The Rules … 2010 update

  • Shakes Head

    So lets start off the New Year with us all making this site better. AKA grammer, posts, kindness, and fun.

    Sorry it is so long…..

    Reminder of the Rules


    Redwall's Legacy is meant to be fun and safe. To make this happen, we have rules that must be abided to or you will be removed from Redwall's Legacy by blocking your IP address. This means that even if you change your name and re-sign up with a different e-mail address, you will still be blocked. If at any time you feel that you have been unfairly banned, contact us via the Contact Us page.

    Gallery Rules 1-3

    1. Violent Images- There is war in Redwall yes, but the books never mention how one beast gruesomely killed someone else. Keep it as clean as possible. Try to keep blood out of images as much as possible. Removal of image with a warning will result to refusal to follow this rule.

    1. Social Attacks- Anything that makes fun of any group of people, doesn't matter who it is, is an attack and with result in removal and a warning to the poster. Attacks include anything directed at Races, Religions, Countries, other Writers, Minority Groups… You should have the idea. To attacks at ANYONE or ANYTHING (This does not include fictional "Bad Guys" like Slagar the Cruel. You can poke as much fun at him as you want)

    3. Unclothed Subjects- This means anything that is suggestive in any way. Lack of clothing, (no matter how "tasteful") is out of the question. This even includes bikinis and similar content will be considered inappropriate and will be completely removed with a harsh warning given to the member uploading the picture. If the warning is ignored, they will be banned completely.

    Changes to these rules are allowed at the discretion of the Administration. These rules may seem very strict but please keep in mind that there are people on this site who are very young. This site needs to be safe for EVERYONE!

    4. No God-Model- You character is made of flesh and blood and is NOT invincible. Please keep it fair in a battle or some such fight.

    5. No Twinking- There are many other names for this but it essentially means that you can't control any other character other than your own without explicit permission from the character owner. Saying "Riptooth (Who is owned by Joe) grabbed Sliteye (Who is owned by Jim) and started to yell in his face. Sliteye coward in fear of the mighty Riptooth" is not allowed. Who says Jim wants Sliteye to cower in fear? There will sometimes be a "Open Chara" which means that it doesn't belong to anyone and anyone can control it. Killing an open chara is up to the group as a whole and not one person.

    6. No Insta-Killing- This means that you can't have your eagle grab Sliteye and have him carry him a thousand feet up in the air and drop him. The Following would also not be allowed. "Sliteye removed from his belt a long thin dagger and took aim at Riptooth. He threw the blade as hard and fast as he could right at Riptooths heart. Sliteye never missed with his blade." This would hardly give Riptooth a fair chance at survival. You can kill not specific beasts. Like a "rat" in a huge hoard.

    7. No Innuendo/suggestive/Intimacy-related content- To clarify, this means any necking scenes that go into deep passionate detail about the every thought and sense of the beasts involved. If your beasts are in love, let them do so quietly, without lots of fan-fair. Saying "Sliteye passionately kissed Relita on the lips" (or muzzle or whatever) is enough. Keep is clean.

    1. No Future Technology- If it's not in Redwall it shouldn't be here. If you feel that you need to add something to Redwall, like a new invention made by your brilliant mouse, then ask the Administration before posting it. There are no guns, cannons, or even gunpowder in Redwall. Ask, if there is any confusion on this.

    9. NO MAGIC- Every once in a while, we end up with some beast who decides that their vixen would be a whole lot cooler if when did some extraordinary magic. Look at the word folks. Extra - Ordinary. This is outside of normal and is not allowed in any case. If your vixen is a "soothsayer" please keep in mind that other beasts can play along with what ever she saw, or if they desire, to prove her completely wrong. Brian Jaques never says whether or not the soothsayers actually did something magical or not. Remember that most of the Soothsayers in Redwall were phonies. Maybe all, we don't know.

    1. NO SWEARING- If someone is offended by a word you used, it's a swearword unless the administrator says otherwise.

    11. Passing the Sword- This is when one member is fully aware that they will be unable to post actively for a long time. Instead of getting buried with armor and sword, they will be buried with their armor, but we want you to pass on your charas and such to someone on the site that you trust. We can call this your successor. Being a successor does not mean you are an underling. It means quite the opposite. Somebody trusts you to handle their account while they are gone and you should feel privileged to do so.
        Please only ask 1 person to be your successor and do not ask someone to be your successor if you are theirs. That won't end prettily if you both vanish. You don't have to do this, but I would ask that you please do.

