Character Bio: Tarkill Bladerat

  • Name  Tarkill Ratblade
    Age 25 seasons
    -beautifully made scimitar
    -nicely crafted dirk
    -bow and arrow

    Species Black squirrel (believes he is a Searat)


    • good camoflauge, especially at night
    • Possesses great sword play skills, and short sword throwing abilities
    • Natural killer, possesses no conscience.
    • Moves through trees easily.


    • Revenge is his top priority, over anything
    • Brain-washed as a child, he has grown up believing he was something he is not.
    • His ego is easily damaged, which causes Tarkill to underestimate himself at times.

    Appearance  Tarkill is a all black squirrel, but after being brainwashed by his adoptive father Lord Warfang, he was lead to believe that he was a black sea rat.  He shaves off his bushy tail religiously, to look even more like a searat.

    Tarkill was part of a small community of squirrels, and he was very uncommon for he was a black squirrel.  Then one day Lord Warfang sweept through the area and killed everyone except for Tarkill.  Warfang knew that if he had taken the mysterious squirrel in and lead him to believe that he was a searat, he would be a fierce fighter like squirrels are, with the murderous urges of a searat.  Warfang was right, Tarkill was a cold blooded murderer.  Warfangs seer's used several herbs on him that permantently affected his memory to believing he was a Searat with a condition called Langfur (fake disease that rats have that causes tail to be bushy), which was Warfang's way of covering up the bushy tail Tarkill had.  Warfang also told Tarkill that when he was younger a group of woodlanders had taken him in and bashed his face several times, leaving him was a squat face instead of long snout of a rat.  (Tarkill bought all of this, having no recollection of his parents or what he was, and the herbs the Seers had used were strong).  He is a mercenary for the time being, helping other vermin to get to places they need to go in Mossflower.  He lives in the cave of an old oak tree, using the fur he cuts off of his tail as bedding throughout the tree

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