Sparhawk's adventures (with friends)

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    BIC: Sparhawk sighted carefully along the arrow as he took aim at the wood pigeon perched on a limb below him. He released the arrow and it sped strait to the birds chest, Spar silently exulted over his kill. "Now all I have to do is take it back to my camp and cook it!" He thought his eyes shining. He hadn't eaten meat for a long time. Not for lack of trying though. There just didn't seem to be very many birds around this early in the spring. As he swung down to collect the bird, he caught his cloak on a twig and almost lost his balance. "Oh DRAT!!" He swore. Having collected the bird he sped to his camp. As he sat plucking the pigeon he he felt a cold breeze ruffle his fur, he shivered and pulled the cloak closer about him. He glanced up as the darkness gathering around him. He didn't regret leaving his home in Mossflower wood to go adventuring, he had led a comfortable life with his parents and younger brother but he had wanted more out of life than to live quietly at home. He stopped his ruminating as he felt eyes on his back, very, very slowly he reached for his sword, making it appear as if he was only scratching his side. He drbed it quickly and rolled to the side, bringing up his sword at the same time.

  • Rogg Streambattle was not in the best of moods. The young otter had been traveling all day and had not found food or water. He was not looking for anything in particular, but he did wish that the seemingly endless expanse of trees was not the only thing he could see, a road, a town, another creature, a stream, anything! He was traveling west in the heart of Mossflower after a sucusfull assination contract in the east. Now he was trying to make his way to Salamandastron to see if the badger lord would have any work.
    He hated to admit it to himself, but the otter was hopelessly lost. He was about to look for a landmark when he heard a creature talking to itself. He was instantly alert, he dropped into a kneeling position to try to locate the voice. He could tell approxamitly where it was and drawing his sword advanced toward the voice. He spotted the squirrel and hastely dropped to his belly when the stranger grabbed his blade. He rose quiclky and went into a fighting crouch.
    "Who are you?" Rogg enquired of the stranger…

  • I'm Sparhawk Fleetfoot, who are you? And what are you doing here?" Spar lowered his sword slightly to show he had no ill intentions. He looked this strange otter up and down, seeing that he was a trained fighter by the way he held his sword. He decided it would be wiser not to get the stranger angry so he smiled disarmingly.

  • Rogg lowered his blade and stood to his full height. He felt that the stranger was not a threat. He returned Sparhawk's smile.
    "I'm Rogg Streambattle. I was not aware that this was your camp, sorry for any inconvenience." He said congenially…

  • Spar put his sword back in the scabbard and extended his paw in greeting. "No inconvenience, you just startled me that's all. You're welcome to share my food if you like. And you can sleep by the fire tonight if you aren't moving on. I have a wood pigeon almost ready to go on the fire."

  • Rogg was happy to meet a creature who was not trying to kill him; or that he was trying to kill, a common thing with the young otter. He replaced his sword in it's black scabbed and accepted Sparhawk's proffered paw.
    "Pleased to meet you Sparhawk. I would really like to partake of some food with you thank you! I haven't seen too many creatures here abouts, what brings you here?"…

  • Sparhawk replied as he put the now plucked bird on a sharp stick and laid it over the fire. "Well not that much really, it was to quiet for me back home. So now I'm on my way to Salamandastron. Were are you headed?"

  • Rogg was surprised that he had met another creature who was traveling to Salamaddastron. Maybe the young otter's luck was changing.
    "Really? I actually was trying to go to Salamandastron, but I got a little sidetracked… I'm lost." He admitted ruefully...

  • Sparhawk nodded understandingly, "It's pretty  easy to get lost if you don't know the forest like I do. So you say you want to get to Salamandastron? Well maybe we can travel together. What do ye say friend?"

  • Rogg did not know if he could trust the squirrel. What if he led Rogg into a trap? What if Spar stole items of intrest? Rogg decided that he needed to trust the young squirrel if he was to have a chance to get to Salamandastron.
    "Sure, I suppose we could go together, provided that you let me protect you."…

  • "Sure, if you like. You do the work I do the guiding, that's the way I like it!" Sparhawk grinned widely at Rogg. "So what are you going to do when we reach the mountain?"

