The Mercenary

  • OOC: this is basically my first RP thread so if I suck at it please go easy on me

    It was an unseasonably warm day in Mossflower and Rogg Streambattle did not enjoy traveling in the heat. The young otter flopped down on a grassy patch along the nearly overgrown path. His thoughts wonderd back to his home as he took a drink from his canteen, the water tasted sweet in his parched mouth. "Why had I ever left Green Isle, I was happy there. Well I guess I wasn't  'cause I'm here" he muttered to himself as he unbuckled his black armor. He was in no hurry to meet Nivalis, anyway, where would the weasel go? No where would the weasel be safe. The big otter decided that he should probably get back on his way if he was going to make it to Nivalis' camp before nightfall.
     As he walked, Rogg thought about rat that he had spoken to in a tavern who's name he could not remember.
    "You looking for work river dog?" the rat had said. Of course Rogg wanted work. He bade the rat continue.
    "Well, I 'erd that theirs this weasel named Nivalis that's camped out in the woods somewhere and he wants revenge on some fox who ripped him off. You know what I mean?"
    "Of course, thank you" Rogg said as he finshed off his ale.
    "So, where is this, Nivalis?"
    "Down the old path about a league. Er, maybe a rich riva dog like you can compensate a poor informer like meself?"
    Rogg left with the rat's screams still ringing in his ears.
    That is how he came to be looking for Nivalis. In a part of the woods where a small stream meandered through the oaks and ashes, the young otter caught the faint sent of weasel. He followed his nose and soon came upon the camp of Nivalis, a ramshackle little tent in the middle of a small clearing. He approached the tent and shook it. A squeaky voice came from inside.
    "Leave me alone you insolent hussy!! I won that game fair-and-square!! Your just sore because you can't play the game as well as myself!!"
    "I don't think I'm the one who your thinking of. I'm Rogg Streambattle. I heard that you were in need of a little help?"
    A thin weasel emerged from the tent. He was wearing a red frock coat and a blue waistcoat. He acted as if he were sombeast important.
    "I, am Nervalis Choratia, the third Duke of Itasi-"
    Rogg cut him off in mid-sentance.
    "I don't really need to know what your lineage is. Just tell me who you want me to, well, terminate."
    "Well, er, alright then. Him and I were pla-"
    Rogg again cut the weasel off.
    "Rule number three, no details."
    "But you nee-"
    "Just tell me where he is and what he looks like."
    "Well alright then if that's the way you want to be. His name is Vulpus and he should be at that inn down the path a ways."
    "What does he look like?" Rogg inquired as he toyed with his stiletto.
    "Well, he is just an average fox, carries a saber and usually wears black, that's all I know, so be a good otter and go kill him for me and bring me his haversack; it has something of import in it."
    Rogg turned to go, calling back over his shoulder in an almost sarcastic voice, "Thank you, I just hope that you pay as good as you dress, for your sake"…..

    OOC: so if anybody wants to join that would be awesome!! Yall can either join me or appose me as the fox and his allies or whatever! If your the fox, sorry but he does die so maybe you don't want to be him lol. Thanks!

  • ooc: I call being the fox!!!! What is in his sack?

    Vulpus (err…what is his name?) snickered to himself as he went down the path, he so cheated the weasel out of his possessions, including he had swiped the purse off of him. The sack was slung over his shoulder as he made his way down the path.

    "Now to the the traders to see what I can get out of this..." The saber at his side, clanking softly as he walked along. Coming to a stream, he hopped on the rocks to the other side, making sure he didn't get his paws wet before congratulating himself for a wonderful day.

    "You did mightly well Vulpus." he said to himself, "Oh, no it was nothing really." he responded, "No, no, you were fantastic, its the best I have ever seen,"
    "Thank you so much, I know, tit was easy and he never knew!"
    "How did you pick up skills like that?"
    "I learned from the best."
    "You should teach me."
    "oh no, you already know the skills it just takes practice."
    "Really? Well then I instate you to become the best player in all the land!"

    He used the sack as a cape around his shoulder, "I make you king of all beasts 'rond here!"
    "Really? WOW! I NEVER KNEW THAT!" he shouted in joy, spinning around in circles.

  • OOC: in his bag is a ring that belongs to Nivalis. I sometimes have hard times making up names so I just use the species' scientific name, i.e. Red Fox= Vulpus Vulpus, North American River Otter= Lutra Canadensis and so on. I'm just lazy lol.

