The Dueling Sands

  • Hisk shifted his grip on the left saber, uncertain as to his next move. He dodged a little to his left just in time, narrowly avoiding the lunge of a rapier. To shallow an attack.
    Quickly he took the small opening that the other allowed with his mishap, slashing up with his right, while aiming for his opponent's exposed flank with his dominant paw. It was smoothly met with a dirk.
    Ignoring his Hira's wisdom on giving ground, he leaped back and went for a faint, while taking the Horsewhip second form, bringing his right saber to his left side, hovering just above the sand. It was his strongest defensive stance. Steel met steel in a deafening clang that echoed through the arena. The young monitor slashed for his leg, so Hisk brought up his right, blocking it.
    Blocking the dirk, he laid his left onto the other's rapier and pushed down, while bringing his right up hard. It worked. The rapier flew swiftly over the other's head. In the blink of an eye, the weasel had brought up his pair of blades and crossed them, blocking a puny swing of the dirk. He gave his weapons a twist and the dirk fell uselessly to the ground.
    As the other went in for a kick, Hisk avoided it easily then flung his elbow in the the other's scaly chest. It wasn't as hard as was expected but it detained him long enough for the weasel to come down with his right and clip of a small part of flesh.
    A holler from next to them brought both to a stop. "Round over, points 1-6!"

    *      *      *
    (Inside the the warm up room)
    Sweat pored into beads as it ran down the weasel's face. He grabbed the ladle in a barrel standing free next to him and he gulped down the much needed water. Heavily Hisk sat on the bench near to him, and mopped up the sweat with a towel. Sitting back up straight, a large grin crossed his face and he relaxed a little bit. It wasn't every day that he got the better of someone in the Arena. It was nearing his fourth year of training at Hidanin but he was far from becoming a Hira. But after today, he was one step closer.
    Still smiling, he went to dip his ladle back into the barrel of water.
    The explosion of fury made him drop it back in. "What do you think you were doing out there? You disobeyed my direct instruction to keep your Left, not your Right, low and to not take so much as an inch of ground."
    A short greying squirrel was standing at the door of the room, paws in his large green robe that signaled to everyone that he was a Hira. Upon seeing him, Hisk threw himself to the floor in a deep bow.
    The squirrel's anger danced around on his face like a flame. "You not only disgraced yourself but me as well. If you would listen to my advice and use the Mirror Dragon first, you would not have to go into the second sequence. You wouldn't have to fight those worthless scum. Instead you would be a respected shalma."
    Still bowing, Hisk's mind moved faster than his mouth so he didn't have to think much before softening words flowed from his mouth like honey. "My deepest respects My Hira, I was not meaning to disgrace you. I will listen to you in the future. You can be at ease, for it as sure as I am your shalma."
    Hira Feira's figure loosened a little upon hearing these words. It wasn't every day that you caught Hisk making a promise. But watching him keep it would be another thing. "You were slacking. Once you over come your stubbornness to be first with a hit, then you will win much quicker. You are relying on your  mind rather then your wit. Let your blade flow freely and you will flow freely too."
    Bringing his head up, Hisk gave a smile to his Hira. "As you wish Master."

    OOC- Ok, so I am a little rusty, but it will work. Someone else will need to be Ralla, the monitor that Hisk was dueling. The basic info you need is that Hidanin is a well respected school, of sorts, in the middle of no where, that trains creatures of all sorts in the arts of mediation, combat, and other things. Kind of a really cool training camp.

  • Ralla sat in the medical wing of the arena, having the local nursemaid cleaning up his cuts from the match.  His pride stung almost as much as the medicine that was being placed on his scaly body, he cursed the weasel that had bested him

    After the nurse patched his wounds up fully he paid her and said with his long lizard accent

    Ralla went into the training center of the gym, and began practicing an grueling and  intense set of strikes and parries against himself, trying to replay the fight in his mind as he had saw it.  It was impossible that the weasel was quicker then him, from what he saw he was in control of most of the fight, but somehow ended up as the loser.

    He eventually exhausted himself, and sat cradling his head in his hands.  He had brought disgrace on himself and soon his family when they heard.  There was multiple ways to deal with fighting the weasel, if his dignity to his family was shamed to extensively he would soon challenge the weasel to a death match.

