Oliver "The Quick" Swiftstream

  • Name: Oliver Swiftstream
    Nicknames/Aliases: Oliver the quick
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24 years
    Species: Squirrel
    Occupation: Warrior/Trainer/Kitchen Help

    Physical Appearance:
    Oliver is very large for a squirrel, being taller and having more muscle than the majority of other squirrels. Sporting dark brown fur and creamy colored belly fur, Oliver tends to clean it whenever he gets the chance. The warrior squirrel's head holds an equally creamy colored head-fur that slightly drapes above his eyes. He has burn scars on his paws and hind-paws from one of the biggest battles he's been in.

    Oliver wears a tight fitting half covering tunic; the top part covering one side of his chest going diagonally downwards to cover his stomach area. This is his usual attire for the spring and summer weathers. In the winter he wears a black short sleeved tunic over a hooded long sleeved grey shirt. All four of his paws are wrapped up in white wraps used for fighting and also used to coat scars he received when being burnt in battle. Oliver wears a necklace the shape of a crescent moon that his mother gave to him when he was only a dibbun. It seems to glow eerily at the night, but that might be in his imagination from him dreaming or sleepwalking.

    Whenever he gets the chance he'll use a light brown cloak and mask when traveling to stray from random battling with thieves and to keep himself warmer.
    Oliver's weapons consist of two important items he uses for battle and an accessory. The Oak Tree Staff, made from fine oak trees, very light in weight and extremely durable. On his belt, a small paw sized scabbard is concealed. It contains a beautiful black dagger, sharp, and well polished.


    Oliver is a sociable fellow who enjoys interacting with others. He isn't angered by silly little things like annoyances or people with lack of manners. The only time Oliver shows seriousness is towards training or fighting in a battle. Oliver is pretty laid back and usually likes to relax when nothings to do. He's kind of heart and very spirited when it comes to interaction or assisting others


    -Skilled in kick boxing, wrestling, and regular boxing.

    -Is very technical when fighting with a mixture of body and arm throwing techniques.

    -Acrobatic and flexible

    -Good Reflexes and awareness

    -Very extreme instances, Oliver will have short spurts of bloodwrath

    -Can throw a javelin well.

    -Oliver is strong and solidly built.

    -Can be shy [depending on his mood and how talkative he wants to be] when talking to a female, especially if he likes them or they are very pretty to him.

    -Fighting someone with big bulky bodies; he isn't able to use his body throws on them easily or at all.

    -He uses no armor so he is vulnerable to sword attacks and other attacks.

    -Fighting small creatures that are very quick and stealthy. Harder to catch them into holds/they are able to slip out of his grip easier.

    -Fighting giant badger sized creatures that are big and bulky. It takes a ton of his energy and setting up time to use body throws.

    -Slower than most squirrels, despite his acrobatics and reflexes, his bulky and tall body takes much more time to build speed.

    Drawbacks/Weaknesses of Bloodwrath:

    Oliver has three stages of bloodwrath, and while each stage increases his strength, pain threshold, and primal instincts, they come with severe drawbacks.

    Stage 1:

    -After effect of Bloodwrath renders him useless in battle; becomes temporarily paralyzed and heavily drained.
    -Takes a few hours of recovering to feel normal again.

    Stage 2:
    -After effect of stage 2 completely wears him out and makes his paralysis last longer.
    -Takes 24 hours to completely recover, it also causes him to black out and be out for a few hours before waking up. After awake he can barely move.
    Stage 3:

    -After effect of stage 3 destroys muscle fibers and completely makes him bedridden for days.
    -He immediately passes out after he reaches this completely uncontrollable level. Everyone in his eyes are foe.
    -It takes him a full two weeks for his body to be able to be fully 100%.

    Oliver was born to a group of Squirrels and Mice who wanted to live outside the walls of Redwall. The problem for most of these creatures was the feeling of containment. They were nomads, hunters, fighters, at heart. They did not like being held back behind the big great walls; they needed the freedom of the woods. Oliver was shortly born after a settling the group made. His mother was a very wonderful beast; she cared for her new born son, giving him a family treasure. Oliver was given the family necklace, shaped like a crescent moon. He learned to cherish it. The moon necklace goes all the way back to when one of his ancestors wore it when fighting a battle at Salamandastron.

    After a couple of seasons, Oliver was old enough to talk dibbun talk and have mock adventures with friends. He was told numerous legends at this young age by his father, showing the light and gloomy side of Mossflower. They were used to help him slumber, but he dreamed great dreams. The young squirrel loved the stories he was told and wanted to hear one each night. Oliver's young mind developed quickly because of these great stories. It was a great way for him to learn and think about what he wanted. Oliver and his friends did pretend battles, being on the sea, traveling the lands; it made for big dreams.

    Seasons later, when he was old enough to be able to read full stories, Oliver went on to read the stories of creatures that sailed and navigate the seas. He even read stories of many warriors and travelers of Mossflower! The stories of the vast heroes stirred Oliver's young mind to someday become a hero himself. The young squirrel was finally able to understand what he wanted to do, with his father by his side to give him the 'Okay' for training.

