• Nickname: Theo, Bluff Buster, Lie Catcher

    Full Name: Theodorus Crimsher

    Species: Badger

    Age: 29

    Description: Generally, a very friendly person. Can be perceived as funny because of his jokes and occasional social blunders. Sometimes gets agitated if someone looks at him the wrong way or at something seemingly unimportant. Uses situational humor in his jokes, which is part of the reason why he is popular in Redwall Abbey. Humble when speaking to people of lower social status. Looks innocent. Has a habit of avoiding eye contact whenever he is not talking. Is forgetful. Slightly introverted. Somewhat slimmer than the average badger. Absent-minded. Daydreams frequently. Detests hot weather, but loves cold weather, especially when it snows.

    Possessions: Likes dull colors, so he wears clothing with those colors. Carries a sledgehammer.

    Strengths: Clever when dealing with immediate situations. Can spot little details that most people normally would not detect. Is very proficient with his hammer, but uses it mainly for defense. Knows how to use his body in combat as well. When someone trusts him with an important task, he almost always pulls through in the end. Can figure out subtle hints or suggestions. Is not affected by bloodwrath. Persistent and dedicated when entrusted with something important.

    Weaknesses: Forgetful and absent-minded. Doesn't pay attention to conversation 100% of the time. Is often distracted by little things and details. Sometimes gets worked up when someone suggests something insulting. Sometimes doesn't take life-threatening situations seriously.

    Background: He was born and raised in a faraway land, near a mountain range. Moved to Redwall when he learned that Avelrak had been spotted there. Knows him by reputation, but never had the chance to speak to him. Wants to be friends with Avelrak. Lived in a peaceful village that had plenty of strange occurrences. Is responsible for uncovering who was behind the "Koup Gralley" murders. Now lives in Redwall Abbey with a well-respected reputation.

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