Character Bio: Sunblade The Swift

  • Full Name. Sunblade the Swift, (named IceClaw Widestripe by his parents, he has lost all memory in a great battle and plans to search for answers of his past in the future)

    Age 30 seasons, relatively a young adult badger


    • Light body armor and helmet, He has tough iron gloves with blades that extend the claws to make a deadly hand to hand combat weapon.
    • Dual broadswords made from the metal of when a star hit a gold mine and fused the two elements, Sunblade found the the special metal and forged it into his swords.  Double edged and deadly sharp, the blades are permanantly hued gold.  Both swords have black hilts, The only difference between the swords being one is studded with a ruby, while the other a sapphire.  The ruby represents the mountain and its furious power, the sapphire represents the sea and the surrounding area, declaring Sunblade to be protector of the sea and shores

    Appearance The black stripes of his body are unusually wide and thick,  and his claws  are permenantly stained a dark blue color.  He has Immensely large and has dark brown eyes full of rage.

    History Not much is known of Sunblade's history to him at the moment, he is searching for answers.  I will tell you that his parents were killed in a great forest fire, and he was brought up by a burly squirrel and other woodland creatures known as IceClaw Widestripe.  He found the metal for his two swords whilst living amongst these good creatures and also manufactuared it into the celestial weapons they are today.  A crew of fivescore part of a great horde of vermin came upon IceClaws(sunblade) and his friends.  Before this he had never encountered bloodwrath or known its power.  There was about a score of the woodlanders against the large group, and they were all killed.  IceClaws(sunblade) was under the control of the bloodwrath and destroyed almost everyone of the vermin, but suffered incredible injuries.  Only one creature survived his wrath, a strange looking creature that looked like a black rat… but different...  He awoke several days later having no knowledge of who he was or what had happened.  The first thing he saw were his two swords, and decided to aptly name himself Sunblade the Swift.

    -Expert swordsbeast
    -Large size and strength, compares to the strongest of fighters
    -Very agile and quick
    -Bloodwrath. when envoked nothing can stop him

    -Short temper
    -Haunted by unknown past
    -Bloodwrath, when under he loses all judgement and safety precaution

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