The Quest!

  • Mouse stood at the prow of his ship in the early dawn. he heard Cook call the crew to breakfast in the galley where lots of yummy smells came from.He joined the crew for a hearty meal in the cabin. Suddenly the look-out came dashing through the door.  “Cap’n  there are two ships out there!”  Mouse dashed to the railing. The two ships were fighting one another. Mouse recognized  the ships as the Cricket and the Black Gull. Mouse shouted to the mouse at the wheel “Turn to the battle. We’re going to join in.” Mouse drew his two short swords and lept up on the prow and shouted Get your bows! Only shoot the rats but leave the captain to me. Loose arrows when ready.

  • OOC- Hey Mouse! Nice to meet ya! I am Creigon, your local Global Mod. Just call me CQ. 😉

    Just a minor suggestion, you are trying to get most everything from your character's point of view. Have him spy the name on the ship.

    Any other time, I would post, but my bro is banging on the chair and yelling for me to get off. See ya later. And I promise I will post in here.

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  • Hon Florion stood on the deck of the same ship Mouse was on, he went over to him and asked him, "are you jolly well sure you want to do this?"

  • yes I'm sure I want to do this Hon

  • "Alright!  But….wot's the point of it!?  This is not needed!"

  • because I am pretty sure my brother is on that ship

  • NIghtHawk stood on the prowl of the ship looking out.  He was nervous.  Many times people thought he was a giant vermin, but he was a big black badger.  He looked over at the otter on the boat

    "Hello Otter, what is ur naem!'"

  • "Ares. My name is Ares." Ares is a young otter, who looks a lot like his father.

  • "Your brother!?  I don't believe it!  Who is he!?  Wot is his name!?  Why do you think he is on the ship!?"

  • Ares sat at the prow of the ship, his eyes taking in the dark water before him. "I left my family, for this?!" Ares sighed. It was no use now. He was on a journey, and he can not chicken out now. He went back to t he big black badger and looked up. "Sah, wot do ye want me to do?"

  • As the Black Gull drew near, Mouse saw the sea rats lowering a boat into the water.
    He watched and saw the leader come out of his cabin followed by two rats carrying a chest. The chest was a wooden one strapped with metal The rat captain darted to the stern and climbed down to the boat. The two sea rats
    lowered the chest, then climbed down into the jolly boat.
    Mouse ordered the archers to the stern to shoot at the boat, but the captain was too far away to hit.

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    Just thought I'd point out, Fang, I like the name of your guy. Ares was the name of the greek god of war. Aptly named.

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