Who here has had Redwall dreams?

  • I sometimes wonder if I'm the only one who has dreamed of being a mouse or an otter.

    Does anyone know how it feels? I do, as I've dreamed about being Matthias before.

    Quite an interesting experience.

  • Eh, I forget most of my dreams after I wake up.

    It's kinda funny. When I'm just dozing a bit, I have great dreams, but I can't remember a single thing. My regular dreams are weird and I forget half of it. Then when I have nightmare, I remember pretty much all of it….

    Anyway,I don't think I've done that before. I remember having a dream about the Redwall animals. It involved an otter and a hedgehog. And neither of them were wearing clothes....

  • I remember having a dream at 14 years of age about waking up in a haunted version of my house. The sky was completely black and there was a huge clay cylindrical object in my yard. I began to feel different from what I feel normally. So I looked down and I discovered that I had brown fur all over my body. My leg shape had changed and I had a long tail. I was also wearing a strange green article of clothing similar to a robe. I commented to myself and discovered that I had Matthias's voice. I thought it was kind of neat to be talking in a voice other than my own.

    After the few initial minutes of vocal fun, I decided to investigate the huge object in my yard, which clearly did not belong there. I walked closer towards the dark shadow of the object. I peered more closely into it, which angered the creature that was living inside. A black, shadowy thing that had horns similar to a Satyr. Its eyes were glowing yellow. It raised its claw and tried to scratch me, but it missed. It then vanished back into the shadows.

    I decided to back away from the unexplained occurrence and went into my house. It seemed very different on the inside than on the outside. The room that was supposed to be the kitchen was five times larger, with a small stream running through the center. The only colors I could see were blue, purple, and black. I decided to look at what had happened to my kitchen more closely.

    I walked up to the stream and I could see something moving about in the water. Bubbles were rising from it. A few seconds later, an otter with eyes that were completely blue and glowing rose out of the water. It just stood there for a moment, motionless, until it punched me in the face and ducked back into the water. I was not injured, but confused as to what had happened.

    I decided to quickly get out of the room before another attack happened. I went through a doorway, somewhere to the far right of the room, and entered what looked to be a kitchen of sorts. The only things that were lit were two counters and a pile of red rags, sitting on top of a third counter. I hid in the shadows until what looked to be Cornflower morphed out of the rags. She had red, glowing eyes, and judging by the way she looked left and right before morphing back into the rags, she was looking for something.

    I slowly approached the counter with the rags. I stood there for about a minute and then suddenly, she grabbed me by the chest and pulled me into a dark rift. I was teleported to a three-way intersection, with one of the passageways leading to a room full of lava. I decided to go into that room. When I looked across the lava and saw a window on the other side, a fox rose out of the lava and tried to scratch me, eyes glowing red just like Cornflower's.

    The dream ended after I exited the room.

  • ….Man, why can't I have a memory as good as that....?

    Oh yeah, awesome dream.

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    Well, Dotti, I guess you would know what I'd dream about.

  • Well, I wouldn't say I know you that well. Jared? Redwall? Your own human version of Rina? 😉

  • I also had a dream about waking up as an otter. There was a pyramid right in the middle of  the forest I was in.

    If you want, I can go into much more detail.

  • I've had a number of furry dreams, but I shall spare ye the details…

  • @OfficerDotti:

    Well, I wouldn't say I know you that well. Jared? Redwall? Your own human version of Rina? 😉

    DOTTI!  LOL!

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    Well, it's true! Sometimes, I can't get her out of my head!

  • Really? raises eyebrow

  • "So….she really is that important!  LOL!"

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    Ok, can we get off this subject? blushes

  • Alright. But as internet friends, I'm warning you, we might tease ya a bit…. 😄

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    It's OK. I trust you.

  • Awww…. You trust me. ^-^ What I find funny is that my friends never say that when they tell me a secret. I'm not a blabbermouth an' they know it. I'd have no one to tell it to anyway. 😉

  • I used to think I had some kind of a physic power. A person could ask me something and I'd get it right.
    "How old is my cousin?"


    "Yeah….have you ever met her?"

    "My mom's name starts with an R."

    "Is it Rebbecca?"


    "You'll never guess who I dreamed about last night!"


    "Yeah.... But you'll never guess what happened!"

    "She died?"

    "Dang it!"

    Then I decided I'm just a good guesser. 😉

  • I once had a dream about entering Matthias's burial site. Really complex and strange.

    I woke up on a hill outside a strange building that was made of orange stone. It was square or rectangular in shape. The sky was purple and the moon was full (like in most Redwall dreams). I walked up to the building's entrance and went inside. The minute I stepped in, there was an explosion behind me which knocked me over. Then a pulse of energy fired at me. My body glowed until it turned completely white and began to change shape.

    I said "strange" and noticed that I had Cornflower's voice. I looked down at myself and sure enough, I was wearing her clothing. I was a mouse. It was kind of eerie, but eventually I had fun saying things with her voice. When I was finished, I began to walk down the passage to the right. Then I saw a distant figure approach me quickly. I began to see that it was the ghost of Matthias, charging at me with his battle cry. I braced myself for him, but the minute he was about to strike, he disappeared.

    I walked down the maze of passageways. There was no roof to this building. When I turned a corner, the ghost of Matthias suddenly appeared in front of me, turned around and struck at me with his sword. Nothing. I wasn't injured. The sword didn't seem to touch me, although I was sure it did.

    Eventually, I reached the center of the burial site, with Matthias's casket inside, surrounded by flowers. The ghost appeared again, but this time, he asked me what was wrong. I told him I was lost. He then showed me the way out, through an opening in one of the walls and then the dream ended.

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    I would say "Dang it!" if you did that to me, Dotti. LOL.

  • nods Like everyone else…like everyone else....

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