it hard enough.

    She has long claws on each paw, which are strong enough to dig into plant and animal. They are usually stained with red from a recent kill she has made. In this regard, she is also a meat eater; some may phrase this as a cannibal, although she really isn't because she doesn't eat her own kind. It makes no difference to her whether she's facing vermin or goodbeast, because the way she sees it, she's a living creature and needs to eat like any other beast. No matter if the meat is cooked or raw.

    Since she's a monitor lizard, she has thick, strongly muscled arms and is built more for power than speed, although she has amazingly fast reflexes for such a massive creature. Even only eighteen, she's an accomplished assassin and mercenary, and has a variety of weapons on her frame at all times. A strip of ermine fur reinforced with bark on the inside serves as her belt; thrust through this on the left side is a scimitar made of a strange black steel and, on the right side, a longsword made of the same black steel; in fact, most of her weapons are made out of that steel.

    She wears a crossbelt of striped wildcat fur to show that she is one of the strongest beasts you could be unlucky enough to find. In reality, the fur came from a young wildcat, only about three years of age that she killed a while back. She's specially made the crossbelt so she is able to thrust knives in them without the knives falling out; as a result, she has about twelve razor-edged, resistant knives strapped to her frame. Her scales are very hard, so she doesn't really have to worry about beasts damaging them, but she still wears a very thin coat of the same rock hard, black metal used in her weapons; the "armor" was made for the child of a badger lord a while ago, but one she was given it as a present on her fourteenth birthday.

    On her back, there is more of the thin black metal as armor; strapped below the armor is two sheaths for her twin katanas. The well polished yew wood handles of the black metallic blades stick up in such a way that Azalea can reach behind her and draw the blades in one smooth motion. There are no gems or special stones inlaid in the handles of her blades, as that just sets a beast out as a target; not that she needs protecting. On her shoulders are thick domes of the black metal inlaid with normal steel spikes which still allow for her shoulders to move while being deadly for most beasts. She wears black weasel fur gloves with the top part of the fingers cut off to allow her claws to be moveable.

    To complete her barbaric appearence, she wields a long three-pronged trident which, when not in use, is slipped in a special holding place in her belt, thanks to the fact that the maker of the weapon made the handle collapsible. The trident's pole is hard oakwood, and the prongs, instead of being the usual black steel, is made of a special, diamond hard blue metal found only on a faraway isle. She wears a long, midnight black cape which is usually billowing out behind her. Strangely enough, she can move virtually silently even with her being a massive lizard with armor, a ton of weapons, and a cape.

    Azalea possesses, as previously stated, a scimitar, longsword, twelve daggers, and a thin coat of armor made out of a strange black metal. She also owns a black leather cape, black weasel fur gloves with half of the finger cut off, an ermine fur belt, spiked metal shoulder protectors, and a collapsible wooden pole trident with three blue steel prongs.

        Sword; Azalea is an an amazing swordsbeast for one so young and she's totally ruthless with the blade too. An important thing is the fact that her power is unmatched; often, an enemy will find him or herself with a broken blade in their claws or a fragment of a splintered bow or a sharp piece of steel buried in their neck, forehead, or chest, as well as in other less vital places such as the arms or legs.

    Reflexes; Azalea may be a huge lizard, but her reflexes are surprisingly fast and she is able to dodge arrows and daggers as well as swords but, when wearing her armor, she often chooses not to; the hard metal plates protect her quite well, only slightly better than her scales. You have to fire an arrow quite hard to penetrate her scales and even then, it probably won't go too deep.

    Quiet; For a massive creature, Azalea is a very quiet hunter. On occasions like this, she may be relatively patient, especially when her food is involved, as most of the time she isn't. Even with weapons and armor, she's quiet enough that only a beast listening hard could hear her coming.

    Accuracy; Azalea is very accurate with throwing daggers and can hit the center of a flower from a very far distance. She has a feeling she wouldn't be half-bad with a bow as well, but she doesn't want to have to carry an extra weapon and she can already throw daggers well; why would she need a bow and arrows?

