Wonders Of The Stage

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    BIC; "Yeah, I think I like that idea! We have to ask Janora first though. Are there many more costumes?"
    He looked over at Amel.
    "This sun is getting to me!"
    Spar got up and went looking for Janora to tell her his idea.

    The island was a hive of activity, on this fine day. He stopped a passing hare and asked him where he could find Janora,
    "last I saw her, she over on the other side of the island, wot wot!" "Thanks I go look."
    When he finaly found her Janora was busily ordering hares around to get boxes and crates moved to the stage.
    "Janora, I've got an idea…"

  • "OH BLAST!  Not you…." She said before turning, "Wot do you wont....WELL UP AT IT!  Little nuisance, just get it ova wiff!"

  • "I was thinking maybe you could allow other creatures on the island, say in groups of twenty, to see your wonderful shows. And if you wanted to make a profit then you could charge a small fee."
      He hoped she wouldn't explode at his idea. It would really ruin this lovely day if she did.

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  • Janora rose up to her full height, "Wot did you say!?  Are you tellin' me that yous wont to-" She stopped, "Actuallity, thet would be such a bad oidea!  Let's do it, chap!"

  • "Well it is up to you of course, but I did like the idea."
    Spar grinned smugly to himself. It had worked, and she was going to do it! He knew of several of his friends who would enjoy a good show.
    "You know Janora, why don't you make up a new play about the attack on the island? It would be a big hit with the other creatures!"
    He new she couldn't say no to that idea! It would give her a chance to show how brave she had been during the fight.

  • "Of course!  I'll send out invitations to Redwall, Salamandastron, Mossflower!  OH!  It will be jolly good fun!  I cannot wait!"

  • "Let's see, it'll take about a week for the invitation to get to Salamandastron, an about twice that for it to reach Mossflower country, so say a two weeks at the least before we can expect to see anyone. Good, that should give us time to rehearse and everything!"
    The prospect of performing made Spar excited! He hoped he wouldn't make a fool of himself.

    Later in the day as he sat down to the evening meal, he talked over the coming event with his friends,
    "So what do you think?"
    He asked Hon and Amel.

  • "A spiffin' good idea to me, chap. Though it'll take a jolly long while for the news to go around. This island is pretty bloomin' far away, wot!"Amel comments.

  • Rorgus strolled up. He had heard the idea and came to congratulate Sparhawk. He saw talking with the others. "Congratulations mate! What a brilliant idea, just what this island needs. A good show!"

  • "Though, have we even started on this spiffin' play yet? Who are the ones that are performin'?"

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