Sunblade's Revenge

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    It was a cold and still night on the mountain of Salamandastron. Sunblade The Swift stared out across the sea, searching for the vast ship that had haunted his dreams the past few weeks. Sunblade was a large badger, but his strength was not the reason he had overcomed the obstacles and became Badger Lord.  He was extremely agile, faster then even his best runners of the Long Patrol.  His choice of weapon were twin broadswords that seemed like dirks in his large hands.  These swords were special to Sunblade, as it is why he chose the name.  Made from the metal of when a star fell into a mine of gold and bonded. Sunblade had found this metal and forged it into two swords when he was much younger.  The blades had retained the gold color, and were as sharp as the day he had made them.

    Sunblade sniffed the air, the night was to quiet for his liking.  The hairs on his back rose as he scanned the horizon looking for what was causing these uncomfortable feelings.  A bloodcurling scream, that only a massive beast could have created rang out on the far side of the beach.  Thats when Sunblade sa the terrible thing he had sensed.

    His wife Roseabel had been out collecting fruits and vegetables in mossflower country with a group of hare foragers when she heard the scream.  She had about ten hares with her, all unarmed except for a short dagger, she knew she must get to the mountain or else there would be a serious problem.  She grouped her hares and they started sneaking quietly back to the mountain to alert the other hares.  A hare slipped and hurt his ankle and cried out loud.  Too loud.

    Bebar the Barbaric was a fearsome sight. He was massive even compared to Roseabel, and had long fangs and claws that were permanently bloodstained.  He was a wolverine, a cannibalistic beast that was almost impossible to stop.  Roseabel and her hares had no chance, Bebar and his horde of cannibalistic stoats and weasels were upon them and it was over as quick as it started

    Sunblade was running through the tunnels of Salamandastron, looking for his wife.  Instead he ran straight into Brigadier Ckrops and sent him flying
    "Ckrops! I'm sorry I didn't see you there.  Get you're hares ready as fast as possible, there is trouble in the forest! Have you seen Roseabel" Sunblade said.
    Brigadier Ckrops was a middle aged hare that had a ferocious appetite, and the gut to prove it.  All the large in the waist section, he was an experienced tactition and a fearless warrior, he was the very essence of the saying "Perilous Hare"
    "Orders recieved sah! Roseabel was last seen with the foragin- oh bally she's out in the forest! Neva fear sah, the Long Patrol will be ready in a tick of a tack wotwot?" Ckrops responded before speeding off rousting his warriors

    Sunblade follwed the tunnels until he got to the secret entrance to the mainland.  He ran off screaming at the top of his lungs "Roseabel! ROSEABEL!"
    He heard some rustling and saw a stoat that had been wounded in the battle.  The blood rising in his veins he grabbed the stoat by the neck
    "Where is my Roseabel? Where are my hares?! Speak or die!" Sunblade roared as he flung him to the ground.  The stoat winced at first, then an evil smile slid over his face.
    "Hahaha! I've always heard hare meat was a bit chewy.  Never believed it until today haha! Looking for badger like you? Bebar has taken her with him back to the land of ice to be his wife and bear his child! Bebar will create the ultimate monster" the stoat responded
    The BloodWrath had fully envoked Sunblade, and talking was no longer the option. He ripped the stoat in two with a single slice of his blades and ran to the beach to see the large black ship he had dreamed sailing away.

  • Sunblade searched about for the remains of the hares that were attacked.  All that was left were a few pieces of fur here and there but everything else was gone! Monsters! Sunblade thought.. He began making his way back to the mountain to rally his troops when he heard the faint sound of a fiddle playing.  His senses told him that whoever was playing that fiddle may be helpful in finding the Land of Ice.  Sunblade crept up until he spotted a young fieldmouse dancing around a fire and playing his fiddle, oblivious to the large badger who had just entered his camp.

    Fongf was large for a mouse, almost the size of a normal sized squirrel.  He wore a brown tunic and a hat made from tree bark and dockleaves.  Around his waist were two daggers, completely identical to one another.  Upon finishing his song Fongf opened his eyes and was face to face with the immense Sunblade.

    "The inscriptions on those daggers… Those were made by a badger lord. I have seen them written in my chambers. How did you come upon these?"

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  • Fongf pulled out his daggers and twirled them expertly as he answered.
    "Well you don't say! These belong to my grandfather's grandfather's father's great grandfather, the prince of thieves! I'm Fongf, by the way.  My Pa was slain by the hands of the Cannibals and i've got a score to settle in the land of ice" Fongf replied with a icy look in his eye
    "Fongf, nice to meet you, i am Sunblade the Swift, Protector of the Shores.  Our desitines were fated to cross, for I to seek vengenance upon these cannibals. Come! We must go back to my war chambers where we will plot out our voyage.  Bebar will pay for kidnapping Roseabel" and with that, Sunblade took off back to the mountain with the mouse Fongf not far behind

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  • Sunblade arrived in the main chamber of Salamandastron where a regiment of about four-score fully-armed  hares awaiting orders from their leader.  He signaled to Ckrops to have a word with him.
        "Ckrops, is this all of the forces Salamandastron possesses? Where is the rest of you're Long Patrol?" Sunblade questioned grimly
        "No sah, never fear old boy! Well you're Lordship, if'n you didn't go about wrecking every flipping vermin vessel that attacks the beach we'd have a naval fleet! No worries, luckily we still have the jolly old Greenfang from our last battle, so this will be the ship that we leave on whenever ya say sah, Quality over quantity i say wotwot?" said Ckrops
       "Ready the ship. We leave as soon as it is seaworthy" Sunblade responded

    Sunblade stood at the hull of the ship looking out at the sea, thinking.  He would get his revenge on this Bebar even if it meant his life.  He gripped the rail, straining as blood filled his eyes as he silently vowed that Bebar and all of his followers would be made fish food for laying hands on his Roseabel.  The blood drained from his eyes at the very thought of her name.  Depression replaced anger as he longed to have his love at his side once again.  He sighed, cursing the stars for bestowing such a heavy burden on his shoulders.  As the ship was launched off to the sea, Sunblade threw his head back and roared "I'm coming for you my roseabel! EULALIAAAA!"

