Crabpaws Ironvice

  • Name Crabpaw Ironvice, known by friends as Crabs, his enemies known him as "The Vice"

    Species  Sea Otter

    Appearance He has blonde fur with two brown stripes down his back and across his face and had light brown eyes.  His right arm and hand are much larger then his left, having dealt with a mangled arm for many seasons before he retrieved treatment from a mystical seer that set the bones back in place.

    -A war helmet and body armor of steel that is covered in the skin of his mortal enemy, the mako shark HundredTeeth.
    -A glove for his right hand that was covered in ironspikes, turning his claw into a mace for an arm, although most of the time he didnt use it.

    • for his left hand he had a Katana, forged to him by a great badger Lord


    • Amazing sense of taste and smell, he can taste blood in the water and is a very good tracker.
    • His right hand was extremely large and powerful and he could wreak havoc when attack a foebeast or anything for that matter.
    • Great tactician, Captain of the ships gotta be!
    • Fearless hand to hand warrior


    • Large right arm causes him to lean over on his right when he's walking
    • Extremely self-conscious
    • Mediocre with a blade with left arm.
    • Has a taste for blood, mostly birds.


    The Vice was once a normal Sea otter named Crabs swimming with his family on the way to Salamandastron.  Something didnt feel right in the water and soon after he tasted blood in the water.  His family was being attacked by the dreaded shark HundredTeeth, and when it attacked his mother he moved in the way of the sharks jaw with his left arm.  The shark mangled his arm but left it attached and Crabpaw was able to beat the shark off and return to shore with his family.

    He had endured serious injury on his arm and the healers in his family did all they could for him.  He grew up about 7 seasons not being able to use his left arm.  He soon learned to deal with it by using his right arm for everything, and training/swimming everyday.  His right arm grew larger and larger and he was able to do things that even a two armed otter could not.  He decided to add to his name, and called himself Crabpaw, so that he would keep pretty much his entire first name.

    A mysterious seer that Crabplaw saved from a pike in a river felt power in his eyes when she felt his left arm, and asked Crabpaw if she may try to fix it.  Crabpaw had come to cope with having one arm, but thought that one more try could not hurt, since it was already useless.  The seer gripped the arm and shoved up, up again, down, and in towards the otter which caused incredible pain and he let out a great cry.  The Seer then used a herb mix to make Crabpaw fall asleep.  He awoke several days later fifty yards away from his home, and his left hand hurt.  He had feeling in his left arm and although he could barely use it now the arm had been fixed! He had a note from the Seer that said
     "A paw for a paw is a great saying for our encounter. .  Farewell brave otter, although we will meet again"

    He had use of his left arm again and eventually got hit much stronger, but his right arm was still massive. He began wielding a sword with his left arm, a katana.  He then went off on many adventures in his Ship, an acted as a mercenary.  He worked for free for the woodlanders in trouble against vermin.  Many vermin also enlisted him to fight against other vermin invading their territory for his reputation had grown as a murderer.  Whilst battling sea rats with his badger Lord friend, he spotted HundredTeeth eating fallen searats from the ship.  He jumped into the water and with a single punch of his massive right arm slayed it instantly.  He then went on to use the skin of the shark as part of his protection

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    There were no comments on mine, but I think yours is great! He was awesome in "Madder Than A March Hare" and "A Journey of Legend".

  • haha, thanks Jared i'll check it out.  I have him in a thread i started a while back ago but no one wrote on it lol

  • Ugh… Asian weapons out of setting always unsettle me, especially when taken by non-Asian characters.  For the same kind of strokes, I'd recommend any number of slashing-based swords lacking a real stabbing tip (tulwar, shamsir, etc).  If you're looking for the strength of edge that the folded-metal process has, merely state construction of the weapon.

  • Alpha, thats funny cause i forgot that i had put katana as his sword haha.  Didn't know what weapon to give him, even though its secondary and he lacks skill with swords.  Probably going to change it to a curved blade, since he is a scurvy sea dog lol.

  • Just a tecnacality, but, sea otters dont have markings like that…

  • Haha, yeah i know but its kind of like how Sunflash the Mace has a yellow stripe on his head…

    ye think its impossible but in Brian Jacques world its not haha.  Yet reading it again i dont know why i put the he had the markings over his eyes, seems to excessive lol

  • He seems like a fierce type of guy, uh I mean otter.

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