• Cedric sat in his cell next to his two best friends, Klenn and Sariah, exhausted from a hard day of work. "When dýa think it'll be chow time, Skiv?" asked Klenn "In about an hour, Klenn." replied Skivvy. "We lost another two companions today, Klenn, two more!" said Sariah despairingly. "Relax, hang on. someday, someday we will be visited by someone t=who can help us…" said Skiv as he looked to the risin moon with a longing gaze.

    The island was ruled by ermine and rats. The slaves were mistreated, ill-clothed, and starved, not tomention worked to the bone without so much as a wisp of shade to relieve them.

    Food time came, and a wooden bowl full of slop was slid into each cell of three or four slaves.

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      "Wot is this stuff?  Looks like bugs vittles, but scoff is scoff i guess, wotwot?  I say is there anyone else in this jolly cell, I've just woken up from being bludgeon by one of these blighters!"

    Delorian Wopscutt Swiftback Ckrops, or Ckrops for short, was a young hare of the Long Patrol, his small battalion had been ambushed, and he was the only one left alive it seemed.  He took in the slop, downing the bowl in one large gulp.
      "Is that all we get?  Oh a lad's worst enemy is hunger!  When I get out of here I'll make you pay for this ill treatment, mark my word laddies!"

  • "You fool! If there's any one else in that cell with you they'll kill you for supper, that's all the combined cell gets!" rung a voice from farther down the hall

  • "Ahhh shut ya'll big mouth," a voice called back down the hallway in a sarcastic voice who a tint of annoyance on the edge and hoarse.  A young otter was across from the others in chains across the wall, he wore a simple ragged tunic with his left ear pieced and a tattoo on his neck. His eyes were swollen from being sick with a fever and cough

    Skip looked up at the others, "Mind sharing some of 'em grub wid me? I 'ad nothin' at all…"  he coughed again, "or dat water?" his stomach growled in response. The chains dug into his feet and hands and he rattled them, trying to free them. "Oh, yo, tell me more, little rat thinks he is all that, ding dong, slap me rudder, hi ho down you the dark depts of darkness.."  He coughed violently, he sang out to the guard, making fun of them in his horse voice.

  • Skivvy and his friends were in the cell opposite the hall, " We'll try to.."  said Skiv

  • A light, sing-song voice echoed out from a cell down at the end of the room, everybeast that was not close probably would not have heard it if it was not so loud.  "I say!  Is that a jolly hare?!  Could it be one of MY bally species?!" the voice belonged to the hare, Hon Florion.  He was dressed in a green outfit made of silk with darker green beads embroidering it, he had a taste for fancy attire, but, his clothes had been dirtied and ripped since and looked nothing like they used to be.

  • Skip called out, "HEY HO! Ain't a lovely hare from the jolly good 'ol Salamandastron?" he shook his hands, making the chains echo down the hall. His voice hurt everytime he talked and his was dry. "Got some jolly good water or grub I say? I 'ave a huge stomach for some stew wid scones topped with wild strawberries n' a ice cold ale!"  He called back down to the rat guard, "HOY! Fat ears, I'm a jolly hungry otter lookin' for some grub, mind sharing dat wonderful flippin' feast with me?" He closed his eyes and coughed again, and grunted in pain.

    Skip rattled his chains again and started to sing in a normal non hare voice,  raspy and horse
    _"I sit here all night, just to get up and work from dawn to dusk!
    Isn't there a better way to live my life!?
    How is it that I come to be here?
    Why do you keep me locked up?
    Now I want to be free!

    I have a lass, waiting back home for me,
    A promise I made to her,
    How can I keep that promise, now…

    You sit here all day, just eatin' away,
    Have you ever wondered why you're so round?
    With bit bulging eyes, a tunic that is to small,
    and is that dirty I smell coming off you?
    NO wonder thy lady doesn't find you attractive,
    You smell like a-"_

    He was cut off with a harsh blow that knocked the wind out of him, "pig…" he wheezed.

  • Delorian was not scared of the threat, but felt bad for the creature across from him
      "Tell you wot, since I didn't know that was for both of us, you get the next 2, how about that?"

