Cedevra Cadeaux

  • Nickname: You mean the character? C.C….. but only if she allows people to call her that.

    Full Name: Cedevra  R. Cadeaux (se-DEE-vra)

    Species:  Pine marten

    Description: A small pine marten with light brown fur, a cream-colored throat and a bushy tail. Thin, retangular shaped glasses are perched severely on her long pointed snout, and her straight, I-shall-bear-down-on-thou sort of posture suggests a very bossy creature. She is garbed in plain traveler's clothes- a white tunic w/ belt, and dark brown pants with holes that let out the air during the summer. She also wears a floral hat when  it's hot; and to cap it all off, huge iron black boots.

    Possessions: A small, gem-encrusted dagger. Cedevra normally doesn't like to have weapons anywhere near her, but could this be a gift from somebody..?

        -quick to learn.
         -mastery of several skills- stargazing and mapping an area, as well as teaching

        -severe, strict, and stubborn
         -hard for her to form close relationships, she tends to brush creatures off.
        -not much social skill.
         -weak in face of violence


    Born as the spoiled and pampered daughter of a vermin warlord in the North, Cedevra was given a rude wakening when her father's Empire was taken down by a band of rogue woodlanders and she was taken captive and used as a slave. This is where her deep-set hatred of the woodlanders first began- think of her as Redwall's Shylock. 😉 After several years, she managed to escape by bribing one of the guards, and started her long travels across Mossflower County and beyond, planning her revenge all the while. Her strategy is not to use warfare to conquer, but information; that the selling of information and the teaching of information can bring a whole society down has made a large impact on her. Therefore, she began to study different areas and philosophies that, once taught to vermin, could help them become a better-functioning society that can defeat the Redwallers both spiritually and physically-  in other words, she's combating violence with peace. Her train of thought is that the ultimate form of competition is not how evil we can be (murdering, etc) but how good we can be. She thinks that to ultimately defeat the Redwallers, you can't just take their property or do physical harm, you have to take their soul and spirit as well. And if they see that the vermin are acting better than them, and their society is in fact happier.. then Cedevra will have finally achieved her ultimate goal of turning everything upside down.

    Note: If you're wondering how she switched from a normal vermin philosophy to a rather different one, there is an event in her past that is rather mysterious. It happened in one day and it changed her forever..

    Age: Human equivalent of mid 20's.

  • Nice description, I was wondering though, is she 20 years or seasons? It's all relative I suppose. Most of characters I have looked at say season though. Just wondering.

  • I don't know.. different people use different words. I guess you could say she's the human-age equivalent of 20 years. 🙂

  • Unfortunately, it was never made clear just how time works in Brian Jacques' series.  It seems like seasons are three months long for terms of weather, but age is counted by them as well, which makes one wonder…

    I'd personally advocate adding a note that it's an equivalent length of time to 20 human years.

  • Done. 🙂

  • erm, does someone need to approve this..?

  • I think CQ did then he told you to do, whatever it was he told you to do.

  • There's no formal approval method here due to the fact that these things aren't static.  If anyone has an issue, they ought to come forward with it as soon as they get it.

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