  • Rogg was not sure weither he should trust the squirrel with his intentions upon reaching Salamandastron, but what harm could his new friend do if he knew? Rogg decided that he should tell Sparhawk.
    "Well, I'm a mercenary and I am hoping to find that the badger lord will have some contracts that I could fill. In other words; I'm going to Salamandastron to kil for it's badger commander." Rogg hoped that the squirrel would understand that he was going to kill the badger lord's enemies, not the badger lord himself.
    "What is the reason your going to Salimandastron."…..

  • "Mercenary? Interesting work, you must travel a lot. I just want to go see Salamandastron not really any reason." Spar replied as he took the roasted wood pigeon of the fire. "Although," he added speculatively. "It does seem like more would be happening at the mountain than here in Mossflower."

  • "Mercenary? Interesting work, you must travel a lot. I just want to go see Salamandastron not really any reason." "Although,"  "It does seem like more would be happening at the mountain than here in Mossflower."

    Rogg brought out his dagger ready to eat the appetizing meal.
    "Yes, it is very interesting work…" he thought of all the pain he had brought to the world being a mercenary and it made the young otter very sad. "More is happening at the mountain then here most of the time, they seem to like to kill helpless creatures their more then here" He shuddered as he thought of the barbaric stories he had heard about Salamandastron.
    "I'm famished! Lets eat now. It certainly has been a long time since I have tasted meat".....

  • Sparhawk took the roasted pigeon of the spit and laid it on a bed of dry leafs. "Well Rogg, lets eat!" Spar's mouth was watering at the delicious aromas coming from the bird. They demolished it in no time at all and sat licking the bones and staring into the fire. Sparhawk sat licking his paws contentedly after putting down the last bone. Ahhh… this was how he liked to feel, his stomach full, sitting be a fire and ready to drop off to sleep! "You can take the first watch Rogg." He said with a yawn, "I'm too tiered to keep my eyes open. Wake me in three hours." And with that, he dropped off to sleep.

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    BIC: Sparhawk awoke the next morning to find that Rogg Streambattle had left camp early, leaving the fire banked so it would keep going without any attention. "

    "I thought he was going to Salamandastron with me," Spar muttered under his breath.

    Spar got up and rolled his blanket into a tight bundle and strapped it to his rucksack. When he had finished that he set about cleaning up his camp site, it wouldn't do to leave embers on the ground to catch the forest on fire.

    After he completed his tidying up he swung his rucksack onto his back and started on his way to the mountain.

  • (bump) Here it is Pen.

  • Penblade muttered and threw an arm over his eyes as the sun stabbed at his eyes, "Alright, alright, I'm up."
    Still yawning cavernously, Penblade stumbled around his campsite. There was a loud hiss as he put his foot down. Penblade jumped backward, clutching his foot. "Well," he hissed through clenched teeth, "That takes care of the fire."

    Penblade grumbled darkly to himself as he marched down the path. The going had been abominably slow since his hybrid cart/ship had been lost at sea, not to mention boring and dangerous. He caught sight of a small figure up ahead on the trail and jogged to catch up. It turned out to be a squirrel, a small squirrel, but then, everything looked small to Penblade.

  • Spar was trotting down the path in Mossflower after breaking camp that morning. The sun was shining down cheerily at the world as  if it didn't have a care in the universe which I suppose is quite true. Suddenly he heard the thump of paws behind hm, and turned to see the largest beast he had ever seen coming toward hm!

    "Must be a badger. But I thought badgers were always at the Mountain."
    Was his startled thought on seeing the huge badger. "I have never heard of an evil badger so I'll wait for him."

  • Penblade trotted up and came to a stop right in front of the squirrel, who had to tilt his head all the way back to see the badger's face. Penblade took a step back and knelt down, so he was only a little taller than the squirrel. He took the squirrels paw in his and shook it once, nearly popping the squirrel's arm off in the process.
        "Hi, I'm Penblade, the traveling story tell… Oops, uh, sorry about your arm." He retracted his paw with embarrassment.

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