Ramblings of a Recorder

  • [ooc] Yeah, I've been thinking how cool it would be to be a recorder, so I'm making this thread. It's not really for role-play, but I don't think it should go to FanFiction.. No one else is really supposed to role-play here, but you can comment on my posts. Here goes![/ooc]

    Ramblings of a Recorder

    First Recordings of Aldric the Recorder:

    Entry one:
      Forgive me if I get ink everywhere, I'm so excited! I have just been given the position of recorder after Brother Winston. I have trained many a long season for this day, and It's finally here! Oh, forgive me, I've gotten ahead of myself. I am Aldric fieldmouse, successor of Brother Winston the squirrel. I myself have always been fascinated with the life of a recorder, so that is what I trained for. It took many lectures and sleepless nights of studying, sponging everything possible. Literature is just like..another world for me, and because I am of no great phisical shape, I prefer that world, where one can do anything and leave it behind for future generations. Listen to me! I sound like some old hermit enshrouded in scrolls! I really must move on to the events of the day, as this part isn't nescessary in the scrolls, although it does make for an easier read…

    It is a few weeks into winter now, and all are keeping generally inside. Ah, winter, it's just so wonderful! The trees are now capped by milky white as supposed to their ordinary green, the temperature is very cold,(although I personally like it) and not many a beast is outside for any extended period of time, besides the Skipper when he is out on his routines. The flowers and fruits have retreated and now white, gray, and the rosy shade of the cold walls are the predominant colors in nature. Incidentally, why do beasts waste the cold weather of winter around a fire and complain of the heat when summer has arrived? Some sort of mixed up feelings if you ask me, but each to his own liking. I only have a small fire here in the gatehouse, for the cold weather is found refreshing in my eyes..and to my fur. Oh dear! Look at those dibbuns, they've escaped Badgermum Sringflor and have dashed into the snow without so much as an overcoat between them. Haha, you would like to have seen them, they all just rushed inside before Springflor could so much as beacon them back! I bet she's never seen obedience like that before! Oh, fun times and memories flood my head at these times. I feel as if each season has its own magical feel to it.

    Now the dibbuns are properly dressed and outside playing in the snow. You know, I'm no old beast myself, I think I'll wrap up here and join them in a little. Enjoy your winter, everyone!
                                                                ~Aldric Fieldmouse,
                                                                                Abbey Recorder

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  • [ooc] Actually, I was planning to add an entry every day, but things got complicated. Today I'm going to try to make up for the three past days and write one for today..[/ooc]

  • OoC//: I look forward to it.

  • OoC//: I've been unable for this past week, and will not be able to make up for those days probably, I'm just gonna try to do one every now and then..

  • Entry two:

    What fun times these days are! These days are never a dull moment. My grandsires have visited from the woods, being as they think abbey life would be dull, although they are ever fascinated with the food. What are we to do? With the best cuisine in Mossflower, no one would turn down a fresh meal. I've taken the pleasure of giving them a small tour of the abbey. Many sights surround the parapeted walls of Redwall Abbey, and the white winter scenery takes even my breath away! A small exchange of momentos and gifts has taken place, and now my family elders have agreed to sleep in the abbey tonight. Who knows? Maybe they'll stay for a spell more.

    We have had wonderful times together, telling stories around a great fire, swigging some warm cider and letting memories flood in.. Times like those are truly magical, where all times overlap, and fantasy seems possible. Where reliving is the order of the day and age gets washed away as one recalls all sadness, joy, good times, magical moments, and for rare few, tales of valor and bravery. I leave you for now, for my family has stoked a fire this very night and I see some casks being rolled out, even from my seat in the gatehouse. I leave you with a happy heart, that, I'm sure, will be even happier before the night abates. Good night and, again, happy winter. Signed
                                                                                                                                                              ~Aldric Fieldmouse,
                                                                                                                                                                                Abbey Recorder

  • Entry Three:

    Ordinary days, you can't live with them, you can't live without them. Today has had nothing remarkably special, and so I will be raking my brains as to what to write about..

    Ahah! I've discovered a scroll with the scrawlings and translation of the font of a supposed land called…..Riftgard. That's a strange name, sounds like some sort of cliff-surrounded island.. Anyway, the code is very interesting, so I have taken it to heart and memorized it. I've been able to tease some of the elders by slipping random notes to them in that code. Heheh, you should see their faces when I slip them a paper with these tiny drawings, they almost set me to washing the dishes for the day. But, yes, I keep small personal messages in code, just for myself. Ooh, I almost forgot to tell you, my grandsires are still visiting and we are about to watch a show, put on courtesy of the dibbuns. I must go now, signed,
                        ~Aldric Fieldmouse,
                                                Abbey Recorder

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    OOC: A show by the Dibbuns, huh? That'll be a sight :D! Keep going, Cedric, this is awesome!

  • OOC; This'll be good! Make it a good one!

