In the Sky.

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    BI(//: Storm Bladetalon perched on a high bough, prepared to wait out some of the more scorching heat of the day.
    He was a falcon, his plumage a mixture of silver, platinum, white and gray. The days before he had found a relatively satisfactory kill, but the food was growing scarce...

    The falcon was in the southernmost region of what was considered the north, so his accent wasn't nearly as strong as some others he had encountered, although he understood them perfectly.

    Something was taking, or "sharing" the kill. Sure, should it be a small amount he could cope, but even more than half of the usual prey was out and about.

    Storm had a sister, Starstreak Straightarrow, the which was a black falcon with bright red and orange flame-like patterns down her neck and back. Straightarrow was her second name, for she could swiftly outfly the truest arrow. As for Storm Bladetalon, his talons were extremely sharp and could rip nearly anything to shreds.

    "Kurr, Normuch killerprey round'bouts nowadays." remarked Storm. "True, bruder, killerprey very scarce to find.." responded Starstreak..

    The sky was clear and the sun shone brightly, a few wisps of clouds accenting the sapphire blue of the atmosphere...

  • Bloodbeak Redstryke sat perched in a high oak, scanning the area for prey.  She had come from the east, her husband slain as he valiantly defended their eggchicks, the last words he spoke was
      "Krah!  Bloodbeak go now, come back and killlllll when you are stronger, killllll! Krachhh!"

    Bloodbeak flew for many leagues, becoming tired and weak.  This is how she ended up in this tall oak, she was taking a break.  She was a beautiful Red Kite her plumage a deep red wine color, she had a streak of blood red running down her talons and her beak, mixed in with white and savage yellow eyes. She longed for a morsel of food, a fish, at this point she'd even eat a vermin.

    Suddenly something had caught her eye, a disturbance in the lake beneath her.  She saw it again, and realized that the pond was full of frogspawn, and some large toads.  Luck was in her favor.

    Bloodbeak dove into the water, grabbing a large toad with her talons and killing it mercilessly, and instantly.  She threw the body on the bank and destroyed the other two toads left in the pond. Dragging the limp bodies onto the bank she tore into one hungrily  and looked around, paranoid that she may lose her meal if she did not eat quickly and move the rest to her new spot.

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  • Racav Haggledar was a small black crow, she was very sleek and shiny and looked like a fluttering piece of black cloth when she flew.  Racav saw the red kite, cocked her head and flew off….ready to report to her master.  She screeched a horrible screech that sounded like two steel blades sliding harshly against eachother, "KREEEEEEEEEHH!"


    That is where the evil lurked. It's cruel leader, Nightwish the Black, ruled with an iron talon, his hunger for conquest and more prey for his kind was growing.. His scout had come back. The raven perched on the highest bough, piching at the gory remains of an unfortunate shrew: rare up north, but edible, nonetheless. "Kgreah! What news do you bring?"

    Storm had spent enough time waiting, "Starstreak sister, gorra find killerprey now, sun not so hotnow."
    He flew off to find more food, followed later by his sister.

  • Bloodbeak had gorged herself on the first toad, mustering up the strength to life both toads into the air as she took off for her new secluded spot.  She didn't get very far though, the added weight of the two limp bodies of the toads and the water weight, she came crashing back to the ground.
        "Kreeech! Stupid Bloodbeak, weak, weak red kite! Yo disgrace name of mothers egg Krachhh!"  She cursed herself as she brought the first toad back up to her tree

    She caught a glimpse of a black looking bird as she went back down for the second toad, but decided that a crow was no threat to a magnificent bird like her.  She was almost back to her perch when she saw two predatory birds flying together.  She was in plain sight for a moment, just enough for any bird to see her.  She got in her perch and waited anxiously for something…

  • The old skeleton-like crow flew up and bobbed her head to her leader.  "I bring good newssss!  A rrrred kite!  KREEEHAAAA!" She looked at her leader, the very old crow had eyes like black fire that burned.

    "I vonder vhatttt to do vith zem!?  Ze bird as big statureeee!  YESSSS!  Good fooood!  Veeee get zem yessss!?  Ve take ze army!?  YESSSS!?" She cocked and bobbed her head constantly.

    "I shallll call ze arrrme!" She flew up and circled once, twice, thrice, and a fourth time and hundreds of ravens flew up from nowhere like some disgusting plaugue of death.  Like scraps of black cloth torn in a war they flew downward.  Landing in front of their leader, Racav prined her feathers, cocking her head, she said, "ve attackkk….YESSSS!?"

  • "Kreaah! Norrayet, we wait for get fatter an' letter guarddown. Norragood taka hasty diziszin." Said the leader, indicating his pllans with a talon against bark.

    "Gorawait 'till norra 'speckin, zen, 'ez ours!"

  • The small crow cackled, "AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA_HA_!  Ve get zem!  Ve show dem!  VE KILL ZEM!" her head cocked, "BUT VHY VAIT!?  ZE TIME IS RRRRIGHT!"