    Rogg walked along the path to his destanation, the Tavern. The otter was so happy to get such an easy job; kill a single fox, get his bag, and then return to Nivalis. A blue milk run [SW:JKJO anyone??].
    Eventuly, Rogg heard the fox up ahead talking to himself. The mercenary otter thought that maybe he could have a little fun with this one.
     Causialy walking around the bend in the path he greeted Vulpas.
    " Hello there matey. Have you herd anything about a fox carrying a saber 'round here? I need to talk to him." He waved and gave a friendly smile as he spoke….

  • Nether of the beasts knew that they were being watched. The hidden beast was watching them from the river. He decided to make his appearance. He came walking from the river behind the two. "Hello." He  said cheerily. The other two whirled around to see who was there.

  • Sparhawk was wondering along a forest path when we caught sight of a rather big looking building standing off to the side of the path. He walked up to the front and saw a sign hanging over the door with the picture of an apple on it. He entered into a very empty common room with a sullen looking rat  standing behind the counter that stood to the left of the door. Spar walked up to counter and order an october ale. He payed for it with two pennies and went over to sit at a table in the corner, where he could watch the door.

  • Vulpus stopped and looked at him, "I fox with a saber…hum, let me see." he pretended to search himself and then looked around him, "Nope...don't see one here or there...Wait...." then drew his sword, "I think you just found one!!"
    He stepped back and by accident knocked the beast (Rorgus) to the ground and stepped on him, "Oh, my bad, hey look! This is the guy you are looking for?" he jumped back and looked at the first creature, then the second.

    "Who wants to go first?" he said, grinning and reviling his k9 teeth. He had met beasts like this before, this one is no different, maybe he could become friends with him. Yes...that would be a great thing.

  • Rogg smiled at the fox.
    "Who wants to go first? Well you can decide that. If you want to die a slow and painfull death kill that otter. If you wish to die quickly, say a quick stab through your heart, than try to fight me. The latter option would be more fun for me, but it's your choice to decide." As he spoke he changed his grip on his sword to his usuall reverse grip [like a knife is used sometimes]. He looked at the fox menacingly.
    "I have come from Nivalis, he wants you dead, so don't take this personally, it's just business."…..

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  • OOC- You have too keep it exciting for everyone. If people lose interest, then it tends to die. Just a suggestion, but try to keep it fast paced.

  • Rorgus was surprised at the menace in the otters voice he had never seen anybeast so vicious. He took a step between" Hold on here we have no reason to be fighting over nothing."

  • Vulpus growled, "I played it fair and square, he is a cheater, NOT ME! I took what I earned in the game, its his fault that he put it on the table." His body was tense and ready for action. 
    "Easy river dog, threats never work out here, usually they just turn into dust. And you ask me the two ways to die…I want to have none! Both are way to extreme for my liking and I would like to be alive, you know I have family back home who need me."
    His eyes turned big black liquid, "How you would like it you grew up fatherless? Think about that!"

    So It was a shock when Rorgus stepped between them, he puzzled over the notion, " are you doing? I getting ready for the fight of my life...I'm not ready to parley and I don't want to kill anyone here...yet"

  • Spar finally got tired of waiting, he got up and leaving his tankard on the table, went out the door. The day was starting to get cloudy and the sun wasn't shining. He went down the path the way he had come, at a trot. As he rounded a corner, he came within sight of a group of animals in the middle of the path, one of them was his friend Rogg Streambattle, the one he had been waiting for in the tavern.
        He was just in time to see an otter step between his friend and a mean looking fox. There was the murmur of voices and the fox stepped back from the otter.
    "Hey Rogg! What's happening?" He shouted.

  • Solitude had been following the figure of Sparhawk as he left the…well, Solitude wasn't really sure what the midge-sized little building was supposed to be. He looked over his shoulder to examine it once more-it certainly seemed dirty and was packed with dozens of mercenaries who were probably too drunk to do anything at that moment. With a shrug, he continued the walk until the beast in front of him stopped.

    Hey Rogg! What's happening?

    "If you had any reliable brains, you'd know that a fight was about to happen." Solitude said in that polite way of his-though the words weren't that nice, the tone was. He strode forth until he was standing right beside the scruffy little squirrel and looked thoughtfully at Rogg and Vulpus, drawing his kilij.

    "What have we here?" the now-cold voice asked, the icy eyes dangerous as they watched the figures of the two. He strode forth a ways before stopping.

    "A fight, if I am correct," he said, answering his own question. "And as always, I will join, invited or not."

    The kilij whipped swiftly forward, ready to do battle with. Solitude grinned.

  • Spar nearly jumped out of his fur when he heard the voice beside him said:

    If you had any reliable brains, you'd know that a fight was about to happen.

