Rogg Streambattle

  • Hi, I am sorry, I joined a long time ago but didn't really know how to RP, but now I started a little bit and am hooked! I still am a noob though so any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks.

    Name: Rogg Streambattle

    Nickname: Rogg

    Accent: American

    Sense of Humor: Cynical/Jovial

    Parents: Galen Streambattle and Soruna Streambattle

    Species:  River Otter (Lontra Canadensis)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26 (relative years)

    Height: If realistic height: 3'1" If human relative height: 6'1"

    Clothes: Normally wears flat black Spectre armor or a brown vest. Also if rainy wears a waterproof cloak.

    Fur Color: Medium brown with brownish white on the lower half of his face, throat, and chest.

    Eye Color: Dark brown.

    Possessions: Has a short sword which he uses with a reverse style grip, and an engraved dagger. Always carries a good supply of hotroot pepper with him. Also has a gold medal which he keeps in his haversack. Carries two eel skin canteens [ewww].

    Strengths: Merciful, kind. Expert swordsbeats and swimmer. Force push. [jk]

    Weaknesses: Fairly gullible. Can get very angry. Can have a hard time committing to anything.

    Background: Rogg Streambattle was born on Green Isle. He lead a happy young life and at the age of 18[years] joined the Otter Guard. He was soon recognized as a skilled fighter and rose through the ranks quickly, and was seen as a potential Spectre. He was soon selected to join the ranks of the elite Office of Special Tatctics and Reconnasance. He recieved the advanced training of Spectre and was an effective defender of Green Isle. His missions as a Spectre took him far and wide, giving him experences that shaped his personality.
    Eventluy, he became tired of taking orders all the time and answered the call that most young otters must: the call to brake free from his holt and travel.
    He soon learned that he could make a good life for himself as a mercenary so he took up contracts from many different factions and soon became one of the most feared assassins in the region.
    For all of the violence in his life, Rogg still is a kind and fun loving otter who loves to swim.

  • Looks good, though I am not a pro. I wouldn't think that kind and merciful go with an assassin. 😛

  • Thanks, I'm a kind, merciful, ruthless killer.


  • BLAST!  I bet we will have encounters with him, dangerous ones!  LOL!

  • I'm not really mean, just a good soldier. I wouldn't kill without good reason; "He that slays without reason shall be slain for that reason"

  • Global Moderator

    Hello, Rogg! I'm Jared Sandeye. Nice to meet you! I think your profile is really good.

  • Hello matey! Thank you for your kindness! I was on this intense website where I had to do like a 600 word report on myself (rogg) and they were kind of mean so thanks!!

  • Lol, where's that quote from?

  • Sun Zsu? No, Rogg Streambattle i.e. me. lol.

  • You also might want to put for strengths if he excels in hand to hand combat or the ability to convince people

  • Oh that makes sense, thanks.

  • @Rogg:

    I'm not really mean, just a good soldier. I wouldn't kill without good reason; "He that slays without reason shall be slain for that reason"

  • Just so yall know, Rogg Streambattle uses his sword like Starkiller(R) in the video game " The Force Unleashed"(R) star wars is owned by george lucas.

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