Flametail Foxwile

  • Would have made this earlier, but..you know.

    Nickname: Flame/Flamey

    Full Name: Flametail Foxwile

    Species: Albino fox


    Her orange eyes match with her flame colored tail.
    The rest of her fur is snow white.
    Her fur is very soft.
    She is an average height fox.
    She is somewhat untrusting or aggressive.
    She has no scars to break her soft fur or mar her face.
    She usually wears either a black or brown jerkin..


    She wields basically anything, but carries an average length sword and has made a bow with spiked ends.

        - Proficient in many forms of weaponry
        - Can make most types of weaponry
        - Has strong ties to the line of Marl

        - Doesn't camouflage easily
        - Sometimes goes into spells of confusion

      (I'll add this later.)

  • Nice.

  • Um…Albino animals have no pigment. That means that their eyes and anything else (except their fur) is Pink. Just thought to point that out.

  • Albinos have many shades of eye color, orange being one of them.

  • Albinos have pink eyes. Look at some pictures of ablino animals. They have pink eyes!

  • If you would listen to what my last post just said, there are variations, or do I need to…
    Beat it into some thick skulls.

  • Ummmm….okay....this is getting a little dangerous....

  • Vladek is right, Fang, in that there is some variation. We had two albino rats in a school experiment in HS, and one had deep, deep red eyes, while the other one had lighter, more carnation-coloured ones.

  • Oh. I thought that al Albino animals had pink eyes and white fur (or featehers, or scales, etc.). Sorry. I got so wrapped up in the albino thing that I didnt realize….Sorry!! 😞

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