    12. New/Old Charas- What happens with this depends on what is decided in this topic. This is your site. I'm just here to regulate things. What I suggest is that if someone is inactive for a week, their successor takes over their chara until such a time as they can get back. If you do not have one, the chara(s) will be handed to the local Mod for whatever time deemed necessary. Remember, that is only a suggestion.

    Another suggestion is that the member joining the thread tells the group that after whatever time he decides, the chara will be given up until he comes back.

    13. Inactive Members- Members who have not been active in the past three months will have posted by their name, in parenthesis, "Inactive." When and if they come back on, they can change it themselves.

    14. Thread activity- Alright, so there are the occasional members who get passionate and want to post lots. Well, remember that posting comes with responsibility. It was suggested to me that members should only post in about two threads per day/per week that they are active. IE if you are active three days a week, post in six threads if you think you are able.

    1. Characters- No more posting characters that are profiled and approved. If you post with him/her/(it) and there is not profile approved, anyone can call you on it and the post will be removed. This will take effect December first. Try to be ready for that. Mercy can be extended to those who don't know the rule.

    16. Punctuation/Grammar/Mass Posting- This is not strictly a rule, but sometimes it is hard for people to read a post that "iz tiped lik ths". LOL. Get the idea? Please also use the "OOC-" and "BCC-" as standard marks so that people know for sure what you're saying. We've had occasional problems with that.
    Also, type the post like you mean it. Don't mass-post. Write your best quality work.

    Also, please read a thread before posting. Don't say, "Oh! That thread is a hot topic. I want to be there but I don't want to read 25 pages of stuff. I'll just read 1 and then post." It doesn't work that way folks. Read it if you want it.
    If these rules are broken, the post will be removed and a warning will be sent.

    At anytime, other members can report an image or post to the administration who will review the details and decide what should be done. Please help keep Redwall's Legacy safe by participating in reporting bad posts and images.

    Again, have fun, and keep it clean and safe!

    I aslo want to add some rules myself about posting:

    When playing an RPG, please USE your character!

    I will do a example of A and B: and C
    A: "Alright! You are in for a treat!" shouted Bill.

    (first….where are you going and how is Bill feeling? who is he talking to?)

    B: Bill turned Jill and said with excitement, "Hey, you want to see something really cool?" there was exitment in his voice and he quivered from head to paw, and randomly his ear twitched.

    (now we know a little about who he is talking to…remember if you are playing you only can control your OWN character, you can't control someone others character. Now we will go into description on what he is thinking and what the place is like)

    😄 Bill turned Jill and said with excitement, "Hey, you want to see something really cool?" there was exitment in his voice and he quivered from head to paw, and randomly his ear twitched. Oh..she is really going to like it, I hope she does….but what if she doesn't? he shook his head then muttered, "If not…then I made a fool of myself." The place he was talking about was in the corner of the Abby orchard along the wall under the battlements, where, as he remember it, vines grew up from the ground and it had a charming feel to it. A place of peace and calmness., will you look at that? Big improvement. So now...if we all write like C then it won't get boring as fast and you won't go threw the RPG so fast and more people will join. Try it. I'm telling ya it would do us all good and make the admin and moderators work easier to read all the posts.


    Do I really need to go over this?
    sighs I think I do.

    I found this great video on YouTube about some punctuation…. (

    1. Agreement - Agreement in a sentence refers to all of the parts of the sentence corroborating with each other. For example, you wouldn't say "John have two pieces of toast and I has three." You would instead say, "John has two pieces of toast and I have three." The subjects and verbs need to be in agreement. Without sentence agreement you have all-out civil war in your sentence and no one knows what is going on. If your sentence parts don't agree with each other you will have to jump in and mediate, causing hard feelings all around.