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    BIC: Jared Sandeye was in his forge, trying to get some things straight. The forge had been ransacked by passing vermin, and the whole place was a mess. Cabinets emptied of their instruments, metal rods thrown all over the floor, and there was oil everywhere. Luckily, the fire in the bellows was not burning.
    The young squirrel shook his head. "Two months I've been in this forge, and now I have no time left."  He began to clean up when he heard voices. Jared opened the door and listened.

  • The Hon was running towards Jared….

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    Jared turned and relaxed. "Oh, it's you. I thought it was more vermin. What do you need?"

  • "We should bally get on His Lordship's ship, wot wot!"

  • Sunblade and company had been on the ship for less than a days time when he felt the hair on his neck rise.  He saw fire out on the shore, and with a closer look he saw more vermin with torches!  These shall not get away and cause anymore death Sunblade thought, although they were not the enemy he was after. He steered the boat to shore, blood rising as he approached for battle



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    "Let's go down, then." He followed Hon Florion downstairs.

  • "HURRY!"

  • although it was not the vermin Sunblade was chasing, he noticed some small woodland slaves and decided that it was time for the reckoning of these evil creatures. The leader seemed to be a was a dark brown fox that he had known well, and Sunblade had decided that he would be the first to feel the wrath of the swift

    "Hon Florian and Jared, nice of you to join us on the eve of battle.  You two, take half the regiment and circle around the other side of these vermin, we will destroy them using a pincer technique. By the way, that big looking fox? He's MINE"

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    "I don't know a big-looking fox, Sunblade, so I'll leave him to you. But who exactly are we looking for?"

  • Sunblade smiled grimly as he answered.
      "That fox goes by the name of Asheye, he is dark brown colored with a patch of grey right over his left eye.  His band murdered the otter clan Riverdogs that lives in the west cove, and i gave up looking for him three seasons ago. Now, let us destroy these vermin and rescue the slaves. He shall pay for the death of my good friend Breamu Riverdog and his family and my vegenance shall be swift!  My main voyage i shall tell you about on a finer day, my good friend, if you wish to join." he said before speeding off in the night

  • "Let's go!"

  • Sunblade and the twoscore Long Patrol hares he was leading advanced on the enemy quickly and quietly, making nary a sound.  None of the vermin were expecting an attack   Not until Sunblade had seen Asheye  The anger rose in his eyes, throwing caution to the wind he roared "EULALIAAAAA" as he sped through the vermin camp recklessly slaying anybeast who stood in his path.

    Brigadier Ckrops had no idea what had happened, but quickly regained his composure
    "Decided it was a good time to stop for tea eh old chaps? Ashamed I am of you lot, leaving lord Sunblade unprotected! Well what are you waiting for lets get the jolly show on the road, CHARGE! EULALIA" he said as he sped off after his good friend Sunblade, protecting his back from the now alert vermin horde.

    Sunblade was fully envoked in the bloodwrath, his objective only to destroy the murderer Asheye.  Swinging his twin swords, the reflection of the fire glinting off, making his majestic weapons glow in the night.  Wreaking havok upon the heads of his foes, blades and limbs went flying in the night as he fought to get to the evil fox. Asheye, however was no fool, and quickly sized up the situation as the large badger came pounding towards him.  His crew was almost completely obliterated from the pincer movement, so personal escape was his main priority.

    Asheye quickly kicked the cage that contained the slaves into the water, knowing that Sunblade would choose to save their lives over taking his.  "Silly ole badger! Maybe next time!" He quickly pulled out a bag of a mix of gunpowder and some herbs, and with a flash he had disappeared, but not before dropping a very important piece of parchment!

    Sunblade was furious, he was no murderer and would not stand to see the slaves drowned in the ocean.  He ran to the water and smashed the cage easily, releasing the prisoners.  He turned around to face his foe Asheye but he had ran off.  Instead, he saw Hon and Jared finishing up the last of the vermin.  He ran to the spot where Asheye had been standing and picked up the old parchment.

    "Good work, but I didn't get to finish off Asheye, I guess it must be my ugly mug cause all my enemies seem to run at the sight of me!" Sunblade said to the two with a laugh.  Handing the paper to Florian he said "Take a look at this, I am going to see to it that those slaves have food and are warm, and then we will discuss my destination…"

  • "Thank you….let's see....AHA!  This is what it says....

    Foolish fools of foolish nature!
    I now will take action to make plans to catch 'yer!
    You think you can find me, I don't think you will!
    And even if you do, surely you will be killed!
    I am off, to darkness and shadow to hide!
    And in that place, my time I will bide!
    For you can't escape from me, never will you!
    Find where I'm going so pip-toodle-loo!
    To the hares and to Sunblade, stupid, but bold!
    I'll give you one hint, I'm up north, in the cold!

    What a jolly old daft codger, wot wot!"

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