• Snike watched from a distance, her body quivering with fear. Even though they were friendly, she was still scared of them. Hiding in the back corner, she warmed her paws by her soup bowl and finally drank the still warm soup. She didnt want to get in any cross fire, so, she set her bowl down, and dived into the water, so the water can take away her feelings, and leave her numb.

  • Fortress:
    Skivvy stared out the window, it was head high, but easily looked through when standing up, the strong iron bars were still as sturdy as ever. "I wonder if they'll ever come back." said he. Sariah curled up even more, "Stop worrying, I know it's fretful and there is a chance they might never make it back, but keep strong, you were born into it, I'd expect you'd be used to it." Skivvy sat down to face her around the corner from the window, "I know, but even a born slave can be weary of what his life has brought him. Even more so when one is deemable for execution." Sariah managed a small good-natured smile at what she said next, "How come you speak so fair? Usually I'd expect speech resembling your captors'." Skiv went back around the corner and crouched, he put his paw against a small carving he had made in the rock with a rock, the which was still in the cell nearby, the drawing was a simple picture of Skiv, Klenn and Sariah, all together with smiling faces…. "I don't remember much, but my mother told me some of what happened when I was young. She taught me everything. When I asked why the rats were over us and we had to do everything they told us, she told me that she and my father were on a boat and were attacked and thrown in prison as slaves. Sometime thereafter I was born and raised by her..until both of my parents died their untimely deaths..." he closed his eyes, a deep sigh emerging..

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    Bic//: The hedgehogs came aboard, and, after a little discourse, took them to an island, secluded by peaks and reefs.  "What is this place?" asked Klenn, gripping his sword. "Stow the blade, lad. This is Cragholm!" "Cragholm?" said Klenn, "That's a strange name." "Well," remarked Saltspike, the leader hog, " 'Tiss home, nonetheless."

    The island was prosperous, many trees, vines, bushes and orchids grew in abundance. In the sides of the innermost cliffs were caves, obviously the dwellings of these creatures. They were sat down to a plentiful board, with food to spare brought frequently, so dinner commenced promptly. Everyone sat or lounged wherever they pleased near the cloths strewn with food. Klenn laid down and supported himself with his right elbow near Saltspike. "You say you come from that island, er.. Seatress, I think it's called. You did well, for it's not very frequent a time that slaves escape as you did." said Saltspike. "Yes," answered Klenn as he took a drink of water flavored with dried powders of fruits mixed to the combination that pleased him, "But we still left two, and I, at least, plan to get them back, even at the very cost of my life. You mustn't press the rest of them with me, If they want to sail away to lead their own lives let them, It's my battle, and I plan to arouse my own forces, so, when we leave.. Just don't presume they'll come with me."  "But, why?" asked Saltspike, "They'd be valuable assets." Klenn took another draught of the cool liquid after a bite of fresh cheese, "It's complicated, but, to keep it at face value, I don't want them to be forced to go back to the very place they just escaped from."

  • Skip sigh softly as he curled up in a tight ball on a ledge and watched the other. This head throbbed as he chewed slowly on some hotroot.  He couldn't believe he was finally free from slavery, after 3 years in slavery, it felt odd being free, I guess I forgot how it felt to be free. he thought to himself.

    He coughed violently before taking another bite. His mind wandered back to his family at home, his brothers and sisters, his father and mother. Did they still live? Are they still at the river or did they move on? Will he ever go back? Questions raced threw this head making it hurt even worse.
    Finally he finished his hotroot and drank a ton of water when the weariness first hit him like a wall, he closed his eyes and listened to the conversations around him, slowly dying into a dull murmur.

    His mind wandered from dream to dream, and often walking up, just to fall back asleep or get into a coughing fit and drinking a bit of water before falling asleep, he didn't know how much time passed and he didn't care, all he wanted to do is get better and go home. That is one thing he can look forward too!

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  • Snike swam in the ocean, the waves carresing her fur. She found an iron grill, and started to pry it apart, her paws feeling raw.

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    BiC//:  After about a week or so of marvelous hospitality, the hedgehogs told them to take as many boats as needed, all fully provisioned and for each to go their way. Klenn hopped into a small ketch, and sailed off.
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    Bic//: Others went in other boats, and they disappeared to the sight of the waving hedgehogs over the horizon. Each was going their own way, weather to home or wandering…..

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