Muramin al-Wyuli (Wildcat)

  • General Statistics
    Full Birth Name: Muramin al-Wyuli
    Species: Wildcat
    Age: 27 Seasons
    Sex: Female

    Known Family:
    –--> Almas al-Wyuli (Mother)
    ----> Rashad al-Wyuli (Father)
    Marital Status: Single

    Physical Statistics
    Height: 1.98 m
    Weight: 93.7 kg
    Fur Color: Gold with Dark Brown Spots
    Eye Color:
    –--> Left: Gold
    ----> Right: Jade

    Bronze-plated Brigandine
    Quiver with arrows fletched red and green
    Symmetrical recurve composite bow carried
    Twin scimitars worn about the waist
    Small knife for general use

    Short History
    Muramin al-Wyuli is the first-born daughter of Warrior-Priestess Almas from the nomadic Wyuli clan.  Much of her childhood she learned to survive the harsh realities of the shifting sands to the south and east of the relatively peaceful Mossflower Woods.  After attuning herself to life in the desert, Muramin began the training that would eventually leave her with the position held by her mother.

    However, fate was not content to allow Muramin so easy a life as to take her mother’s place and slide into obscurity.  During a particularly dirty sparring match against a rival warrior, Muramin swung with such force that her scimitar broke through the blade of her opponent and slew him in an instant.  Heartbroken, Muramin’s parents were forced to obey the tribe laws that had kept them alive for countless seasons and thus banished their beloved daughter to the inhospitable sands.

    Thus, in this midst of her twentieth season, Muramin began her trek northward.  There were stories of armies that had traveled thusly to find a land of milk and honey, and the poor huntress had no other direction to travel.  Six seasons of travel passed before Muramin trod upon the wind-swept plains southwest of Mossflower Woods.

    OOC Notes
    Muramin was her family's first-born child, and was set to become the next matriarch of her family.  With the situation of her leaving, she only knows of one other sibling on the way (but there's room for more). hint hint

    Also, if plot demands that she die (and not just be defeated al a "I'll get you next time, Captain Planet!"), then that is the way things must be.  Plot and good story come first in my book.

    Finally, I may actually write up stories of her seasons away from family (or with).  I’m just not entirely certain of what to do with it, yet.

  • Very impressive and very well thought out. I like the fact that you are very concerned with the way the plot runs. Very few people out there have the guts to let one of thier charas die. Let the plot run. If they die… well then thier dead. Very Very Impressive. One of the best written bios I've seen in a long time. (And I've seen quite a few  ;))

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