    A handful of seasons passed, during which Oliver spent most of that time studying, training, and even learning many fighting styles by his father and the villages champion wrestler; at the time. Oliver felt he was ready for travel, ready to start his own journey, ready to become one of the great legends that he read so much about. At the age of sixteen, he left the little village and traveled Mossflower. In his travels he kept a journal that if he would ever return he would revolve it into one of the many great stories; like one of the great stories that he used to read. He traveled north, south, east, west, by land and sea. In this time period, he had many encounters with friends, foe, and helped slaves escape a slaver, battled corsairs, and saw many lands.

    At the age of nineteen, he collapsed in front of the gates of Redwall, losing many friends in a war days before his arrival. He was badly beaten, all four paws were heavily burnt, clothes torn up, a bloody mess. His best friend, a hare named Aureorado, died in battle, while his other good friend a warrior mouse of the canyon lands, managed to escape. He hasn't seen him since. This was by far the worst of Oliver's days, spending a whole cycle of the four seasons bed ridden until he was twenty from the massive injuries. Oliver was a depressed mess; starting the journey skinny, ending big and built, and back to where he started. His once tight clothing was nothing but loose garments. Cheeks were slightly sunken in, he looked like an old beast. Oliver never felt so down on himself and never felt so sad from the loss of his mates. It took the warrior seasons of rehab and hard training with plenty of eating to get back to where he was, mentally and physically.

    Oliver, now twenty three, lives in Redwall permanently, training and becoming stronger for himself, and helping others improve their fighting skills as well. When not training or training others, he spends a lot of the time in the kitchens helping out the Friar with cleaning and serving the food. Oliver, now much larger than he's ever been, has a new attitude with his life after the losses he suffered. He still plans on turning his journal into a legendary story, to allow beasts to read of his travels, his legacy.

    Info on how he attained Bloodwrath
    Oliver never had this phenomenon occur with him before he left for his travels. His time as a new warrior in the country side with his two friends helped him develop great experience. The more experience he gained and the more experiences he had, the more he had signs of something he couldn't comprehend or control.

    His first sign of this new power he attained happened after a fight with a group of powerful vermin. (This was days before he went to journey at sea with a crew of Sea Otters and his two friends Aureorado and Bradley.) Towards the end of the battle, Oliver and his two friends charged for their final attack on the last standing vermin; the leader.

    Oliver fell holding his head in pain with eyes flashing in a tint of red. His vision went clouded but also went red. He looked like a mad beast; his muscles all flexed, veins appeared on his neck and head, his teeth and claws bared.

    Oliver let out a terrifying battle cry, ready to charge. But before it could happen, everything went back to normal. His eyes turned their normal color, but it all lead to Oliver passing out from the exertion of his strange occurrence. The vermin leader ran away as Aureorado and Bradley stopped the charge to go tend to Oliver.

    Oliver eventually found out what became of him and remembered the many amazing stories of past warriors. It all made sense to him; the heat of battle and extreme emotions caused something inside to snap. It was..


  • Not bad, but you might try not being too spectacular. Most of my Charas have notable weaknesses so that duels are more fair (except for the Entroks.

  • I don't think he's being too spectacular. He has a major weakness. Big bodies. Sound to me like he's got a bit of a pride issue too right?

  • He might sound like he has a pride issue but when you get to know him in Rp he really doesnt let his pride get to him. I'll see what i can do though  🙂

    First time a character I made in an RP was too spectacular. Usually my characters are underpowered and I end up losing a lot of RP battles  😛

  • Yah, I've had that happen a few times myself…  🙂
    Better a big over-powered tank than an ant I'd say... hehehe  😄

  • I don't know I did little editing but I think I'll hold back on things when I rp.

    So can I RP now or what?  😉

  • YES!!!! Please do! We need you Shadow Flame!!
    Calms done
    Why yes. Thank you for asking.
    Eye twitches  ::)

  • I updated my character completely, its more simplified and less mary sue like? xP

  • Yeah, thanks. However, ahem I don't know if the BloodWrath counts as a weakness. It could be rationalized as one, but I would list as both strength and weakness, then give the reasons for both. Just a suggestion.
        Other than that though, hey, it's great! Keep it up!

  • Much better. We need people on here that realize that their charas have to have a weakness somewhere. Thanks Shadow!

  • Haha, thanks for the constructive criticism. Very helpful ideas, I just might do what you suggested to me. Thanks again man.

    And thanks for the comment Creigon. 🙂

  • Lol. I wasn't saying that I was innocent. I have put some on here that were really lame. Just take a look at my old main chara. (Vardon Fourstripe) Man, that was just sad stuff.

  • Gotta get to updating this..

    Alright added height weight and changed age..

  • Wow, I haven't seen you on here in a while Shadow. Then again, I can't really say anything different for myself…
        Anyway, welcome back. 🙂

  • Fixed minor things with the profile from a while ago. Fixed the strengths and weaknesses, added bloodwrath info and extra drawbacks from that.

    Hope it's a lot less spectacular looking from what you were thinking back 6 years ago 😛

    Anything I should change, Seth? Hoping for more constructive criticism, helps me out so much.

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