Takeru Stormston-Ferret Assassin

  • (Not the best profile I've ever written. X3]]

    Nickname: Tak

    Full Name: Takeru Stormston

    Occupation: Assassin-for-Hire

    Species: Ferret

    Takeru is a pale gray ferret of average height and is very slim with silver circles around her cold, icy blue eyes. Her body is, like most of her, a pale gray, but her chest has cream markings on it, one of which appears to look like a maple leaf. Her long tail looks a lot like a brush, and she wears an adderskin belt across her waist. In the belt is thrust a beautiful scimitar, the blade is a very light gray iron shot through with streaks of gold. A long scar runs through one of her eyes, blinding it, although she can see well with the other eye.

    Tak possesses an iron and gold scimitar-don't ask her how the gold got in there, because she doesn't know.

        Takeru is a very skilled swordsbeast, and can actually cook, which is rather rare among vermin who spend their time fighting amongst each other for a scrap of bread.

        She hates the cold, thanks in part to the fact she has really thin gray fur, and hates foxes. She's also rather scared of them, though she's not going to admit it.

        Takeru can't exactly remember when she was born. After all, it was fifteen years ago and she can't remember that far back. What she does remember is her mother dying. Her mother was the first of her family to go.

    It was a dark winter night when it happened; a rather appropriate setting, as far as Tak's concerned now. There were three foxes, two big black males and a thin orange vixen who looked as if she was the leader. The trio broke into their house that night. They were the stereotypical vermin-killing for fun.

    The female drew a long silver knife that glittered in the firelight, while the males hefted two roughly made iron battleaxes. The three were obviously plotting to kill everyone in the house. They got Tak's mother, Rae-her father escaped with her, however.

    So yeah…now we go to Tak living with her father until her twelveth birthday; during this time, she extensively studied fighting with weapons. At that time, her father had taken in another young ferret, Numair Stormston. Takeru didn't exactly get along with the new arrival, and left shortly after, leaving her 'brother' for good.

    Since then, she's been in Mossflower; she visited Salamandastron at one point and got her scimitar off a hare she killed. Hares usually didn't wield scimitars, so it was lucky for her. A few vermin who respected her gathered around her in a little gang, as well. So she's got a whole intimidation I-will-beat-you-up-if-you-don't-do-what-I-say thing going on.

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