Sunblade's Revenge

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    Jared put his paws on his hips. "My wounds are not that severe! I'm well enough to go! Come on, let me go to Mossflower and finish Wizlug!"

  • "UGH!  I was only trying to help!  FINE!  If you are so great!  You can jolly well go yourself!" He stalked angrily out of the room, hurt at what Jared had said.

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    OOC: Hey, are we still going with this?

  • OOC: Yea, I'll respond to this later, im making a thread right now so i cant realy answer

  • Wizlug sat exhausted on the beaches of Mossflower.  He still had about twoscore vermin left, and he knew that with that number he'd easily be able to find some shelter and force some woodlanders to get them food and water.

    He was more ashamed then wounded, having being defeated by such a smaller opponent.  He laughed when he pictured what he would do to the squirrel if he ever saw him again.

    His laughing ended rather abruptly.

    He glared out at what looked to be a small stone building just on the outskirts of the beach.  He smiled and said to his crew
      "Avast me mateys, we've found us some shelter, probably some food and water to eh?"

  • Sunblade the Swift snuck out through the back of the mountain, leaving no sign of exit, nor a sound.  He had a score to settle, and just over fourty searats would fall like pins to a bowling ball when he had got there

    The truths that Brush Fleetwood had spoke to Sunblade in his chamber had been more then enough to bear, pushing him into a berserk rage.  Regardless if Wizlug and his rats were the ones responsible for his past, they would be a great way for an angry badger lord to vent

    He spotted the tracks left by Wizlug, and roared out in anger
      "I am IceClaws Widestripe, Descendant of Rawnblade Widestripe, and you may run for as long as you like vermin, I will track you until you're bodies are little more then fish food, Face Me! Cowards"

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    OOC: Are we still going with this, even if Hon Florion is no longer with us, Sunblade?

  • OOC: Indeed, unless someone wishes to take up his part

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    Back in the palace of Salamandastron, Jared didn't notice Sunblade's departure, but ignored it and turned to Roseabel. "Roseabel, I'm well enough to keep fighting, so could I go to Mossflower and finish Wizlug? I'll bring  a score of hares with me."

    Jared hoped that Wizlug would be killed quickly. If he was in Mossflower, then it was likely that he would find Redwall Abbey and attack, and the squirrel was not about to let that happen. "If Wizlug finds Redwall Abbey in Mossflower, then it will be defenseless against the oncoming horde. We have to stop that vermin at all costs! Come on," Jared pleaded, "let me go!"

  • Roseabel saw the fire in Jareds eye and knew his cause was just so she answered quickly
      "Ckrops, round up twenty of the best hares we have ,and track them down as soon as you can.  If they end up reaching Redwall, send back a runner so that we may assist with the entire strength of the mountain…... Sunblade will want to go as well.... Sunblade.....  Sunblade? Where did he go!"  Roseabel said, looking about

    Ckrops looked at Jared confused
      "Well this is just jolly great, I finally sit down and back out to battle!"

    Wizlug had heard the challenge yelled from Sunblade, and was smart enough to know that when a badger lord vows the death of you, it is almost imminent.  He was also smart enough to know that he would easily be able to ambush Sunblade while he was off on his own

    Wizlug turned to a ferret named Halfeye, who was an expert climber and the only other vermin amongst Wizlug that was not a searat, so instantly he felt safe and consulted with him.

    Halfeye thought for a moment then said
      "Ah, lets see, Me thinks we should climb trees in the area and drop big net on badger, Then we can shoot arrows and spears from far away, no talky talky, badger dies tonight!" He said, glaring with the disfigured right eye.

    Wizlug gave the orders to the rest of the crew, and they sat waiting in ambush for the unlucky badger.

    Sunblade continued on, pressing forward, one goal in mind, and two swords to get the job done...

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