Avelrak Krasto

  • Nickname: Avel

    Full Name: Avelrak Krasto

    Species: Gray Squirrel

    Description: Has a mysterious but benevolent nature. Loves to trick, outwit, and avoid his enemies rather than fight them. Has a shade of blue in his eyes that would unnerve certain people when he stares at them. Seventeen years old (seasons). Average height. Likes to wear robes and clothes like it that have distinct cool colors. Does not care for warm colors. Was born and raised in a far away land. Has a younger sister named "Aelon" and a friend named "Arreon". Is called "Insidious" because of his surprising disabling abilities in combat and because of the fact that he looks semi-harmless.

    Possessions: Distinctly colored clothing that he brought with him from a far away land. Also carries a mahogany staff with a spherical end. Uses it to defend himself or to knock foes unconscious.

    Strengths: Good problem-solver. A natural leader when he has a plan. Knows the art of stealth. Talented with his staff when used for defense. Great attention to detail, especially when he thinks about what could go wrong in his plans. Trustworthy and honest. Can perceive threats before they become obvious. Calm in the face of danger. Makes it very clear to others what he wants, what he means, and what he meant to say if he blunders. Knows how to gain people's respect.

    Weaknesses: May misinterpret what people mean when they say things. Split personality - sometimes likes to talk to people, sometimes silent and unresponsive when he is thinking. Doesn't fully understand danger. Has great difficulty understanding mole speech and similar forms of language. Very literal thinker, but is learning figurative statements. Can occasionally say things that are insensitive. Lack of empathy.

    Background: He was born and raised in a faraway land. He came to Redwall out of curiosity. He spent a few months with his sister. Both he and his sister use "yes" instead of "aye", "year" instead of "season", and "person, nobody, and no one" instead of "beast". Both he and his sister endured the Tainted Forest without harm, physically or emotionally. Now they live in Redwall Abbey, and are very interesting residents in the eyes of the Redwallers.

    I hope I didn't break the "keep it short and sweet" rule, but there are so many things about him that need explaining.

  • Very good, very interesting.

    I look forward to rp with you soon.

  • @Vladek:

    Very good, very interesting.

    I look forward to rp with you soon.

    I've never RP'd before. I don't know how everything works. The only thing I know how to do properly is write stories.

  • Good, We'll get along. I'll set up a thread and We'll sort things out.

  • @Vladek:

    Good, We'll get along. I'll set up a thread and We'll sort things out.

    We've got a lot to sort out, as I'm still confused. Does an RP play out like a story, with careful planning and thought? Or is it more like learn as you go?

  • Yes.

    Those are actually two of the several modes, I play both, so whatever you are comfortable with, I can go along.

  • I choose a story-like RP. That way, we can plan things out, spot inconsistencies, and make the story quite original and different.

    Are you all right with stealth being more common than combat?

  • Yes, but let's now keep this to pm's k? this takes unnecessary forum space.

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