Share your favorite Redwall Quotes or excerpts

I think the subject title is pretty self-explanatory. 😛   You're welcome to comment on the quotes others share but try to stay on topic. Don't post here for the sake of raising your post count.

Here is one of mine.

_Armel struggled up and ran to her friend. "Oh Brooky, I thought the adder was going to kill you! How wonderfully brave you were, attacking it like that!"

The young otter looked up from the packs, which she was checking for damage. "Hahahahaha! Wonderfully brave, my grannie's apron! You great fluffy-tailed buffer,don't you know the difference twixt an adder an' a grass snake? Huh, Mister Death, eh!"

Armel stammered, "B…but I didn't know , I thought it was poison!"

Brooky scoffed. "Just look at its back, the thing hasn't got a diamond pattern. Adders have diamond patterns along their backs.Grass snakes only have markings on their sides. Look."

She wiped the uncocious reptile's back off with her cloak hem. There, beneath the layer of ditch mud and rotten leaves , was the black V-marked head and zigzag marks of an adder.

Brooky thought this was hilarious. " Oh hahahahoohoo! Silly me, it was an adder after all."_

When you get the good times, don't stop to think about the bad 'uns. Enjoy life while ye can.

Something like that. I think it was in Marlfox and the speaker was a shrew.


"Don't let the old poisoner get me!"

I believe this is from Salamandastron

one of the hares when Urthwyte moves the large boulder to the secret badger den, goes

"Moved it?  He's gone and lifted the bally thing!"

I love this one….

"Oo….shame on oi, ee carndys still oop there!"

This one's stuck with me since I first read it.

A coward dies a thousand times, but a warrior only dies once. ~ Luke the Warrior

Oh fight lads fight,
Scratch lads bite,
Gonff will dine on cheese and wine,
When he gets home tonight.

:3 Love Gonff!

So there i was surrounded by thousands of flesh eating lizards, Armed with only a good breakfist under my belt. Ten points to any one who can guess the refrence

I wanna say Tarquin but I'm not 100% sure….


I wanna say Tarquin but I'm not 100% sure….

Just name the book if that makes it easyr, cause i won't tell you the answer intill you 100%

Lol I'm not even 100% at that.  BUT I am 100% sure that it is a hare, I just can't get a grip on which one!  It's on the tip of my tongue too and it's killing me.

I'm gonna take a stab, and say Mariel of Redwall.

no…NEXT! 😉 you can guess again though

Lol then idk for sure.  I haven't read them in a while, and I can't check, all of my books are in Missouri sooooooo

Well, it's from pearls of lutra

Kachunk…eheheh. That's from Loamhedge , isn't it? I believe one of rats from Burrad's lot goes around saying that. xD

Haha, yep. It's the last thing he remembered hearing before the Celler Hog's oak tree knothole beamed him in the nose. It's the only thing he could say afterwards. lol

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