I'm scared…very scared....

Everyone who was ever very kind to me is leaving, and they happen to be everyone who takes time and does worth wile posts.

I'm scared, better put, Terrified for this site, it's going down the toilet faster than 8-track tapes in my eyes.

What can I do?

I dont know. I guess, at this time, pray.

It's just, this site is losing its value!

There's nearly nothing left to pray FOR!

Well, I think this would be the time to talk to the Subversives and ask them to stop making people leave. I came here about three weeks ago, and since I arrived the site has started to collaspe. So maybe things will be better off without me 😞

Dont go, Rogg. This site doesnt need anyone else going.

I don't know, It seems to have been crumbling since I arrived, too.

Is this site…dieing?

I hope not!! I'll try to post longer threads!

Its just, I feel like it's my fault that everyone's leaving since I got here. First Vladek, now Sunblade. Where will it all end?

I dont want this site to die!! Cyber, try to do something!

It isn't anything you have done Rogg, you post some of the longest threads here!

This is the People's site and it must be up to the people to decide if it lives or dies. The actions of the next few minutes will decide the fate of Redwall's Legacy.

This is the time that RL will either die, or live on for more years in the ROC. I am partial to thinking that with some selective banning from the High Command we can come together and overcome this chapter in the RL book. This is also the time that a strong leader for RL will come up and help us come together, we shall see who will step up to the plate and hit the home run.

Rogg you had better not leave or I will leave too.

I wish one of the admins would try to help us sort this out.

It's not going to die out or go away just like that.  Just as in real life, ill-fitting personalities sometimes come to blows in forums.

Now, I would be worried if it caused a split down the middle.

Maybe a good leader would do some good for us, you are right, Rogg!  But….who!?

"The chosen one shall rise from the ashes of war and lead the legions to victory"

It better happen soon because I'm about to leave!

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