Crabpaws the Mercenary

  • Crabpaw Ironvice was the captain of the ship, Ole Sea Dog which was filled with various different types of creatures.  He was the captain of mercenaries, offering his large crew to fight for a price.  Half of the creatures on the ship were vermin.  The vermin had been captured by Crabpaw when he was younger, and he offered them a better life then the greedy warlords would offer, with one exception.  Killing of woodlanders was punishable by death, since half of Crabpaw's crew were woodlanders.  They sailed the ocean blue, looking for ships in need and offering their services in exchange for gold and food.  The crew members of Ole Sea Dog were close-knit, meaning even a vermin of his crew would gladly die to save a woodlander.  Crabs liked the way this worked, he was giving the vermin the life they already followed, yet gave them much more plunder and food then the warlords would.  He treated everyone equally, and actually ate less then the rest of the crew when supplies were shortened.  He didn't care about gold or plunder, that was all for his vermin and some of the woodlanders who enjoyed trinkets.  No this mission was not for gold, it was to find the shark HundredTeeth and dispatch of him, like he had almost done to him many years ago

    "Belay the gab mateys, put yet backs in it or i'll show ye how me whip feels!  Harhar seems like i've got a bunch of dibbun moles rowing!  Twenty minutes and food'll be served me matey, Skilly'n'duff'n'hotroot soup for all" Crabpaw's roared out.  His crew smiled, they knew that the large sea otter was all talk.  He didnt even own a whip!

  • After the crew had their stomachs full of Skilly'n'Duff'n'Hotroot, Captain Crabpaw Ironvice had a talk with them

    "Now, if anyone hasn't heard this before, me name is Crabpaw Ironvice, and I'm the Captain of this crew.  Ye know what yer here for, ye want to fight and plunder and all that good stuff dontcha mateys?  Well i've got some rules.  First, no vermin is to slay a woodlander of this crew, as is the other way around.  Any beast who decides to slay a comrade will have to deal with a hand to hand death match with me self."  Crabpaw said, clenching and unclenching his large paw

    "As I was saying.  We are not to harm any woodlanders we are to happen upon.  We will fight vermin, aye, for I know that they have all the plunder me mateys, not woodlanders!  Here's the good part.  The booty is all fer yerselves!  I take no plunder, no I am out on the sea to find my Nemesis Hundreteeth." He said.  The crew was happy, and vermin and woodlander alike joked and had a good time with one another, since they were getting the life they wanted without the paranoia of being slain at any given time.

  • Suddenly, the squirrel who was keeping watched yelled out

    "Cap'n!  I see a ship, black sails, with a big fish head on the front.  Doesn't look to friendly boss!"

    The sea otter smiled.  Another battle meant more food, more plunder for the crew, and just enough blood in the water to attract some sharks.
      "Well buckoes ye heard the watch squirrel, what say ye we go and pay the ole ship a lesson of how real warriors fight!"  Crabpaw said, unsheathing his sword and putting the spiked glove on his large paw

    When the boats came close to eachother, the other vermin crew actually got on board Crabpaw's boat first.  But, to their dismay, they were flung over board by one massive swipe of Crabs paw.  Him and his gang of mercenaries jumped on the other boat, fighting the other crew.  The vermin of his crew of mercenaries wore bright orange tunics, so when in battle they knew who was who.

    Crabs was dealing out massive pain and punishment to the crew, slicing with his sword while bashing at vermin with his deadly crab-like paw.  He took an arrow in his side, and then a large club laid him out from behind.  He thought he was going to be slain while on the floor, but in a daze he saw a friendly looking figure standing over him, fighting to protect him.  He couldn't quite make out who this was, but it felt safe and secure

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  • Buckleg De Moriol stood over the dazed Crabpaws, fighting off the corsairs that were lunging to get to the sea otter.  He ducked and bobbed, weaving side to side as the vermin lashed at him.  In a roaring counter, he slew the first 3 rats that lunged at him, and forced the rats behind for a moment.  The vermin ran back at Buckleg in a charge with their long swords, hoping their numbers would out weigh him

    Unfortunately for them, Crabpaw Ironvice was back and ready for vengeance, bowling over the vermin and causing chaos among the ranks with his large mace like paw.  Buckleg was relieved and he voiced it to the sea otter.
      "Well well well chap, you save my back and I save yours wotwot?  Thats the jolly ticket Captain, ya know the badger Lord made sure to send some jolly hares with you're crew sah, to aid the mission if ya didn't know.  Now ole chap lets finish this eh?"

