Unlikely Allies…

  • Simba Longmane sat, leaning on his paw to catch his breath after the long battle.  He had easily slain the weak vermin that had taken control of a cave, terrorizing vermin and woodlanders alike.  Simba was different, his motives for actions were somewhat….. unexplainable.  He had seen this horde of vermin kill plenty of passing vermin crews, robbing and ransacking them, yet when they had attacked a group of moles Simba had sprung into action

    Moles, Simba thought.  He laughed as he visioned the small faces of the creatures, he found them most delightful and intellegent of all woodlanders, he also saw them as weak and defenseless. His crew of wild and feral cats mixed together were spawn from him and his four brothers, all whom have disappeared.  He had a band of three score, all related slightly.  He picked up stragglers occasionaly, cats that looked like they were in need, but he tested them thoroughly.

    He got up cleaned his rapier and stated to his crew
      "Well, you all did very well today.  Grab whatever you like, but make sure those moles are seen off properly, they need to send a message to Redwall am I right?"  He said to a passing mole.

    The mole wriggled his nose and said
       "Burr no soir!  Thos hurr lettur be fur you, sir wildycat!  Roight from the big ole badger hisself!" He said handing him the parchment he was sent to deliver.

    Simba Longmane sat mesmerized, disturbed that the badger lord had known about him, and was now contacting him personally.  He opened the parchment and saw it was in deep cursive, which he was never good at reading.  He called forth one of his wildcats and said
      "Read that there, loud and clear, our lives may depend on this!"

    P.S OOC: 250th post woooooooo I'm a Brothaa

  • OOC: Please PM me if you want to join, or just post that you would like to.  Anyone can play the Badger if they please, or ill enter Sunblade, or you can join my crew as a wildcat, or be a vermin/woodlander for a villain, and if you post please break it up like I have above, If its a long cluttered post my ADD won't allow me to read it hahaha

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