Hon Florion, The Dashing Hare Of Etiquette(Updated)

  • Hon Florion Mintmerry Scoffon Fancysworth

    Species: Hare

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15 seasons

    Color: Blond with some white

    Clothing: Varies, but for now a green outfit embroidered with green ruffles and a matching coat

    Parents: Carable Akthosion Baylonk Fancysworth (Father, deceased), Madle Ladonion Dascait Quenston/Fancysworth (Mother, deceased)

    Items: Many articles of clothing

    Weapon: Staff, "Quen"

    Skills: Theatrical Performances, Singing

    Personality: Eccentric, showy

    Weakness: Food, juicy stories

    Born in Salamandastron, Florion went to live at Redwall after his parents were killed.  After some time, he went back to his true home but left to find his Grandmother on Stagilate Island, an island for theatre hares.

    He is very snobby, sometimes it gets the best of him, and he also does not let things go without notice.  Hon Florion is known as a total busybody because of his gossipy nature and rumor-spreading ability.  He loves to act, and is quite showy, always putting on fancy clothes.  Many think he is too full of himself, but that IS Hon Florion.  He also has the ability to make things turn in his favor or make things a bigger deal than they really are.  He is spoiled and likes hates it when he does not get his way.  Hon Florion has a loud personality and is quite bossy.  The hare has a very obnoxious laugh.  He takes matters with his dead parents very seriously, and if somebody says something wrong about them, whether on purpose or as an accident, Hon will be sure to make them know that they have just said the wrong thing!  But, even though he is snobby, Hon Florion can still be a hare to make friends with, that is, if it's HIS way!

    Florion's position at Salamandastron allow him to have some type of control over regular recruits and soldiers.  He likes to restore order and is allowed to give out punishments when needed.

    He has recently gotten married to a prissy, aristocratic hare named Wini.  They are happy together but seem to look down on others.

  • Well then, spawn of March,  you are welcome here.

  • I have updated him!  It took me long enough to think of how to update him, but tell me what you think!

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    Yours is great! Very informative.

  • Thank you!  I worked so hard on this!  LOL!

  • Nice work Hon.

  • It's fun playing a spoiled brat! 😉

    It's fun to start whining and yelling when something does not go my way!  LOL!

  • Your character is very realistic! 😉


  • Not bad, but a little stereo typical. You may want to consider running your character through the Mary-Sue test and see how he turns out. Cyber posted the link initally, and it worked wonders. Here is the link if you are interested. links:http://www.springhole.net/quizzes/marysue.htm
    Alright, just something I figured I would post for your (any my) improvement. This isn't a contest in any way; it's supposed to help give you a guage on how much revision the character could use. Just a note, some great characters will still peg high on the test.

    If any of you don't know what a Mary Sue is, just think of Wesley Crusher (of Star Trek fame) and you have a prime example.  Typically found more in literary works, they're characters quite dull and over-powered.


  • Hahahaha!  STAR TREK!?  ROTFLOL!  HAHAHAHA!  Funny!  But….maybe I will try the test....maybe!  Although....I don't really seem how it could be a stereo-type character.

  • Well, his parents are killed, he is a this dashing hare, kinda snobby. It just is how you look at it. Just take the test and see. And don't try to cheat it. It doesn't help you then.

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