• Name: Rorgus, Skipper of Otters

    species: Otter

    Gender: Male

    **Occupation:**Skipper of Otters

    Physical Appearance     
    Rorgus wears a plain green tunic with a leather belt that he made himself. He is 20 seasons and very tall for his age. He is muscular and agile.  Rorgus has blue eyes that shine with the light of adventure. He has a tattoo on his right arm of a pair of twin blades, which he is hoping one day to own. He has dark brown fur that helps camouflage.

    He carries a yew long bow which he practices with everyday, and has gotten very good at. A dirk, which he uses for close up combat, and a javelin for when he is to close to use his bow, or when he is out of arrows. In his knapsack he carries a sharpening stone, Bees wax (For rubbing on his bow string) Flint and tinder.

    Relationships: Mother:  Sapphire Streamrudder  Father: Damon Streamrudder
    Sister: Saffron Streamrudder

    Strengths :
    -Archery– Rorgus is very good with a bow, and has not met anyone as good as himself yet. With his long bow he shoot a target 30 yards away. And he can hit a moving target easily.

    -Stealth--Rorgus was taught by his friend Burkle (See Holt Ruddering) He was well instructed too for he could blend in just about anywhere he wanted to. And could move quietly also. He knew how to move without betraying himself.

    -Swimming--Rorgus is an extremely good swimmer. He can swim fast with powerful strokes. And can dive without making a single splash. He loves to play in the water and it makes a good escape rout from his enemies.

    -Patience–Rorgus has little patience, especially with his enemies. When he is hiding in one place for hours he starts getting a little impatient.

    -Underground—He hates being underground. He can’t stand the feeling of enclosure and the dark. He spends as little time as possible underground.

    History: Rorgus grew up at Redwall, he lead a quite life up until he turned 18. It was then that he went on an epic journey to rescue his mother who was captured by vermin. His Father and Mother raised him and he has a sister. If you want to see the adventure that Rorgus had you can look at the thread called Holt Ruddering. After that he went of adventuring with his friends for two years. He then returned to Redwall to settle down, his father whos was starting to get old, resigned the position of Skipper of Otters at Redwall and passed it down to Rorgus. Rorgus was starting to grow up, and now this burden of responsibility was given him. He did a good job at it yes, and he learned a few things along the way.

  • Rorgus, could you please go into a bit more detail?  You say he's tall, but is he just tall for an otter, or does he look eye-to-eye with even a great badger?

    Detail is not a bad thing.

  • ^^^^

    I agree with this, the more detail the better.  If you think about how Brian Jacques describes a character, you can almost get a mental image of how the beast would look. I would love to be able to read you're character profile and imagine the Character in action.

  • Ok its my fist Chara so its not so good I'll try again

  • Is that any better?

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    That's much better, Rorgus. Good job.

  • Thanks

  • whispers confidingly Badgers are kind of smaller than otters…

  • Not true!  LOL!

  • Well the european badger is pretty big, even compared to the otter.  Otters are long and sleek, probably just as long as a badger but definitely not bigger lol

  • It all depends on the species, the North American river otter (lontra canadensis) is deffintly bigger all around than pretty much all badgers, same thing goes for the sea otter (enhydra lutis). Now the Eurasion otter (lutra lutra)  on the paw is just about as big as the Eurasion badger (meles meles). But whatev, just saying that otters own lol. If anybody takes offence sorry, please tell me…

  • Well….maybe in real life but this is Redwall!  So badgers tower over pretty much anything!  LOL!

  • aye and mice are tiny, so how could Martin defeat a CAT??????

    Tis one answer and its cause ^^ its redwall!

  • Martin was also a great warrior so that's why its so amazing.Because of the sizes.That proves that it's not the size that matters.

  • Well it's all relative, like short people to tall people, just more defined.

  • Is that ant better? I just modified my Character.

  • The only thing I can think of is how amusing it is that he's 'never met anyone better with a longbow' and, all the while, his own distance is mediocre at best.  Just for reference, 30 yards is considered standard for range shooting.

  • Oh ok I didn't know that. I think I will change it.

  • It was something that made me giggle, honestly. ahems

    "I am a master archer." proceeds to fail to hit the broad side of a barn with the doors open "I meant to do that…"

  • LOL. Well I didn't know any better so.

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