      Cook; Azalea can't cook so much as a bird over a fire, much less a mouse or another of her prey. She'd probably catch the forest on fire trying. Anyway, she prefers to eat her fresh meat raw; it's only when she finds an already dead carcass that she would prefer to cook it before she ate it.

    Speed; Azalea is built for power, not speed, so she's extremely slow and can't outpace anything other than an injured beast or a snail. Therefore, she prefers to use the element of surprise when hunting, because trying to run her prey down only gets annoying and in the way.

    Temper; Azalea has a short-fuse temper and, as such, kills her employers half as often as she works for them. A weasel will be telling her that he doesn't have much for payment in exchange for her services and he'll probably be in her claws with his neck bent at an awkward angle before he can offer her anything. In this regard, she is still a feared assassin and is hired by many.

    Patience; Azalea has an issue with patience; she really doesn't have much of it and doesn't want to sit around for an hour waiting for a possible employer to show up and tell her what to kill and what her reward is. She's never failed a mission and that's why she has so many meetings.

        Sampetra was where Azalea Snowfall was born. Don't ask her why she got the last name Snowfall because she really doesn't know; being born in a tropical place and then called Snow makes no sense to her, not to mention other beasts. She was born there a while after Ublaz Mad Eyes was killed and was brought up in as normal a way as living on a vermin-infested isle could be, even though the only activities that really went on were farming and fishing.

    Her parents didn't like this boring routine and taught her to fight and kill without mercy, to become a warrior who cared about only herself and nobody else. When she became twelve, she got sick of fighting with wooden weapons and steel daggers and ventured down into the jagged rocks that bordered the isle. It was there she found a ton of strange, lusterless black metal. Using her claws, teeth, wood, and any other tool that came to paw, she dug out a lot of the black metal and brought it back to her parents.

    They couldn't really do anything with the metal, as there was no forge or anything on the island. Still, Azalea kept the black metal, sensing it would be useful at a later time. Her parents did present her with a very thin armor coat for her torso of the deep black metal, which had once been made for a badger lord's child, a pair of leather gloves with the fingers missing, and an ermine fur belt. When she asked what a badger lord was, they told her it was a ruler from across the seas living in a land called Mossflower. Azalea was interested. If there was a Badger Lord with this black metal, it must have meant they could do something with the metal she had collected and make it into weapons.

    The prospect of this drove her, when she was fifteen, to steal a vermin boat and sail to Mossflower. Of course, she was pursued by corsairs who wanted their boats back, but in a harsh storm she got lucky and the two boats sunk amid the foam capped waves. Azalea was lucky to survive, and, as she continued on her path, it got ever so slightly colder as she continued to a colder land. She adapted to it after a while.

    When she landed on Mossflower shores, she had no idea where the "Badger Lord" was. She headed into the woodlands and, shortly after, found a squirrel who she forced to show her the way to the mountain. When the two hit the edge of the woods where the mountain was, Azalea hadn't eaten in a while. She took the squirrel a little deeper into the woodlands and, while he was asleep, stabbed him through the back with a sharp piece of wood she'd collected.

    The squirrel woke up for a moment and had time for an agonized scream before he finally died. Azalea hadn't been planning to let him live and give away her position. But anyway, since there was no food, Azalea was forced into eating the squirrel, and she found out she liked to eat the flesh of others.

    She had a pretty good idea that the "Badger Lord" wouldn't want a monitor lizard sneaking around his mountain; with this in mind, she scaled Salamandastron and got into the forge room. Locking the door, she looked around for the black metal weapons, and saw nothing. Finally, she decided to try her hand at forging.

    She did it okay, and ended up with a black metal longsword, two katanas, and scimitar, and wasn't found because the hares didn't think anyone would be using the forge since there was no Badger Lord; they figured the noises were normal from living in a mountain. She used the left over to make two shoulder protectors and melted a metal blade to make spikes to put in it. As she was about to leave, she saw a leather cape hanging on the door and a trident resting on the wall; she took both and scaled the side of the mountain again before fleeing into Mossflower, where she's been ever since.

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