Leah Greybrook

  • Nickname: Leah
    Full Name: Leah Greybrook
    Species:  river otter
    Age: 19 yrs
    Description: a pale grey river otter, her face is very plain, execpt a white mark, in a starfish shape, in the middle of her forehead. She wears a cloth tunic, with cloth pants for easy movement. Her frame is small, but wirey and muscular. Her fur texture is soft, and is enjoyable to touch. Her paws, are strong and callused, from working hard for various woodland families.
    Possessions:Leah carries a bow and a quiver full of arrows. For jewlery, she has a necklace in a shape of a willow tree, has a cloth tunic, and cloth pants for her only outfit.
    Strengths: She swims, cooks, and does archery for fighting. She's a strong maid.
    Weakness: her temper and mood swings. She can get really mad over nothing, yet she gets the most mad when she is fighting vermin though. When she is in a mood swing, she prefers to be left alone, otherrwise, she might blow up and cry, until she feels drained, and thats not good.

    Background: Leah was brought up in a nice Holt, only, she wasnte to be a wanderer, and see the forest, which she did. She is currently in Mossflower, and unknowingly, she is going to bump in to Tharin Streambattle….

  • MORE LOVE!?!?

  • Yeah. Sorry Hon.

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  • Hey be a sport Hon. I like your character Fang.

  • Thanks. Rogg helped me with it.

  • I like her, but I think this love is getting out of hand!

  • That's 'cause you aren't at that stage in your life! 😛 puts on a superior face 😄

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    I'll have you know that you are not sniff romance quality yourself!

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