Ashton Bloodwrath: Character File(Rewrite)

  • I decided to repost my profile because a few things are wither outdated or changed.

    Nickname: Ash

    Full Name: Ashton Xavier Bloodwrath

    Species: Marlfox

    Description:His eyes are piercing gold, boring down to the heart, his ashen fur blends in with most any surrounding, his height is average (for a fox), he has no prominent scars. His tunic is usually black, with a cloak, black mingled with golden color.

    Possessions: He carries five daggers whose handles have the shapes of wings, and a black sword with a blade, black as coal, yet shiny as silver, causing a faint golden light to surround it in most light. Connecting his cloak is a medallion with a strange symbol.
        - A cunning assassin
        - Because of his fur coloration, camouflage in most areas,
        - Though proficient at throwing daggers, he prefers swordplay.

        - Sometimes gets so involved in plots that he strays from his original goals
        - A deathly fear of poison, (though can do with and sometimes uses some, but very few)
        - Has flashbacks

      Ashton is now a wanderer, not tied to any hordes or raiding bands. An assassin by trade and warrior at heart, he is a descendant of the line of the Marlfoxes, a forgotten cub when the rest were extinguished, fate had preserved him, so he had left the island as quickly as possible, taken from the isle by an albino fox by the name of Flametail when he was still young. Much of his history is left in shadow.

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