Cedric Skiv: Profile

  • Nickname: Skiv, Skivvie or Skivvy

    Full Name: Cedric "Skiv"

    Species: Mouse

    Description: His clear emerald eyes contrast from his brown fur like a tree's foliage from its trunk, but with a gentle, natural look. He is afraid of most things and uncertain most of the time, due to his life as a slave. He bears a scar across his right eye, his most prominent scar, along with several along his back. He dresses in basically whatever he can find, he finds potato sacks most comfortable.

    Possessions: His name, his life, and a dagger

       - Is extremely alert
       - Hears very well (He had practice listening fo the cell guard)
       - Fights savagely when provoked

       - Has a haunted past
       - Doesn't trust easily
       - Moderately paranoid

      A slave. He has lived all of his life as a slave, in fact, he was born a slave. He now only remembers his first real name: Cedric. He can not remember his last name, his captors always call him skiv. He goes by that more often, for, although it reminds him of his slavery, he has learned to respond to that more than Cedric. He has been starved, beaten, and worked hard. A poor mouse can only take so much, many of his friends are now rotting in the corner of his cell. He has very few friends left. Though he is relatively good mentally, his physical body is wearing…

  • Whit a braw profile ye hae thare.

    Nicely done!

  • Aye. Nicely done. Maybe, jest maybe, ye can come in Lost Dreams. Aye, a nice place for ye to start.

  • BTW: updated

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