Tharin Streambattle~otter

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    Name: Tharin Streambattle

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Species: River Otter (Lontra Canadensis)

    Occupation: Wanderer

    Physical Appearance: Average otter, dark brown fur with dirty white fur on the lower half of his face, throat and chest. Slightly shorter then his brother Rogg, but more stocky. Profusion of whiskers on his broad muzzle. Webbed paws. Soft, kind hazel eyes that tell his current mood. Has a in ancient otter script tattoo that reads "Press on and never weaken" on his right paw that matches his brother's tattoo that reads the same. Wears a thick shark-skin doublet covered in khaki cloth. Under the doublet is a short sleeved brown shirt with large pockets.

    Possessions: Has a shark-skin doublet covered in khaki cloth, a brown shirt and a heavy green cloak with a hood. Carries a bow that he normally uses, but also has a short, light weight sword, carries a small knife that he carves things with. Has a whistle he carved from the wood of a oak tree, also a carved otter that he made out of pine. Carries all of his possessions in a haversack with straps.

    Personality: Basically the antithesis of his brother Rogg, easy-going and kind. Normally happy personality with a soft spoken way of speaking that can calm the cruelest hearts. Rye sense of humor. Does not like to kill, but will if threatened or for a just cause. Has never actually killed anybeast before. Hates the terms 'river dog' and 'stream dog'. Loves to swim and be around other otters. Does not like the dark or confined spaces (claustrophobic). One of his passions is to carve wood into interesting trinkets, this skill has made him many friends among those he meets in his travels. Enjoys talking with other creatures and can talk his way out of almost any situation without having to shed blood.

    Strengths: Wood carving, archery, swimming.

    Weaknesses: Claustrophobic, not a trained fighter,

    History: Tharin was born three years after Rogg on Green Isle. He grew up always wishing to be a great warrior for the defense of Green Isle. Him and his brother Rogg were always the best of friends, playing together, swimming in the lakes and rivers of the island, they grew up in the lush otter inhabited island.

    As Tharin grew older, he eventually leaned away from the warrior's way of life and never joined the Otter Guard. He was very happy that his brother was such a great fighter, but that was not Tharin's path, he chose the life of a wanderer. No boundaries, no fences, just clean air and the open road.

    So he left Green Isle before Rogg did and was normally found roving Mossflower, and visiting Redwall Abbey. He loved the place, the good food, the kind creatures, it was a nice place. But Tharin was a born wanderer and left Redwall and roved far and wide seeking adventures and water to swim in  .

    He is not currently aware that Rogg is anywhere near Mossflower but that will change soon...

    Relationships: Rogg Streambattle is his brother and best friend.


  • Okay….wow!  This is absolutely one of THE BEST profiles I have ever seen!  I....LOVE it!

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