Simba Longmane

  • Name Simba Reginald Longmane, goes by Longmane or Simba Longmane.

    Species Wildcat

    Age 16 seasons

    AppearanceCame from the land of Ice and Snow, Long haired creme colored, mixing into spots on his white underbelly.  He has yellow sharp eyes, and a long majestic tail.  He is tall for a wildcat, and wears a creme colored tunic to blend in with his coat.

    He carries two swords, one for dueling, and one for battle.
    -Dueling sword- Long Sabre with a red ruby on its black hilt
    -Battle sword- Cutlass, curved steel and an emerald jewel in its hilt
    -Iron tips on talons for hand-to-hand combat
    -Light clothing, matching his creme colored fur.

    -Persuasive in sticky situations
    -Learned from the best swordbeast, in the art of battle as well as dueling
    -Very agile

    -Moles.  He will never and has never harmed a mole, if a mole is in danger he is the first to help.  Something about moles just makes him smile, and he finds them most intellegent of woodlanders
    -Easily trusting.  He trusts new creatures too much which normally ends badly
    -Sometimes overconfident.

    Simba was born the strongest kitten in a litter of six, growing quickly and strong the son of Landra Goldeyes and his father Scartail Longmane, he grew up as a noble amongst his weaker brothers and sisters.  His father Scartail was the ruler of a village of wildcats, and made sure that Simba recieved the best training and education.

    Simba would soon grow up to fight a war on his fathers behalf, when he won against an army of weasels his father decreed him the leader of threescore of the best wildcats in the village to be under his control, and that he was to return to the village whenever he desired.

    Simba does not discriminate in foes, vermin or woodlander, whichever wishes to strike at him will be sorely suprised by this vicious wildcat

    OOC: Still a work in progress

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