    2. Tense - Tense refers to time. What time is it in your sentence? Whatever time it is it should remain consistent throughout your whole piece of writing. If it was last week you are talking about, stay there. There are three tenses in writing, past tense, present tense and future tense. Here is an example of writing with mixed tenses: "Carrie wondered how she is going to finish in time, but Joe will help her." This sentence contains all three tenses, past in "wondered", present in "is" and future in "will". Pick a tense and stick to it! The sentence could read "Carry wonders how she will finish in time, but Joe will help."

    3. Spelling - One of the most important things, and without it, you can kiss your credibility goodbye. Spell checkers are poor substitutes for knowing how to spell and can leave behind more errors than you realize. There are many different forms of words and your spell checker does not know which form you wanted to use. For example, "When Mark washed they're care, he forgot too putt on the wax."

    4. Run-On Sentences - A run-on sentence is one that is just too darned long! Not only is it too long, it is incorrect. Usually, a run-on sentence can be made into two or more sentences with a little punctuation and style. An example of a run-on sentence might be: "We walked over to the commissary to get something to eat but it was closed so we didn't know what to do so we kept walking until we saw a restaurant and decided to go in and get something to eat but Andrew didn't want to eat there so we kept going for another mile." This sentence could have gone on for another mile too! Break up the sentence into smaller, more coherent parts.

    5. Punctuation - It is very important to know your punctuation, even if you never plan on using a semicolon for the rest of your life. The most important thing to learn is where to put your commas, a common mistake among writers. Commas are used to separate parts of sentences that stand alone, such as those that are parenthetical. For example "There were too many flowers, not that I minded, but they took up most of the room." Avoid using commas after conjunctions like "but" and "and." Semi-colons and colons take up an entire chapter, read about them in your style book!

    1. Usage - If you are going to use a word, you really ought to know how to use it. Some writers think big words look impressive but actually the reverse is true if the word is used incorrectly. Words don't have to be big to be misused, consider its vs. it's.

    7. Capitalization - Words at the beginning of sentences aren't the only ones worthy of capital letters. Always capitalize proper names such as people and places. Titles of all kinds deserve capital letters and so do acronyms.

    8. Point of View - The point of view refers to whoever is telling the story or "speaking." When you write a letter you are writing in "first person" which includes I, me, my, we and our. Second person writing occurs when we talk about you and yours and third person includes he, she, they and theirs. In third person writing, the author does not interject himself into the story.

    9. Sentence Fragments - A sentence fragment is an incomplete sentence that does not include both noun and verb. An example of a sentence fragment might be, "Really dumb." Make sure your sentences reflect a complete thought unless you are writing dialog.

    10. Wasted Words - A big no-no. Sometimes we throw in words just to round out our sentences, or we over-describe something, like, "The really ugly puke-green dress was hanging on the wall." Do we really need to point out that a puke-green dress was really ugly? Economize your words and you will have fewer chances for grammatical errors.

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  • As I recall, TJ, the 'nudity' line ran for the Gallery specifically, not for the site in general…

  • I kinda disagree with that, Cyber, thought I hate to correct someone of higher rank. If you remember, when the site was first founded, RL wanted it to be appropriate for members of all audiences. We do have some kids on here and some people would rather do without the innuendo stuff. (Including me.) Just my thought.

    I have an issue with the required character profile thing. It is impossible to have a good thread going without creating some guys that are only for that thread. Plus it takes a lot of time to make a new profile. Another thing is it discourages the use of other creatures besides your main, which a lot of people do and frankly, I find it annoying that they are in five or six places at once. Just my thoughts.

  • Fixed it a little…...

  • Quall, I completely agree with you on the clothes thing!

  • Double-checking the current posted rules, as last updated by RL, the first three were for the gallery specifically.  Good edit there, TJ.

    Regarding nudity in RP, we've already got a rule to keep things PG/PG-13 (as the case warrants).  That should cover pretty much any case where it would even conceivably be an issue.  QED: I do have a character that is clad in little.  That fact is to reinforce his situation, but it has never come up as an issue in play.

    As far as there character rule goes, there's a rather big difference between a main character and an NPC pawn.  Should an NPC or multi-thread pawn develop into more than just that, THEN they would need a biography.  At least, that's how I look at it.  We've all had our minor support roles that are generic vermin/goodbeast.

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