    A stoat walked by him and went over to the combatants, when he got there he drew his odd sword and prepared to enter the fight. Spar knew well enough that Rogg could take care of himself. After all, he wasn't a 'Streambattle' for nothing! But even though Rogg was a good fighter Spar didn't know if his friend could fight two creatures at once. He didn't know who's side this strange stoat was on. Sparhawk quickly drew his own short sword and charged after the stranger,
    "Hey you! If you wanna fight some beast fight me! But leave my friend alone!"

  • "I played it fair and square, he is a cheater, NOT ME! I took what I earned in the game, its his fault that he put it on the table.""Easy river dog, threats never work out here, usually they just turn into dust. And you ask me the two ways to die…I want to have none! Both are way to extreme for my liking and I would like to be alive, you know I have family back home who need me."

    Rogg did not care about the fox's family, if he even had one. The mercenary otter was an ice cold killer, not prone to fits of compassion for his victims. He had always been this way, trained to suppress his softer feelings and to kill without a second thought. This was business as usuall for the assassin.
    "You know what? I don't care who cheated or what happened, I'm just here to collect, okay? Now, let the otter go and die peacefully"
    The otter prepared every muscle in his big body, ready to spring into action, killing the fox in minimal time. But before he could attack, a squirrel followed by a fairly simple looking stoat appeared.

    Hey Rogg! What's happening?

    Rogg had no idea who the little squirrel was, but how did he know the mercenary's name? This was certainly a strange turn of events. He was becoming very angry of creatures interfering with his work of killing the fox and his face showed it. The young otter relaxed his body and stood to his full height, staring at the squirrel, he spoke irately to it.
    "Who the frell are you?!? And how the frell d'ya know my name?!? Why don't you just leave the killing to me please"

    "A fight, if I am correct,""And as always, I will join, invited or not."

    The otter's mood was lightend slightly by the stoats droll remark. He smiled and spoke in a more controlled tone.
    "And who the frell are you exactly?" Well, that doesn't matter I guess, lets get to the killing."
    With that, Rogg leapt at the fox, swinging his blade with insane speed, hoping to take his head off with one clean swipe. He was going to favor form VII [7] in this battle; the most powerful and aggressive sword-fighting form in the books. This was certainly going to be a chaotic battle, everybeast for itself.  While he was moving to attack the fox, time seemed to slow down for the mercenary otter, he could sense a primal anger welling up in his heart. He reached out with his mind and grasped the hate, channeling it into his attack, giving it lighting quickness and devastating power. Rogg loved to sword fight, even if it was against an unworthy opponent. The only creature who had ever really challenged the otter was a monitor who he had fought with some time back, that was the worst fight he had ever been in, and this; this would be a walk in the park. And so it started…..

  • [[I'll wait for TJ to post. But I must ask, Rogg-you talking about Azalea when you are talking about the monitor fight?]]

  • OOC: Yeap Glavon :P!

  • [[Hehe. I'm going to put her on this site as well. Everyone, beware!]]

  • Now Vulpus was growing a little scared. With new creatures coming he was outnumbered.
    "Oh, come on mateys, please spar me, I'll give back the sack, really here you go!" he threw the sack at their feet
    "I don't want no more, please! Take it back!" he backed up and tripped over a log (ironically enough) and fell on his back.

    He quickly took out a purse of coins and a needle and thread, "Take these too, its all I have!" he still held onto the old, rusty saber.
    Looking at it, he threw it next to the sack at their feet, "Here look I am swordless! Please let me live and let me go back to my wife and kid!"

    Vulpus was whimpering as he scrambled for his feet, turned around and ran into the woods.

  • And who the frell are you exactly? Well, that doesn't matter I guess, lets get to the killing.

    A slightly insane chuckle burst from in between the stoat's jaws. "Aye. For now, we fight together." The way he said it made the words 'for now' sound like a death sentence, and it was-Solitude was fully planning to stab Rogg in the back as soon as the fox was done with. Ignoring Spartiss completely, the stoat fixed his eyes on Vulpus.

    Oh, come on mateys, please spar me, I'll give back the sack, really here you go! I don't want no more, please! Take it back!

    "Not a chance. You stole and now you must be punished, whether by death or torture remains to be seen." Solitude said quietly as the fox tripped, although it was completely obvious the stoat had no intention whatsoever of letting the fox live.

    Take these too, its all I have! Here look I am swordless! Please let me live and let me go back to my wife and kid!

    The fox scrambled to its paws and took off into the depths of the forest. Solitude, his legs built for running, took off right after him, kilij ready to thrust into the back of the fox. "You'd better run!" he howled, completely taken up with excitement. As soon as he caught up-which took barely five minutes-he thrust his blade with raw force at the fox's back. The move was not aimed to kill, but would send the fox to his knees in pain and would hit in such a place that Vulpus would end up slowly and painfully bleeding to death.

    Not that the stoat cared.

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