Heading South; A new Journey.

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    OOC: Please join me anyone, Oliver could use some company on this long journey.  😛

    Oliver couldn't remember the last time he was surrounded by vermin. They all gave him a look, large smiles showing their rotting teeth. He was cornered by four Rats. Oliver was more muscular, thicker than the rats, but it wasn't good to be outnumbered. Beasts experienced in many life threatening battles; something Oliver wouldn't regret.

    The squirrel got in his stance, paws balled into fists. "Alright me mates! This Squirrel has been causing some trouble to our gang the past few weeks. Now that we 'ave 'im cornered we can kill 'im for sure." The Rat that spoke licked his dry, cracking lips.

    Oliver had too many plans in his mind, he wasn't going to die, not today at least. He thought to himself "Hopefully I can take on all four, they look experienced though, it'll be tough." Oliver smirked at the four vermin "Well, your little gang caused me too much trouble in the past. You guys kept following me since I left the North many seasons ago. Well I don't wish to keep you guys waiting.." Oliver said with excitement in his voice. "Enough of this! Get 'em!" The leader attacked first, a one on one battle. He swung his large, jagged blade upwards towards  Oliver's head, a move that has been tried too many times on the experienced squirrel.

    Oliver flung his head backwards, so far back that he flipped back on his paws, kicking the rat in the Jaw. The leader staggered backwards and snarled. He ran towards the Squirrel dragging his blade on the ground. He leaped into the air, faking a slice. Oliver dodged to the side foolishly, the blade came down slightly cutting Oliver on his side. "Gah!" Oliver put his paw covering the small wound. "You are very clever, Rat." "You aren't half bad, Squirrel." They both smirked.

    Oliver charged in but strafed right; this confused the dumb rat, letting himself get caught in a body lock. "Now you'll know what it's like to be slammed into the ground." Oliver made his statement and switched his position, locking his grip to his back. "What is this?! This grip is too strong. You idiots! Help me!!" The Rat Leader angrily screamed at his comrades. Oliver dropped to his leg, lifting him up into the air. The rat dangled frontwards, cursing aloud. The Rat tried to grab his blade as he dropped it when being lifted.

    Oliver kicked the Rats other leg up, flipping over with the rat Oliver landed on his feet as the rats upper back and leg smacked into the ground. This knocked the rat out Cold. Oliver backed away, being closed in by the other three. He got back into his stance and waited.

    OOC: This is where Oliver would need some company.  😛

    OOC: This attack he used was one of the various moves Oliver knows. The same moves in this video http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZZfviE-69ss. The move the dude in the red singlet uses in the first 30 or 40 seconds. Its called Greco Style Wrestling for those who don't know. This is how my character fights besides using his fists. Just to give you guys an idea.  🙂

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    Ash Arrow the robin sat in a tree observing the attack. She was sure that the beast would get killed if she didn't do something. Ash wasn't a fighter, but she figured she could at least distract some of the beasts.
    Swooping down, flew directly into the face of one of the attackers.
    Flapping her wings she twittered aloud.
    "Gets ya backs you dummy beasties! Getas back. Yous'll hurtest the poorest squirreled!"

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    Oliver watched in surprise, but relieved nonetheless. He took the opportunity to attack the two other beasts that were distracted. Going behind one of them and wrapping both him arms around the Rat's neck, the Rat starting gasping and choking; the Rat's eyes widened as he was thrown backwards onto his head. The second rat looked at Oliver and charged him angrily. The Rat's anger got to him; the stupidity of his charge was his downfall. Oliver ducked down, thrusting his elbow into the rats stomach. Oliver turned this into a chain combo by uppercutting him. The Rat staggered his steps backwards, taking hard blows to the face. His head bobbled as he took hits. Oliver's punching fury went on until the rat fell on his butt, dazed. The Squirrel twisted his body, leg in the air; the kick knocked the rat a few feet back, completely knocking him out.

    He looked at the Robin and tackled the Rat to help. He placed his foot on the Rats chest to keep him down. "Thank you for helping me! What's your name?"

  • "Me named is, is, Ashened Arrow! Arrow it is!"
    Teh robin twittered.
    "Dided the beastieses hurtest thee squirrel?"

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    He smiled "My name is Oliver. " He answered the Robin's question "No nothing too serious, just this small slash cut on my side." He looked down at the Rat, lifted his leg up, and let him go. The vermin ran off in fright. "That Rat Leader over there that I slammed on his back and head. He hurt me with his blade. I knocked him out though. So it's safe." He smiled. "I would've been a goner if you didn't come."

  • "Yous mightest justed becomed a 'goner' ifs yous dontes get thats cut clean."
    Ash pointed her wing in the southern direction of the path.
    "There bes an abbey building not to farred upen this path. They willed to helpeds ye!"

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    "Please come with me, show me the way." He was excited to make a new friend. Maybe she would join him on his journey far south. He kept a journal in his pouch that maybe one day will get published into one of the many great books of Mossflower. He wrote major events that happened and creatures he meets on the way. He asked Ash to show him the way.

  • With a small skip and a hop, Ash took to the sky she hovered low and chatted to the squirrel as they made their way toward Redwall. It didn't take long, but they finally made it there. Upon reaching the abbey, they were greeted by Foremole Grimm.
    "Hurr burr, who bees the beasty Arsh?" Grimm noticed the wound in Oliver's side and stepped forward with concern.
    "Zat wound bes vurry deeps zurr! Yous'll needs to bes tarkin gudd care uv zurr. Steps this way zurr."
    Foremole spread his large paws in the direction of the abbey entrance.

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    OOC: See ya tomorrow! =3

    Oliver smiled at Foremole, following the way he was pointed. Oliver hoped that the wound wasn't serious.
    It should only be a small fix, he thought to himself.

  • Foremole led Oliver in the gates and stopped. Turning toward Ash he said, "Go getsum ze enfarmary zister Ashes. I keepenz za beast hurr."

    -ooc- Mirima, It looks like your healing abilities are needed already…  😉

  • -ooc- ok, ok I'm coming.

    -ic- Star had been out and about when she heard the roomer that a new beast was in town she was trying to decied if she was brave enough to go say hello when she saw the squirrel. he was cute and she decided to. As she made her was over she noticed the blood. "You really should have that looked at. Come on I'll take you."

  • -ooc- Thanx Mirima!  🙂

    -ic-Ash glanced at star. "Thatens' whata I tolded the beastie. He'sa be hurted somed by the raty rats!"

  • "He'll be taken care of." there was a twikle in Stars eye.

  • -ooc- Is someone in love? LOL  😉

    -ic- Formole offered his thanx and promptly turned to go inside the abbey. Ash muttered something about worms and with a quick skip, was in the air, winging her way back toward Mossflower Wood.

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    Oliver looked at the pretty squirrel and slightly blushed. "Thank you for healing me, Miss." He smiled happily. A nicely done patch.

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