    The montior looked up to the sky and cursed Hisk's name.
      "Hissssssk!  You willsssssssss pay for thissssss!"

  • OOC- Ok, time for a little bit of change. Sorry for anyone that is a little lost here.

    IC- Neira topped the dune just as the sun went down. At her first sight of the Hidanin, she was struck speechless. "How could any beast build something like that?"
      It was resting part of the way in a desert valley, sandstone blocks glinting faintly from the moon and starlight. Standing about four stories high, it dwarfed other buildings standing in the vicinity like a giant wave, ready to wash them away. At the very center, the walls began to give way to then halted altogether, with a large circle of sand and tiered benches for spectators. The architecture was just magnificent.
      Another form materialized beside her. "Aren't we getting a little bit off focus?" Garret adjusted his belt, making his sheathed rapier start to slide out. Quickly he caught it. "We are here for a reason remember?" He was a weasel about a head taller than normal. His build resembled more squirrel then weasel however. His tale looked weasel though. That with his front paws and his entire head were the only ones left normal. Looking at him for the first time, one think he was more of an incomplete painting.
      Neira let out a heavy sigh. "True. Just wish it hadn't come to this though." She herself was a true weasel. Much shorter then Garret, she had a bandanna tied across her forehead. She was missing some of her left paw though. It didn't look cut, just misformed.
      Grudgingly he began placing her hind paws one in front of the other. Garret nodded, then followed, spying one last look at the awesome sight. It wouldn't be visible from the bottom of the valley.

    *          *          *
      From his perch on the top of the wall, a young sentry spotted the duo trudging up to the heavy wood gates. Raising his head, he sent up a cry. "Gates, attention!"

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  • Ralla had been stalking the weasel, trying to gain as much information on his foe as he possibly could.  He did not lose often, and when he did, the winner would somehow run into a horrible accident, caused by Ralla himself.  He was a proud beast, and any beast that spat on his dignity or stole it from him would pay with his life.

    He followed at a close but far enough distance that he would not attract attention.  He saw two weasels now, instead of one, and realized this was not going to be the time to strike.  He saw the gates open to a magnificent fortress, and sat wide-eyed staring at the beautiful structure.

    He had been mesmerized by the place, and unfortunately he had stood gaping at the place for so long that the gates opened and closed before he could get in!
      "Curssssse you Hissssssk,We will meeetssssssss again!!" he said, before turning away from the structure.

    As he turned away he ran smack dab into another beast, and was thrown to the ground!

  • OOC- I don't really get some of what you posted. I thought he was already inside the fortress.

  • OOC: I thought that Hisk was following Neira to the fortress, and Ralla was following behind them.  Let me know and I'll edit the response

  • OOC- Nope, they were both supposed to be inside the Hidanin. They are both students there. Atleast, that was my understanding.

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    Rogg Streambattle surveyed the seemingly endless dune sea before, sweltering in his black armor, he thought of how far he had come; all the way from the western coast. The mercenary otter was looking for a place he did not even know the name of, only the storeys of how one might learn the finer points of combat from the teachers who were some of the most skilled swordsbeasts in the land. The otter liked places like that. As he began slowly making his way down the side of the dune, he wondered if he would ever make it to the legendary compound, or if was even real. How depressing that would be to die here in the badlands Southsword searching for something that did not exist. But he was committed now, there was no turning back from the inevitable trek across the ocean of sand.

    This certainly was a wasteland. There was pretty much nothing as far as the eye could see. Rogg did not like traveling long distances with nothing to do, but at least he could entertain himself by reviewing his seven forms of sword combat. As he walked he thought about the seven forms, what their best uses were, the small changes in stance that made all the difference in a fight….

    His thoughts were cut off when he summited a particularly steep dune and he saw a stone structure less then a kilometer away. At first he thought it might be a town, but there could not be any towns in this sector, too desolate and barren, the monolith in front of him must be the warrior school. An immense sense of relief flooded through the tired otter as he thought of good food and cold water. He started off down the hill towards the fort-like object up ahead. When he reached the bottom he did not readily see where a gate or other means of entrance was, so he started walking around the outer walls looking for a means of entry. After a short stride of the paws he found what looked like a promising point to try his luck at entering the place. The big otter paused and looked up at the top of the walls, shielding his eyes from the sun he called up the the sky, hoping that somebeast would answer.
    "Is there anybeast here?".....

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