Animal question again lol

  • sup redwall's legacy! i know Redwall is strictly european creatures, but i was wondering if it was possible to make a character that has only appeared once in the series

    For example

    The beaver in the original Redwall

    The wolf in Joseph the Bellmaker

    A dog, mentioned in the first Redwall

    others include a scorpion, a sea lion, a dolphin, a hamster, and a horse

    Just wondering if these were cool to RP with or if its against the rules

  • Why  a hampster and a dolphin?! Just out of cursioty.

  • well this is all from so I'm just listing the species that are only mentioned once the only two i'd like to RP with would be a Wolf or a dog or a beaver lol

  • I'll like to rp with a hamster. Now THAT would be fun!! Lol.

  • Oh, it really depends. I used wolves in a couple of series threads back about a year ago. True, they only turned up once as an animal skin, but I guess it counts. Just stick with the basics, and if you have a question about an animal type, just come talk to the administration. 😉

  • Wasn't there a type of golden hamster in the books?

  • Yes Hon, in Triss there was a golden hampster.

  • Yeah!  Fang, you could do that!

  • Hon, try to leave that to the staff to take care of. It is like a civilian saying someone can get a grant from the government.

  • OH MY GOODNESS!  If it is in the books, it can be on the site!  There is no rule against that!  I didn't need to ask people if I could use a hare!  Just quit it!

  • Woah, Cregion, are you saying that there is no freedom of speech on this site? That you are the government? That seems kind of out there for a role playing site that deals with talking animals…


  • Um, Cregion is not the enemy here, we just need to all come together and talk about what can go on on this website, like a poll that asks if people can RP with a hampster or not ya know? This dosn't need to get ugly okay?

  • Good point!

  • The only reason I posted this thread was in the off chance CQ, Namaste, TJ, or Alpha would be able to give me information on it, what is acceptable and what is not.  Not to start an argument over what u can and cant use lol

  • Don't forget about the whale in The Legend of Luke. I think it would be nice to have a mouse try to talk to something that big. 😮

  • "Um….Mr. are you today?"


    Whale's voice is so big it blows the mouse away

  • Personally, I'm not opposed to increasing the number of playable species. However, we don't have a full accounting of characters, either. Where are the shrews, voles, and such?

  • I hate shrews with a passion!  It's so annoying when you are reading a nice Redwall book, and suddenly you see brightly-colored headbands over the horizon holding those blasted rapiers shouting "LOGALOGALOG!" In their little log-boats!  I HATE SHREWS!

    As for voles, the only one that really makes me laugh is Viola Bankvole, I have been reading The Long Patrol (re-reading actually) and I read about her and said, "OH MY GOODNESS WINI!" I never thought of it like that before!

  • Every type of species has their faults. Vermin tend to be either murderers or over greedy if not both, hares are generally cheeky gluttons who can most of the time back up their tongue with a lance, shrews have lots of arguments, and squirrels are sometimes annoying(along with mice). Otters are sometimes confusing in their lingo to some, and birdfolk speak with their erratic and sometimes difficultly comprehended speech.

    Every species has their unlikable or weak point, but every single one is excelling at some point..

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