Solitude Fleetclaw-Stoat Mercenary

  • Nickname: Fleet, Fleetclaw, or the Tyrant

    Full Name: Solitude Fleetclaw

    Occupation: Mercenary

    Species: Stoat

    Description: Solitude's features are cruel, to say the least; his mouth is always curved in a disapproving frown, usually showing a flash of vicious, perfectly white teeth. The stoat's muzzle is decorated with dull, rusty orange fur while scruffy, dirty whiskers sprout out from either side; a moist, scarred black nose tips the sharply angled muzzle, usually twitching slightly. On the left part of Solitude's face, the blue tattoo of a blade stands out vividly against the brown-orange of the fur on his face. Set easily into the middle of the stoat's face, two almond-shaped eyes stare out, their color a vivid icy blue, sparkling clearly in the sunlight, speckled with granite flecks like rock in water. Between two perfectly triangular ears are perched a rather thick tuft of brown fur that runs onto his back like a mane. Other than that, the rest of the fur on his head is the same color-brown-orange.

    The body of the stoat is extremely muscular; he stands at about 5" 6' tall, weighing about 110 pounds, an average for a stoat of his age and height. A jagged claw mark runs down his right arm from a fight with a monitor lizard a while ago, making the arm slightly stiff and not able to move as easily as it once did. The other arm is as nimble as ever, and it usually clutches the handle of a kilij; the stiffer arm is usually found holding a long, dangerous looking dagger mostly built for thrusting.

    His long, thin legs are built for running and he's able to dash at reasonably fast speeds.


    • Kilij

    • Dagger

        - Swordplay–Solitude's excellent with the blade. He's a mercenary, remember? Either way, there are few who can match his proficency and actually hope to beat him in battle-the trick is knowing who those few who can best him are.

    - Stealth--Solitude was taught to remember the three S's; Stealth, Silence, and Shadows. And so he has. Only a beast with amazing hearing could hope to hear the footsteps of this stoat-and then, they would only hear him slightly.

    -Speed--Solitude is, in a sense, built for running-his long, wire tough legs let him sprint along at an extremely fast pace, giving him a good advantage in fights.

      Persistance–It doesn't matter if Solitude knows he's bested. He'll keep tracking the beast in question until he's killed-an annoyingly idiotic move for the so-called 'best Mercenary in Mossflower'-but nobody's tried to help him with this.

    Strength--Solitude isn't the strongest beast you could meet. He's more trained in speed, reflexes, and silence. For this reason, he doesn't like to endure combat with creatures like monitor lizards, but does anyway.

    Solitude Fleetclaw had a normal upbringing in Mossflower. Well… normal for a vermin, at least. He lived in a vermin horde until he was ten, living with his parents, sister, and two brothers. Even as a young one, he was still part of the deadly killer he is today. When his father Armonias became leader of the horde, it took only a knife between the elderly stoat's ribs to become the next horde leader, easily. At least, that was what he thought.

    His sister and one of his brothers didn't want the throne-but Alliance Vulran was the one who did. So there was to be a fight between the duo of stoats. Alliance almost defeated and killed Solitude-but eventually, the second stoat triumphed and Solitude was made leader of the horde.

    Of course, not everything in the world went smoothly, and Solitude was de-throned by one of his only enemies who is still alive-Tokaala Yeak, a wildcat. But what chance did a stoat have against a wildcat-one of the most feared beasts alive-anyways? With this in mind, Fleet left the horde shortly after and made himself plenty of enemies from badgers to wildcats.

    Most of his stronger enemies died as a result of traps the stoat had made-Solitude wasn't enough of a complete idiot to take them head on, and would usually fail in fighting skilled beasts at this point in his life. Still, he trained for a while, and eventually got better.

    Now he's worthy of the title 'mercenary', and is a reasonably skilled fighter who roams Mossflower.

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