Amma Claudeston

  • Nickname: Claude, Frail One (negative), Ammie

    Full Name: Amma Clauston

    Species: Mouse

    Age: 15

    Appearance: has gray fur and blue eyes. Somewhat underweight. Average height. Has a non-hideous scar on her forehead. She is considered pretty.

    Description: Reserved, but not shy. Likes to be away from populated areas. Suffers from a condition that affects her muscles, causing them to be weaker. Has a scar on her forehead that spans nearly half the length of her head.  Scar resulted from an accident. Other residents of Redwall feel sorry for her and her problems. Tries to be positive but often fails and begins to show tears. Reason why she is so upset is because of a family tragedy. Despite her frail appearance, she is very intelligent and knows how to use logic very effectively. Does not like to fight, but she will use her throwing knives whenever her life in danger. Wears a dark gray gown.

    Possessions: Various books on riddle-solving, logic, and body language. Throwing knives and dagger. Keeps a potent liquid poison with her, just in case someone is about to murder her.

    Strengths: Has a unique quality that makes enemies pity her and not attack. Even wild animals don't hurt her. Strong mind with even stronger logic skills.

    Weaknesses: Quite frail. Isn't very strong due to her condition. Easily made upset.

    Background: Was born in an isolated village, not too far from Redwall Abbey. Parents died when she was 13. Both died of natural causes. She then packed up her belongings and traveled to Redwall. She solved a crime within Redwall Abbey and proved the suspect innocent. She caught the real culprit two hours later. She is still suffering from the loss of her parents, but with much support from her friends, she is beginning to learn how to cope with it.

  • I LOVE IT!  FINALLY!  A Redwall character who does not like to fight and uses brains against brute force!  I love it!  That's what I try to do with my character!  I love it!

  • Nice, Good execution.
                                  A bit of role-playing and developing and this could be a great player.

  • Vladek is correct!

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