Notusha Hayato

  • Nickname: Nosh, Nocturne(codename long time ago)

    Full Name: Notusha Hayato

    Species: Eastern black otter

      Height- 5'9"
      Weight- 130 lbs.
      Fur color- Black
      Eye color- Red
      Pad color- Brown
      Voice- Deep and rough(but mostly whispered)

      - Several layers of light clothing, including cloth mask. The outer layer of his clothing are accented with a hood at his neck and small pieces of leather and bark armor at his shins, knees, forearms, chest, and hips. All dyed black. [total weight 15 lbs.]
      - A ready supply of metal throwing projectiles [total weight 8 lbs.]
      - His main weapon, a short sword he calls a wakazashi [weight 2 lbs.]
      - A medallion with the figure of a falcon engraved in the fine gold hangs about his neck under his clothing [weight .25 lbs.]
      - A small pouch full of hotroot dangles from his belt. [weight 2.5 lbs.]

        - Expert at espionage
        - A vicious and quite formidable fighter
        - Capable climber
        - Trained in the use of a wide variety of weapons

        - Gets impatient with creatures
        - Addicted to hotroot; can't concentrate very well without it for very long.
        - Bloodthirsty: pretty easily baited
        - Usually doesn't deny accusations, even false ones
        - Due to his dark clothing, he stands out against light and bright colors like a sore paw.

        Notusha was born in the trees deep in the eastern lands. His society's lifestyle taught him many tactics of clever defense and devastating, lightning-quick strikes. He didn't fear killing or death, being as he saw so much of it in his strange culture. When he came of age, he was given the black clothing he wears now and told how to repair or reproduce it to a minor extent. He then set aside his gi and left his homeland, unwittingly destined to be infused with many dark deeds…..

  • Good looking profile ye got there

  • Just some things to point out about the wakizashi:

    1. It symbolized a samurai's honour; a shinobi would not carry such a weapon
    2. A wakizashi is not 'less than a sword' any more than a short sword is.

  • 1 Part of an unrevealed history, he picks it off of one of his opponents, and, since he has had it for a while, has sentimental ties to it, especially since he lost his own main weapon in that battle..

    2 Wakazashi can range many sizes, being as it's name(correct me if I misunderstand) means something to the effect of side-sword. It can be anywhere from a long knife to a fully fledged sword..

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