There is in fact, a redwall game.

Hi everyone! I'm here to tell you today that there is in fact, a redwall game. yes, its a platformer, but it is actually a good, challenging, long game. it follows the storyline mostly, and yes, it is a download, but i highly recommend if you want to be in the action of Redwall. it costs nothing to download, and it will download fast. PM me if you want the link.

thats coool but what does the game consist of

also the staff, shortsword, and bows and arrows are great weapons too.

well, matthiasis adventure of getting martans sword, and tahts as far as i have got.

cool, ill check it out I guess

oh i've seen this, it doesnt work with my computer i have a Mac

It doesn't sound bad. You can send me the link. I'll be pretty bored this weekend anyway.

Can I see the game? I'm interested.

Why not just post the link here publically?  It's not like it's unrelated to the forum or a cheap attempt at spam…

I can't download it. Every time I try, it stops. It doesn't even let me download it with the crummy internet I have.  😠

1/4 of the way there when it did load, it stopped downloading and I had to restart it. When I restarted it, it wouldn't even start downloading again.  &}

I've downloaded it (although I had to install something that sorted out RAR files). I'll have to play it sometime when I'm not up to my ears in tedious Algebra homework.


! dude, in the final battle, i have a problem. this error report keeps showing up. thats only after i cut the rope. it sucks cause the bell falls on me and i die.

Cyber Edit: FYI, we have a code for spoilers. I already applied it here.

Yeah, I remember seeing that. It looked pretty good. But I never heard of it actually coming out.

Interesting, when is it coming out?

I don't think it is. Those previews were made a year ago….

It is dated for 2011, as far as reports go, it is still progressing.

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