    The young beast across from him merely grunted.  He heard Hon's voice and was instantly delighted by the sound of the hare
      "Well sah, I don't know for sure if'n I'm a jolly hare seeing as I'm in this tick wotwot?  Got separated from my Patrol chap, wot you doing in this… rather clean jailcell lad"

  • OoC//: Description time!

    BiC//: The semicircle hall was completely lined with cells, with a group of three or four guards at each entrance at the ends of the hall. "Settle down, all. For those of you who don't already know me, I'm Skiv, this is Klenn and Sariah." he said, indicating them as he named them, "If we get formally introduced we might be able to keep ourselves company. To all those new, don't try to struggle or escape, you'll starve yourself twice as fast. I should know, we've been having so many deaths here that I'm the veteran slave now, not a position of honor…"  he lowered his voice, " Just the one who has suffered the longest."

    A rat called from down the hall, " Shush up, or we'll have to take our canes to ya'!"

  • Delorian felt bad for Skiv, who had obviously suffered some harsh and horrible mistreatment throughout his slavery.  Being a hare, he was ever the optimist and he said
      "Well you are one lucky kiddo Skiv, cause you've got a jolly hare here to help us out of this tick i say wotwot?  Now, first, are there any weak spots in any of the cells?  We can try to take out the hinges and then use the door as a battering ram against the vermin sah!  Veteran slave, that puts you in charge.  You know the most.  Well go on, tell us the bally plan!"  He said winking at Skiv

  • "I've searched the hinges, windows, any every nook and cranny, I haven't found anything worthy of being called weak." said Skivvy, "I do want to get out, but I find no means for it…"

  • Skip got his breath back, and leaned back against the wall. He was freezing, putting a hand to his head he discovered he had a slight fever. He coughed and his whole body shook in spasms and he groaned in pain. He muttered out loud, "Keep talkin' dat loud then we wid never escape da place…" he coughed again.

    Then said in a loud voice, "HO! Guard, I need some...some...WATER!" he closed his eyes, "Who am I kiddin' I get non a water 'round here." he started up at the sky threw the bars, his eyes half shut and swollen. "Even if we did escape, I wouldn't make it..." he coughed again, "I dare say...wot my father wod say if he saw me now...or me mother..." he started to muttered amiss to himself that turned in to a little tune his lips moved softly. Skip was an otter who loved to sing.

    "White as the lily…red as the rose...there is my lassy..waiting for me..."

  • Skiv sighed, he didn't really remember ought of his past, he had, after all, been there most of his life. "I also hardly know what I would do should liberty be bestowed upon me…"

  • Ckrops waited until one of the rat guards walked by and then stated optimistically to Skiv
      "Wot you mean?  Once I'm out of this bally cell, I'm going to free good creatures like ourselves who get locked up by mangy vermin!  Freedom to do what you please is better then having a solid plan of living here you're whole life  as a slave wotwot?"

    He then looked to the otter that was suffering near him
      "Wot's your name riverdog?  Ah, you don't look to good do ya lad?  Well, if we want this'un alive we need to break out as soon as flipping possible!"

  • Skiv looked away, "Maybe, but, aside from a few rare forage runs, I have no experience from the outside and would be an awkward, bumbling fool who might eventually starve to death. I I were to get out, I would at least keep someone alongside me, besides, I enjoy company more than being alone, so I'm really at a crossroads."

  • "This is bally well horrid!  My outfit was VERY expensive, and now it's ruined, and I can't make a good first impression!  Stupid vermin!  I'll jolly well take a STICK to you!" he shouted out of the bars.

  • "Do you want to half all of our rations? Shouting will get you nowhere..except for the Dark Dates!" said Skiv shortly

  • "DARK DATES!?  Well, if I had to date a gel bad enough to be called dark I think I'd rather have half-rations!  Well, ol' laddie buck, I daresay I can't get out!"

  • "I say you choose wisely, dancing with the Devil doesn't improve public lookout."

    ((playing off of a typo: fun))

  • "WELL!  The manners of prisoners!  Only to be expected from beasts like YOU!"

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