Name: Lilac Rosespike

Species: Hedgehog

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Parents: Violet Rosespike and Perrigreen Rosespike ( both kidnapped by pure ferrets)

Items: compass

Clothing: A yellow praire dress with a cream colored apron

Color: Caramel with brown spikes

I am a feisty hedgehog.  If one thing seems suspicious I won't just go along with it.   Tis' far too dangerous!   I enjoy adventure and can't sit still some more of my interests are cooking ,running ,campfires , story telling and warm homes while it is snowing. I will gladly help a poor bein' especially when they are hurt.  But no foolin' me!  Well, I am a kind hedgehog despite me bein' feisty.

Nice Irish accent!  Welcome to the site edgepig'!

Shutcher gob, longears, I'd slap me own brother if'n he greeted like that.

We hope you find your stay long and prsperous, welcome.
-Yakshri clando mithelei

Well, that is what I call hedgehogs!  LOL!

You don't know what I call the insolent ones like you, mortal.

But you can bally well call me longears….something odd are also a mortal like me, the mysterious thing does not work with me....LOL!


HOORAY! A hedgehog!

It's wonderful to have ya here. Stick around. 🙂

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