    Soon the number of Crab's crew overwhelmed the corsairs and what left of them lay sobbing in a circle huddled up.  Crabpaw walked back in forth in front of them menacingly and called out to his crew
     "Ahoy buckoes, that was a grand ole battle ye gone and won.  In a bit we'll sort out the plunder and see to it that every beast is drinking blackberry wine tonight me boyos!  But, first, we gots these sniveling corsairs to deal with first, any suggestions?"  He said pulling out his sword and pointing it towards the vermin.

    A big burly squirrel that was part of the crew responded with a menacing look on his face
     "Well Cap'n ye did say you were after that shark.  Why don't i let me blade lick em up before booting them in the water as bait, saavy?"

    The sea otter laughed wickedly, it was something he would love to do, but he was the Captain and he was no torturer, so he spoke against it.
     "Nay, lets see how the slaves in the galley have been treated by these ole vermin.  If'n there is even one goodbeast amongst them, maybe we can recruit the boyos, although they may need some training eh?  Check the larder, their stock is ours now, fresh food mateys!"

    The Galley slaves entered the deck, glaring at some of the vermin that were part of Crabpaw's crew.  He spoke on behalf of them.
     "I can sees yous dont like the looks of some of me crew eh?  Well these are proper seabeasts, not like the murdering crew that has had you slaves.  Ye can all be dropped off at next sight of land, or ye can opt to join me crew, but first I'd like to hear what you all have to say about yon sea scum"

  • A young Otter spoke up "I think they should be properly punished. They treated me like I was an insect. And I would like to join your crew Cap'n. I want to pay those vermin scum my respect, at the end of my sword." He grinned wickedly.

  • Crabpaw looked the otter up and down.  This was a proper warrior for his crew, and although not a Sea Otter like himself, he was still and Otter.
      "Ah a riverdog!  What would ye like to do to em?  Ye like loike a proper warrior, grab a blade and call out whichever vermin treated ye the worst, lets see how ye can do with em before it's lights"

    He then looked around at the other group of slaves and said
      "Any other beast that wants to join me luverly crew, speak up!"

  • It was a good day to die. The sea breeze, the warm sun, it all made a good time for a last stand. Rogg Streambattle lay behind a pile of rope watching the scene of the sea otter pirate giving the crew their death sentance. The young otter had been trapped in the attack on the [whatever ship you attacked], he had killed many of the pirates but there were too many. The mercenary otter did not like the odds and hid in the dark passage ways of the ship killing any threats that came along. He had being on the ship trying to get to Southsward but the pirate attack had thrown a wrench in that plan. He watched the sea otter pirate giving his speech. What scum these pirates were, praying on helpless ships out at sea. Rogg sewated under his black armor, if he was to get out of this alive he would have to have a plan of attack. He would take down the hare, then neutralize the sea otter and then deal with the rest of the pirates. If worst came to worst he would just jump into the sea and try his luck in the big blue.
    The young otter silently drew his sword in the reverse-grip style and nerved himself for the attack….

  • Crabpaw felt uneasy, that there was still some sort enemy left on the decks of the ship he stood on.  He put his spiked glove on and roared out a challenge to the vermin left on the boat
        "No longer will ye enslave woodlanders to do yer bidding!  Any scum that wishes to challenge me speak up now, i'd be more then willing to send ye to dark forest!" Crabpaw said, drawing his curved blade with his left paw.  He began searching around the deck for any beast left unattended to

  • "No longer will ye enslave woodlanders to do yer bidding!  Any scum that wishes to challenge me speak up now, i'd be more then willing to send ye to dark forest!"

    Oh yatz, now the sea otter was challenging him to come out and speak. Well, what did the young otter have to lose? Nobeast could best Rogg when it came to swordplay. He stood, a dark look on his face as he spoke.
    "You fool! You think that just because your a pirate that you can kill just on a whim?!? No, I am here to put a stop to that!!" He prepared his to kill the other otter, lowering into a fighting crouch and clenching his gloved paws…

  • Crabpaw was confused at the sight of an Otter being aggressive towards him, even though he was only attacking a vermin vessel.  Still, no beast call The Vice a fool and lived to tell about it.  Checking his large right paw to make sure the spiked glove was on tight, he smiled to the otter with a savage grin
        "Ah, a riverdog who'd rather die then join me crew?  Ye look like a fit fighter, yet ye call me a fool?  Ye will pay for this, in death or forgiveness, if'n yer a mercenary like meself then ye know why i attacked this boat, me and my crew are a bit more important then a group of scrawny corsairs like yer crew" He said and laughed back to his comrades "If'n ye want to die, come forth river dog, i'm more then obliged to make sure the last thing ye see is my blade, or my paw"

    Crabs held his sword at ready to parry, waiting for the moment where he could charge in and take one swipe with his huge spike glove.

