Queen Zaklinashata

  • Queen Zakilnashata (Zaklin)

    Species: Fox

    Gender: Female

    Age: 40 seasons

    Color: Albino

    Clothing: Rich robes of bright colors with many beads and jewelry

    Weapon/Items: Powders

    She is used to being called a queen although she really has no royalty at all in her.  Commanding a large vermin horde, she wanders around mysteriously, tricking beasts with her fake "spells." She is a cruel, heartless, and loves to kill her victims in bizarre ways once she gets the chance and time.  Something happened to her in her younger days that made her skin and fur like it is, but she refuses to tell anybody and goes off in a rage when asked.  Her past is shrouded in mystery, even her most trusted hordebeasts don't have a clue as to who she really is.  The evil vixen loves getting her own way and is used to it as she will torture anybody who does not bow to her.  Trying to find a suitable palace to rule in, she will soon come across Redwall and take a strong liking to the place of peace….

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