Sparhawk Fleetfoot (Modified)

  • Name: Sparhawk Fleetfoot

    Nickname: Spar

    Species: Squirrel

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Occupation: Hunter, scout

    Physical Appearance: He wears a forest green tunic with a leather belt around his waist, on his head he wears a red headband with a blue feather in it. Around his neck hangs a small green stone his mother gave him on his 15th birthday. His fur is medium to dark red with a black patch in the shape of a star above the left eye. His eyes are a light brown and they have a mischievous glint in them most of the time. He is a little shorter than the average squirrel, but is still a fast and agile climber.

    Possessions: He always carries a short but strong yew bow and a short sword which he keeps polished and sharp. He also keeps a dagger at his side. His knapsack contains: his water skin, his sharpening stone, a good supply of food, a small scroll about healing wounds, and some bandages his mother made sure he took with him.

    Personality: He likes to think he's independent but he really needs a friend. He isn't very self conscious and is usually unconcerned about what beasts think of him. But he doesn't like hurting other animals' feelings. He can be thoughtful, he will think things through before he plunges in. And serious when the occasion requires (which is most of the time).

    Relationships: His parents are Larin Farsight and Damia Farsight, his younger brother's name is Afra. His relationship with his father is quite strained, but Spar does his best to please him.

    Strengths: He is very good with a bow and has far sight (:P). He can charm quite well if he sets his mind to it.

    Weaknesses: He hates going underground and doesn't like swimming. He likes to joke but people usually take him too seriously and it gets him into trouble. He is also impatient most of the time.

    Background: Up until recently he lived with his parents, Larin and Damia and younger brother, Afra in Mossflower Wood. He and his brother were very close but Afra wasn't old enough to join him in his adventuring. And as all young beasts will, he struck out on his own. His strained relationship with his father is part of the reason he left. At first he wandered around Mossflower but eventually met up with a friendly otter. The otter, who's name was Barek was quite proficient in the use of arms, and offered to teach Sparhawk to use his short sword and bow. As time progressed, Spar became very good with his weapons and said goodbye to his new found friend to continue his travels. Though his past may have been quiet his future won't be!  
        His most resent adventure was with a band of friends on the River Moss, were he killed his first creature. To see more, go to Holt Ruddering.
       His current location is on Janora Gershilend La-Vavi Fancysworth's island. Where he is sitting in a daze waiting for someone to post!

  • If anyone has suggestions don't hesitate to say them.

  • It looks good for you're first attempt but

    The more details the better.  Keep up the good work

  • Wellll, like ehat do you want more details on?

  • weaknesses, strengths, and background should be filled in more, does he have any siblings, what happened in his past etc.

  • Ok, I have REALLY REALLY modified my guy, can I please have some feedback?

  • Well done. HE looks way better then I first saw him.

  • Thanks, I had some guide lines to follow, so what helps. You know, you Gmods and all might want to post some guide lines so noobys have something to look at and follow.

  • Ok, I guessa I didn't see that. 😛

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