  • The crows and ravens were not the only birds that the red kite had caught attention of.  A small, fierce, warrior bird had seen Bloodbeak and determined that this could either be a good thing, such an ally would add much strength to his tribe, or horrible, if the ravens had corrupted her first, then a great enemy would be found in this bird

    Wormclaw Spearfeather was a sparrow, and although small, his tribe was large in numbers.  He flew in shrieking
      "Braccccch!!  Me see bigabird, big big bigabird!  Me see him kill three toads easily rachhh!!!  Since me king, we go now, talk to bigabird!  Bigabird could be good ally agreed? Reeeech!" He said to his companions who followed him into a blood frenzy before they went to meet the big bird, since if it turned out she was bad they would need to fight

    He flew up to the perch and landed causually next to Bloodbeak and cocked his head at her

    Bloodbeak was startled by the small bird landing next to her, noting the bravery of the fierce little bird.  She had decided long ago that sparrows were good friends, although more like the 'shrews of the sky' with their hilarious quarrels.  She extended the friendliness towards the bird
      "Kraaaach!!  Hello, new bird! You sparrow? Me friends with many sparrow, good fighter, bring honor to eggchick Krreeecch!  Wanta toad?  Come from far away, only food but have some, please!"  The courteous bird said

    Wormclaw shrieked with delight, this is exactly what he wanted
      "You bigabird!  You strong, me see you eat toad!  Norra worm, norra food, but thank you Brachhhh!!!  We help you, you help us yes?  Big black birds, flood area, us birds need to stick together to survive rach!! I be back soon, with whole tribe! You meet!"  He said flying away

    Bloodbeak was left mesmerized, but trusted the sparrows word.  She sighed, she missed her home, but at least she had some sort of friends now, unaware of the danger that lurked in her new home

  • "HURRY UPPPP!  Masssster!" Said the old crow, "we have not much timeeeee!  You mussssst make choice, RAKKKK!  Hurry!  Beforeeee it esssscapessss!"

  • "No, burdbrain, iz not time. There be 'nuff food here, so might stay for goodwile, if leaves, we pursue." Nightwish had spoken.

  • Deathgrub laughed maniacally at Nightwish's response to the old crow.  Deathgrub was a black raven, with finely plumed chest feathers that would shine in the moonlight and sunlight.  He had damaged his beak in many battles, and the tip of it had a deadly sharpness to it.  He loved to fight and argue, and found other peoples failures hilarious

    "Crawww!!  Nightwish makea you look silly heheaha! Cawww!!  Nexta time letta him do da thinkin, burbrain heahha! cawww!"  He said, flying over top of the other birds following Nightwish

  • Farther away

    Storm swooped down, landing on a low bough, he was hunting, and there was nothing going to top this hungry falcon. He watched for signs of movement…

  • Bloodbeak felt uneasy and tired, but could not sleep because she did not have a nest anymore.  She sighed, if building a nest was as exciting as killing her prey, she'd already have done it, but it was not so.  She realized that how long and stressful it would be to build a nest up here, but it was worth it for the stealth

    She flew low, looking for twigs and sticks to start the base of her nest.  She gathered several large pieces and flew back up to her spot, placing them carefully.  She flew down low again, and sensed something wasn't right so before flying back to her spot she scanned around, looking for the disturbance

  • The old crow practically exploded with rage.  "AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!  I SHOWWWW YOOOOU!  STOOPID RAVINNNN!" She would take care of HIM.

  • Deathgrub relished in feuding and fighting and taunted the crow further
      "Crawww!!! Burdbrain burdbrain! Heheha! Old crow, weak, crows weak crawwwww!!! Raven strong, come get raven ifa you think you a bigabird den me burdbrain Craccchhh!!!!"  He said flying around in a frenzy

  • The crow smiled, "KRAWWWWWWWWW!  GETTTT HIMMMMM!" She shouted, and tons of her raven minions flew out to attack the insolent raven.  The crow shouted out, "KILLLLLLL!  HAHAHAHA!  VEE SHOW HIMMM!"

  • OOC: Hon, yer a crow how are you gonna use my raven minions lol,what is this civil war ravens vs crows haha!

    BIC: Deathgrub gave a high pitched squeal that sounded like a squirrel dying, and hundreds of his raven brethren flew up and followed him into a frenzy.  They were working themselves in to a blood frenzy, getting as crazy as they possible could.

    Deathgrub suddenly stopped midair and hovered by the crow.  He pointed a talon at the crow and said
      "Burdbrain me a bigaburd!  Cawww!! My ravens stronger then weak crow, come, come if youz wish to die and be wormfood Cawwww!!!"

  • OOC: Some ravens are loyal to MOI!  HAHAHAHA!  Ahem….I'll calm down now.... 😉

    BIC: "GET ZEMMMMM!  VE TAKEEEE ZEMMM!" The crow screeched as her minions swarmed around the battled-scarred raven.  "KRAAAAAAAWWWW!"

  • OOC: LOL!

    BIC:  This happened many times in the tribe of Nightwish, since all these birds were violently aggressive, and almost all of them were insane in one way or the other.  FIghts broke out, leaving many birds dead, but also leaving food for their brethren in this tough time.

    Deathgrub felt a large crow dig his talons into his chest.  With a swift jerk of his beak the large crow fell lifeless to the ground.  He screeched in delight
      "Cawwwww!!! Get them!  They talk about eggmothers! Get them!  Show dem ravens are strongest hehahahehehahha!!" He laughed maniacllally

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