  • Rogg hated to be called 'river dog' the sea otter's words angered him even more. The young otter did not want to join a crew of pirate scum, he was a high class mercenary, an assassin, a warfighter, not some scruffy nerf-herder [sorry, just couldnt resist]. If the other otter wanted to die, then so be it, but Rogg always was reluctant to kill one of his own species. Rogg was a trained soldier, he studied the other otter, about as big as himself but with an arm that was smaller than the other, yes, that would be the side to attack. The mercenary otter decided that he should use form seven combat on his opponent, a form with strong sweeping blows, and elegant flourishes. Rogg took a step forward.
    "It ends here sea dog, I will not join your filthy crew, you are no better then vermin." he said in a low voice. A strong hate torwards the sea otter and all pirates consumed the young otter. He was ready…

  • Crabpaw laughed, he had faced foebeast like this one before, to proud to admit that his battle was over before it already begun.  Crabpaw reasoned if the battle got  to intense, he'd simply knock the otter off into the water with a sweep of his right paw, which was more then capable of the task
      "Harhar, I guess I am as bad as vermin matey, but weren't ye yourself part of a vermin crew?  Even if I die, do ye think my crew will let ye leave killing their captain without saying goodbye with their blades?  Ah, tis yer own death wish matey but so be it" He said charging forward, keeping his right paw forward and slashing down with the blade in his left paw.

  • OOC: I don't actually think your a nerf-herder Sunblade :).

    When Rogg saw the big otter running towards him time seemed to stop for a moment. Rogg thought about what the sea otter had said. He did have a crew, a big crew. But what was done was done, oh well. He ran forward to meet the lumbering behemoth. The shock of steel clashing reverberated through the young otter's body as he blocked the slash from the other otter. The mercenary countered with a slash aimed at the sea otter's right shoulder…

  • Crabpaw saw the slash and tried to jump back, but he wasn't quite quick enough and took a large gash in his shoulder.  He roared as he slashed out with his curved blade, and then aimed a sweep with his right paw of the other otter's legs, not to hurt him but to disable him for a moment so Crabpaw could get a word in.  This beast was better then most in his crew, and he did not have the heart to kill an otter, especially one that could be one of his crews best fighters.

  • Rogg was a relentless fighter. He blocked the stroke aimed at his footpaws, and executed a combo at the other otter's chest. He gave two lightening fast blows aimed at the sea otter's chest and finished with roundhouse slash….

  • Crabpaw saw the blows coming, and before they hit he parried the quick strikes with his large paw, and when the otter slashed again he narrowly blocked it.  Crabs decided enough was enough for swordplay, that it was his turn to take control of the fight.  Taking off his glove from his right paw and throwing the sword away, he charged the otter and lunged his right paw towards his foe's throat

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  • Rogg was surprised at the unexpected turn of events in his favor. When the sea otter charged him he had a choice to make; should he take the easy kill on the defenceless creature? Or should he not kill him? He decided on the latter. As the sea otter charged Rogg jumped to one side and let his sword hilt come crashing down the pirate's head…

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    BIC:  Crabpaw roared with pain, and fell on the ground. He used his paddle like tail to bring the otter to the ground with him as he said
      "Whew laddie, ye have got some fight in ye.  Ye would do well in me crew, and ye haven't fully understood my motives, we can keep fighting until we're both dead, or we talk about how we can be future messmates eh?"

  • OOC: Here I come, ready or not!

    BIC: The smell of salt was heavy in the air as Sparhawk Fleetfoot watched the battle. The two combatants were very skilled and if they did not reach a compromise it would end with one or both dead. He tore his gaze away from the two fighting creatures to scan the enemy crew. They were a motley collection of woodlanders and vermin for the most part, he didn't think they looked to tough. Just then otter from his ship came down hard on the burly sea otter's head with the pommel of his sword. The blow sent him to the deck, but as he fell he lashed out with his powerful tail and brought his opponent down with him. Sparhawk winced as he hit the deck.

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