  • Entry Four:

    What fun last night was! Ah, the dibbuns' show might have been a bit..disorganized in many aspects, but it was amusing. A third were fierce corsairs, another third was the goodfolk seafairers, they went through a funny little rhyme, but I know what part thy were waiting for, the pillo- er, I mean sword fight. Yes, after their recitation they laid at it, whacking each other with the fluffiest pillows they could find, laughing uproariously. Of course, everyone watching enjoyed it almost as much as the dibbuns themselves. The part that took me off-guard is that, after about a good half hour of feathers flying and "perilous fighting", Skipper came in with the other third and broke them up. Of course, after Skipper had called order, the last "searat" standing was struck down by a late hit. Planned disobedience, clever if you ask me. So them the young molebabe who  had finished off the "rat", who was actually a mousebabe, got a stern look from Skipper, obviously planned, but realistic nonetheless. Anyway, after the stern glare, the molebabe tugs his snout and says, "It wur a askident, da gurt hevvy pillar flew outta moi hands!" Then the molebabe the shines a huge comical grin that sets everyone with so much as a smirk, breaking out laughing.

    Oh, it was a very merry, fun time. After all of the play was over, the dibbuns went back to pillowfighting until bedtime, and then were ushered off to bed, exhausted.

    By jolly, that was a long entry, and just when Brother Winston commented I should try to make my articles bigger..

    He told me, "You are not just writing a journal, you're recording the very history of Redwall Abbey, for future generations to read and get a physical grasp on their ancestors…" Wow, Some more of the realization of the great honor bestowed upon me has become apparent... I need to go meditate, I doubt I can write anything more with such a weight in my chest, however righteous it is..
                  ~Aldric Fieldmouse,
                                                                                Abbey Recorder

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  • OoC//: 😢 <– 😕 "Why are you crying? I'm the one who is at a loss for what to write!

  • OOC: This is great Cedric, I couldnt have thought that up. Good job!

  • OoC//: Thank you, but for now, I'm at a blank as to what to write, being as I base it /slightly/ on reality.

  • Entry Five:

    Wow, I never knew that mint made strawberry fizz so much more…fizzier! Oh, never mind me, I just got odd flavored bubbles up my nose..

    I have been assigned extra chores for pulling a prank of one of our brothers, put a quill on his seat I did, and when he got up from dinner, a rather odd drawing was being displayed on his behind. I would have gotten away, if I hadn't been caught trying to retrieve my writing pen, oh well..
    So I've been up to my elbows in pots and pans. Although it is an enormous task, it, as I perceive, was worth it, especially the running jokes that people snicker at occasionally of "Blackbottom Bart" and "Quill-sitten Quentin." hehe, a mischievous one I might be, but, since winter has reached it's high point, we are all restless, as none are allowed outside. The birds have gone quiet and food a little bit more scarce, but a full larder disregards that. We are all happy here, but some are growing, as I have previously said, quite restless indeed. Roald the squirrel is thinking about going on a trek for some sort of..thing.., and all of the dibbuns are imagining their own adventures. Well, at least it keeps them occupied, but I hope Roald waits until at least the storm clears.
    Truthfully signed
                                ~Aldric Fieldmouse,
                                                                                Abbey Recorder

  • Entry Six:

    Ah, wouldn't you know it? I've caught a cold! Winter is a fun and magical time, but not when one must sit indoors sipping warm fluids all day( that is, between blowing one's nose..).
    It has been only slightly miserable, however, for I have been creating a new game.

    It requires many players, an even amount, an evenly tiled area, such as the Great Hall, and two leaders.  The two teams choose random positions (No two players allowed on one space), but their leaders can move wherever and whenever. This game would be based on turns, the leader, or tactician, telling each of his team what to do and in what order Each team has to move or wait on their turns. Everyone would have some form of harmless weapon(besides the tacticians, who technically "aren't there") Each player must have a specific unit type (knight, horsebeast, archer, swordsbeast etc..) and with that unit type come different preset statistics such as life points and combat advantages, as well as how many spaces(tiles) able to be moved in one turn. When the turn of one team takes place, the tactician tells the first beast of his choosing where to go. Once a beast has moved onto the space his/her leader has indicated, they can use an item (i.e. a healing item) or "attack" a beast of the other team in an adjacent space, or, in the case of an archer, one tile farther than that (archers can't attack on an adjacent space for obvious reasons.). Once a "battle" initiates, each player concerned will do their attack, the offender obviously going first. Each attack will do a set number of damage to the other beast, then the defender will counterattack(if possible, i.e. short range[melee] weapons cannot counterattack archers, and vice-versa). Once a player's health points reach zero, they are removed from play, this continues until one team completes the objective(capture the flag or throne, or conquest, etc..)

    Units go as follows:

    Fighter:  Uses "axes." Strong against spears, weak against swords.

    Swordsbeast: Uses "swords." Strong against axes, weak against spears

    Horsebeast: Uses "swords" or "spears" Depending on that player uses, can be strong or weak against axes. Weak against bows.

    Archer: Uses "Bows" cannot counterattack the adjacent tile, strong against horsebeasts

    Healer: Cannot attack under any circumstance, uses "Wands" Moves next to allies and restores some health points. Weak in any combat.
    Leader: Can use one of any chosen weapon, if defeated, team loses


    Axes: Strong against spears

    Swords: Strong against axes

    Spears: Strong against swords

    Bows: Strong against "mounted units"

    Wands: Restore health, cannot attack.

    It is still under development, but I think it is going to work sometime.
    Look at the time! I'm sorry, I must blow out my candle for the night.
    Pensively signed,
                                ~Aldric Fieldmouse,
                                                                                Abbey Recorder

    OoC//: Talk to me about it.

  • OoC//: Sounds as if it's a real life Fire Emblem. Am I close?
    If so, you did rather well, but it is a bit rough…

  • OoC//: Yes! I noticed your avvie just now.
    It's still in heavy development, but maybe you can help me via pm?

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