Name: Mysharee Wicklier

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Clothes: A long black robe with a matching cape, and pointed shoulders, a black stoned ring, and black boots

Weapon: A twisted black staff, "Twall"

Age: 15 seasons

Fur: Orange and white

Items: His potions and black ring

Weakness: Temper

After his parents died, he was found and raised at Redwall, but they would not let him use his seeing powers because they were afraid he would use them for evil, because to others he was considered a "vermin" and his temper has gone up.  His tail is different from others, it is very long and very bushy, it's his pride and joy.  Now, he wants to use his powers, but they still won't let him, so now, he has become quite rebellious, even to the limit of maybe leaving Redwall….

This is a good character. I like it! And he's a fox. It's not every day you encounter a fox.

Aye! Not everyday you get a fox at Redwall. 'Tis interseting all right!!

But I'm so deliciously rebellious, I love it!

But I'm nothing like that, really, I just wanted a villain and foxes are right next to hares!

I have been thinking for new ideas on what i should do with a new character, I finally got a good idea!

..for the Darwin awards…

Just because its new and he's a maniac doesn't mean he's all that great, simply interesting and unpredictable to role play with.

Be quiet Vladek, really, there IS a list that you belong on as #1, but I'll try to hold back and keep my temper, 'k! 😉

Your fingers and tongue should be the things refrained, or do I have to break a certain agreement of friendship. hmm?

Besides, I've recently offered you friendship, for adders to be repaid? How about, we argue through pm's ad leave your chara profile alone?

Deal, oh impregnable one?

Or do I bring the flamethrower?

Look, NO FIGHTING! :nope:

You started it, why must you criticize my character for no good reason?!  It's pointless and will only get you in trouble, I've tried to ignore you, but you went back on your friendship offering as soon as it was posted!  Now, stop!

I only set records straight, being y own ecorder, I correct the incorrect and, besides, a crazy fox that throws limitless green potions and appears an top of several hundred foot high buildings, Isn't my idea of a great villain…

😮  Never mind….I'm walking away from this conversation!  Before I lose my temper with you!

Keep walking, just don't call back.

Before I put a chill to your heart

the colors aren't that impressive


Fighting is not getting you anywhere.
Vladek- Stop acting like a smart-butt and try to be nicer. I'm sick of your attitude and how you treat other people!

Hon Florion- Please, don't yell, it won't get you anywhere. He is just trying to get on your nerves.

FangHeart- could you please post more then one word?

AND TO ALL OF YOU who fight among yourselves.

Grow up.

Anymore fighting on this post, then this post is bye, bye.

You have your warning.

(I'm not in a really good mood… you can tell.)

Thank you, thank you!  I am so happy you did that!  Moderators….don't ya just LOVE 'EM!

Why don't you lock this topic before anything else happens, Florion?

Thank you!  Smashing idea!

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